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From mid-May to July 2017, Equifax exposed the financial and personal identifying information of 143 million Americans – 44% of the country – to hackers, who made off with credit-card details, Social Security Numbers, sensitive credit history data, driver’s license numbers, birth dates, addresses, and then, in the five weeks between discovering the breach and disclosing it, the company allowed its top execs to sell millions of dollars’ worth of stock in the company, while preparing a risibly defective and ineffective website that provides no useful information to the people whom Equifax has put in grave financial and personal danger through their recklessness.

Equifax is in the business of helping employers and financial institutions punish people for making oversights in their business and financial affairs. Being late with a single payment or missing a single bill can constitute a black mark on your Equifax records that lasts for years or decades, affecting your ability to rent or buy a home or get a job.

By contrast, Equifax expects its stakeholders – whole nations’ worth of people – to overlook its gross misconduct. The website the company has stood up (an unpatched stock WordPress installation with a defective TLS certificate) just tells you to come back in a week to get a coupon good for a year’s worth of Equifax credit monitoring (without specifically disclosing whether your data was breached). Calling the company’s phone hotline connects you to a third-party subcontractor who directs you to the website and provides no details about the breach.

Searching the site for information about your breach subjects you to a clickthrough agreement in which you waive your right to sue the company.

Chief Executive Richard Smith called the breach “disappointing.”

Fwiw, anyone (let me repeat that A N Y O N E) in the US with any credit history is being told to act as if they have been affected by the breach in order to help protect their personal data. Basically a majority of adults in the US are affected.

One such damage control step that’s being suggested is putting long term freezes on your credit, which p much means if a thief tries to take out a line of credit in your name, your credit report can’t be pulled to allow any new lines.

You’ll need to do freezes one by one with all 3 of the big credit reporting companies, including Equifax, iirc. Long term freezes don’t fix your score if there’s an issue, but can keep it from further potential damage until you remove the freeze.

This is very serious and, most unfortunately, Equifax is not going to inform people (except a very small <1% portion) that they have been affected, placing the onus on the victims of the breach.

Cnet has made the best resources and summary I’ve seen yet btw

Using the tool they’ve provided to check if you were effected waives your right to sue them jsyk
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via to take immediate revenge on House Republicans who voted to destroy health care? Here's how:




Contributing to oppositional nominee funds for 24 vulnerable Republican representatives is a way to get them good and scared now, so they won’t try any more shenangians.
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Donate HERE!

Please donate just 1$! If we can 9000 reblogs, and everyone who reblogs or likes  donates just ONE DOLLAR, we can bring this camp to the children on Pine Ridge!

Outlast aims to increase minority representation in film and media by teaching minority students filmmaking skills so that they can tell their own stories. Outlast also aims to build relationships across minority communities, because together, we can “Outlast” anything.

This is our third year, and we are heading back to Pine Ridge Indian Reservation from July 3rd - July 12th. We’ll be holding a full short film production experience. The students will write, direct, film and edit a short film. We will then enter the film into festivals.

In addition, we are inviting speakers to Pine Ridge to hold performances, workshops and talks with the students. We are bringing in artist and filmmakers from a variety of multicultural and artistic backgrounds. So far, we have Native-American rapper Frank Waln, Native American poet Tanaya Winder, cinematographer Salvatore Totino and musicians Maimouna and Jabari Exum.

But we can’t do this without your help!

Please donate at

And visit for more information about who we are and what we do!

Bonus: Outlast is run entirely by women and people of color. We are African-American, Native-American, Filipino, Native-Hawaiian, and the list continues! We are minority youth coming together to empower minority youth!

Also, check us out, we were featured on Afropunk! 

@squeeful seems vaguely in your interests :)
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Please help keep me on the same continent as my child. I need $295 (or £233) ASAP to insure me and my child will not be separated by thousands of miles. This is extremely time sensitive. Please consider donating so that borders do not keep us apart: Paypal | Patreon | YouCaring

If you’re unable to contribute financially then reblogs are what keep donation posts like this alive.

My two year old is an American citizen living precariously in the UK with a shaky visa situation that could fall through at any time. If my partner and child had to leave the UK, which is a likely possibility, I would be unable to join them. In order to fix this nightmare of bureaucracy I need to apply for a B2-Visa and to do that I need to renew my passport and I need to do it as soon as possible. I need $160 for the US Visa application and £105.50 for the British passport renewal.

I am a disabled Jewish trans woman with a 4 year gap in my resume and no degree. Between my inability to stand for long periods of time and short-term memory problems that make my life feel like a cheap Memento remake, I cannot work.

