12:04 pm

Humans are adorable.

08:04 pm

typewriterchan: copperbadge: lexxicona: mirrorada: khealywu: ...

12:19 am

some of my favorite silly plotlines from Scottish ballads

12:19 am

moiracolleenodell: rottenappleheart: @windcalling -

12:04 pm

caitkitt: savage-america: But the real reason I had to chime in was that Steve Rogers is my...

07:09 pm

spicyshimmy: treat other people the way captain kirk would treat them: with a big heart and the...

07:14 pm

My flight that was supposed to be leaving at 9:30 this morning (for which I had to wake up at 5:30..

07:24 pm

thegirlinthebyakko:Happy Birthday Clark Gregg <3

08:09 pm

ayyasap:Winter Soldier by AyyaSap

03:59 am

sweetoothgirl:Chocolate Flower Cake

12:05 pm

hailstevetony:Credit: @-UNi— (Weibo)

07:44 pm

cptxrogers:Intro to the 1966 Iron Man cartoon @copperbadge can...

07:59 pm

I wanted to ask where you got your Stony bingo card 2017 because I'm new at this and would like to g

08:10 pm

chuwenjie:A compilation of stuff I know about drawing Asian...

11:19 pm

Happy Lights is getting a face lift!

11:29 pm

Happy Lights - revised with 13k words of new content.

01:29 am

end0skeletal: This has been a baby turtle (and tortoise)...

06:34 am

theartofanimation: Alessandro Poli

12:07 pm

sakimichan: More #mermaids ! this time tiny fairies ones. a...

02:07 pm

Trump Support Plunges In Latest IBD/TIPP Poll

02:07 pm

0yongyong0: #RDJ0404生日快乐

02:07 pm

countd80 replied to your post “Happy Lights is

04:