Without help, we simply don’t have the financial means to make this Visa application a reality. I love my child more than I can say, and cannot bear being parted from them.

To donate to this specific cause either give to my Paypal, my family’s YouCaring or contact me for UK bank details to make a direct transfer. If you’d just like to help my family survive in general, then my partner is an amazing author who has a Patreon, the money from this is our only reliable income and so if you can help that way then it is vastly preferable for us. And as always, reblogs are incredibly important and appreciated.
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hello all!

i’m doing an inquiry project for my english class on biphobia, and as a part of doing research, i’ve made a survey for people to take. i hope to get a somewhat large audience for it, so i’ve tagged some bigger bloggers that i follow to (hopefully) get the word out. (you don’t have to rb this if you don’t want to!!)

the survey shouldn’t take very long (definitely less than 5 minutes), especially so if you’re not bisexual. regardless of your orientation, it would help me out a lot if you do take this survey.

the link for it is right here. any comments on how to improve it are appreciated!

@geekandmisandry @wetwareproblem @bi-privilege @bihets @fandomsandfeminism @the-nerdy-curvy-feminist

@lunamax1214 @medie @oakthorne @solivar @marvelingjules @mithras131 @hikagekitsune @summerpipedream @sabrecmc @samurljackson @eccentricrage @morninggloriious @readaholic19 @kiernaserea @xtaticpearl @swingandswirl @dibellanyx @tonystarkdefencesquad @lightshadowverisimilitude

I’m running on two days of no sleep and I’m running out steam to pick names out of my loopy head. Screw it. If you’re reading this, consider yourself tagged for alerting purposes, no matter what the list above says.

And hit reblog, if you please. :)
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smfh pathetic



“I guess I’ll have a new daughter” I’m so glad there’s women like this in the world because initially I really thought she would have no where to stay

Praying for this poor girl whoever shit is. Her mom is an idiot.

Beautiful parenting. This is how you do it!

heres an update

she’s got a gofund me right now, not all heros wear capes.
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If you are near Washington D.C. please join the #NativeNationsRise March for #StandingRock! 10 am EST at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineer Headquarters. 443 G st. NW, Washington DC, 20001 
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via No to Hydra Magneto - donate to the USHMM:


Hey everyone: remember when Marvel announced Hydra Captain America? There were some posts circulating to promote donating to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Unfortunately it’s happened again - Marvel has recently announced that Magneto (a character who is a Holocaust Survivor) is working as a villain for Hydra. It’s upsetting and infuriating.

Although If I can be honest - I’m annoyed but it’s not my most major concern. Jewish Community Centers and day schools have been subjected to the SIXTH wave of violent and terrifying bomb threats as of 3/7/2017. Several Jewish Cemeteries have been vandalized and desecrated. Still, Hydra Cap inspired some serious vocal complaints and donations to the USHMM.

If you are able at this time, I encourage you to pass this on and possibly donate to the USHMM or a local Jewish org. Note that ANY donation is meaningful, although donations in multiples of $18 (which corresponds to life in Hebrew) are especially wonderful.

If you would like to donate to your local JCC the Jewish Federations of America site makes it possible to search by zip code (which seems to include Canada as well):

You can also donate to the Anti-defamation League which works to combat antisemitism and all hate globally:

You can also still donate to this fundraiser which is raising money to repair desecrated Jewish cemeteries. Although they surpassed their initial goal they are now saying they will donate money to the other two sites also vandalized with the extra funds!:

(I can’t find the similar fundraiser for the mosque that was burned in Florida - but I think it also met its financial goals)

Similarly take a look at Salaam Shalom sisterhood for interfaith Jewish-Muslim work:
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via - the easiest way to get on birth control or PrEP:


This startup offers safe, private home delivery of birth control or PrEP without requiring a visit to your doctor. It’s now available in CA, NY, DC, WA, IL, and PA, and is working on launches in VA, FL, MI, MO, MA, DE, and MN. It was featured in an article in the Tribune this morning (beware autoplay video). 
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tl;dr Change all of your passwords everywhere in the below list, immediately. This is easily one of the worst security problems in recent history and not an exaggerated, unsubstantiated panic response.

Cloudflare, one of the largest CDN providers that power a huge number of highly popular websites, has been affected by a severe bug that exposed the raw contents of Cloudflare server memory to the public. 

 A principal engineer at Cloudflare stated: “Memory leak” in the title is misleading. This is memory disclosure, and it’s easily one of the worst security incidents of all time. What is here is disclosure of arbitrary encrypted data (but the plaintext is disclosed), for millions of domains. That data, which could include passwords, credit card numbers, and other secret data, is now sitting in caches distributed all over the world. You can even query some of it from Google right now. Simply awful. 

Discord, Reddit, Crunchyroll and Humble Bundle are four of the major affected sites that you guys may be using. Check if other services that you use frequently are on the list. 


Hey everyone, just to be on the safe side, check the list and, even if it is not there, change your password on your most sensitive and important websites or e-mails right now. This is a pretty big deal, so please tell your friends and spread the message.

Yeesh, this looks like a bad one. Patreon appears to be affected too, so anyone who uses that should be aware.
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We only have 2 entries left to claim for this year Reverse Bang: LINK HERE. WE’RE OPEN FOR DOUBLE CLAIMS. This means that even if you claimed one art already, you can now claim another one!Only the still unclaimed artworks in the new post are open for claiming at this point.Please note that second claims (allowing a new writer to get an already claimed art) will only happen if all the artworks are claimed first.All the instructions are in the claims post. If you have any doubts, ask us at or send us an ask here!

Still 2 entries left!! Come and claim them :D

You know you want to!!
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“I need a million people to share this. I just went on a make a wish trip with my nephew and family. The trip started with disaster and luggage and medical equipment in Seattle which finally got to us in the middle of our cruise in the bahamas. On the trip home I sat down at gate b54 Denver. United to talk on the phone. I set my backpack down beside me. There were 2 young men sleeping right beside my chair. As my call ended, my backpack and the young men were gone. They most likely got on a plane with my pack. My camera with all our pictures are gone. I don’t care about the cash, jacket, or personal items. I don’t even care about my camera. I need the SD card back. Please please mail it to my office at. Vista ideal protein, 7201 W Grandridge Blvd, Kennewick, WA 99336. This is the only picture I have on my phone. All the Disney cruise pictures, as well as my family holiday pictures are on the SD card.”

Hey everyone, if you could boost this it would be really appreciated. 

My mom recently went along to help on a cruise with my cousin’s children. Both kids have INAD, a rare and terminal genetic disorder. The life expectancy for those diagnosed with INAD is 5-10 years old. 

They went on a carefully planned and very difficult Make A Wish vacation, a chance for the parents to take a break and the kids to have some fun. It takes a LOT of work with kids this sick for trips like this to be possible. My mother, who loves these boys like they’re her own, went along (along with the kids’ maternal grandmother) to help with the childcare.

On the trip back on February 17, 2017, my mother was in the Denver airport at Gate B54 around 5pm Mountain Time when her bag with her camera was taken. The SD card contained all the photos from this vacation (as well as our family Christmas). 

These little boys are going to have very short, very difficult lives, and there won’t be a lot to remember them by, certainly not a lot of happy fun memories. My mom isn’t asking for any of her belongings back, not even the camera. She just needs the SD card. 

She’s not looking to press charges or get anyone in trouble. We don’t know if the pack was taken on purpose or by mistake, and we don’t care. We would just really, really appreciate it if the SD card was returned.

Thank you and please boost. 
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A.G. Schneiderman Issues Urgent Fraud Alert On “ICE” Immigration Scams

Attorney General’s Alert Follows New Reports Of Fraudsters Posing As ‘ICE’ Agents, Threatening To Detain Immigrants Unless They Pay Up

“The Attorney General’s office has received a number of reports of unsolicited calls or in-person inquiries from fake immigration officials. For example, one immigrant living in Queens was approached by four men dressed as ICE agents. The purported ICE “agents” told the man that he was going to be detained unless he gave them all of his money.

Attorney General Schneiderman reminds New Yorkers of these common forms of immigration fraud:

Being Approached by Fake ICE Agents. Official Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents will never ask you for money or threaten detainment or deportation if you do not pay them. ICE agents also do not have the authority to enter your household without a warrant signed by a judge.

Unsolicited Calls From Fake Officials: One of the most common immigration services scams are unsolicited calls or text messages from someone claiming to be a government official or law enforcement officer that make threats such as deportation. Often times the number on caller ID may look like a legitimate government number. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will never request payment over the phone, so immigrants should be wary of scammers that ask for any sensitive or personal information, demand payment and threaten deportation if you do not comply.

Notario Fraud: In many Latin American countries a “notario” refers to someone who has the authority to render legal services. Unscrupulous “notaries” who are not attorneys often rely on this misunderstanding to exploit immigrants. They charge immigrants excessive application fees without ever submitting applications to the immigration authorities or may induce deportation by submitting applications for relief for which the immigrant is not eligible for or did not request.

Misrepresenting Legal Credentials: Individuals may falsely claim to be attorneys or wrongly suggest that they are able to appear before the immigration agencies or court. They take advantage of immigrants who will unknowingly pay exorbitant fees for their services. By misrepresenting their qualifications, these individuals can have a detrimental impact on the immigrants with whom they work. For example, immigrants who take advice from and work with these individuals may waive their right to obtain legal residency, be unnecessarily deported, or become subject to civil and/or criminal liability for the filing of false claims.

Fraudulent Promises to Expedite Process: This type of fraud concerns individuals who contend that they know employees at immigration offices who can expedite the processing of their clients applications. Accordingly, they request high fees for this special service, but fail to provide it.

Misinformation Fraud: Under this type of fraud, a provider will typically provide inaccurate or false information to the immigrant concerning his or her eligibility for an adjustment of status under a particular law. In these cases, the immigrant is usually not aware that they have been a victim of fraud until they receive a letter of ineligibility from immigration authorities. The provider knows the immigrant is not entitled to relief, or ineligible, but will file the application with immigration authorities regardless.

Immigration Affinity Fraud: Some providers target immigrants belonging to their same ethnic or racial group. Accordingly, they seek to gain advantage over other providers by claiming to identify with the ethnic, racial, national origin or community-based affiliations of the immigrant group.

Unauthorized Practice of the Law: Individuals may not be licensed to practice law but present themselves as attorneys or immigration law experts capable of providing legal advice and services.

Attorney General Schneiderman provided these key tips to avoid getting scammed:

Only work with a licensed lawyer or an authorized provider.

Never sign blank applications or documents you do not understand.

Do not make payments over the phone or via email.

Read the full announcement here and please share!

En Español   

@copperbadge thought you might want to reblog this, seeing as you’ve been signal boosting other posts about ICE agents

Jesus Horatio Christ some people are just scum. It’s like someone sat down and said “What could I do that’s WORSE than being an ICE agent” and thought “I know, being a FAKE ICE agent to EXTORT MONEY from people.” 
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Some of my colleagues at work are running a fundraiser for the International Rescue Committee this week, and I’d like to get in on that donation action, but while I am kicking in royalties from this month’s book sales I’d also like to do a little fundraising. Thus: 


From now until midnight tonight Central time I’ll be accepting donations via paypal here. Once you’ve donated ($1 or more is all that’s required!) paypal should forward you to my askbox where you can request a short fic (up to 100 words) on the theme of Captain America, with any other elements of the story up to you. (If I don’t get an unmanageable level of requests, I’ll extend the deadline to noon tomorrow.)

I’ll default to Steve Cap because I know him best, but if you specify I’m happy to write Sam Wilson as Cap, Bucky as Cap, anyone else you request as Cap, or any other story elements you like (within reason, 100 words is not that long). You guys know the fandoms I generally run around in if you want to ask for a crossover, but if you have questions feel free to ask. 

When you send the prompt you should let me know something that will identify you as a donor, or when you donate let me know your tumblr handle at Paypal so I know it’s you. But you can send an ask anonymously as long as you give me something to identify you as a donor (donate a weird amount and mention it, give me your initials, etc). I can strip out any identifying information if you tell me to. 

After the fundraiser is over I’ll transfer the money to the official office fundraiser, and from there it will go into a larger pool. Our plan is to pass that money to someone whose office has a “matching gift” program, so anything you give will be doubled by the time it reaches the IRC. WHAT A DEAL. 
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via the next 3 weeks, Canada will make a decision that could save the bees for good:




um guys?

canada is currently considering banning imidacloprid, which is apparently “one of the most widely used bee-killing pesticides in the world”. this seems pretty huge, so if you’ve got two seconds, add your name to the list! as of posting this link, they need just over 8,000 more signatures by february 21!


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The date for the Science March on Washington (and like a billion other places) has finally been announced and everything about it looks lit

On Wednesday, the March for Science Twitter account posted an announcement stating that the march would take place on April 22 — which also happens to be Earth Day. Here’s everything you need to know to make sue you show up in force no matter what.

Signal Boost! March for Planet Earth!

sweet deal! i bet the WHOA group will be organizing buses up there

Whoa, happy birthday to me!  I’m planning a trip out to Michigan to see my mom, but I wonder if I could make it to somewhere and march.


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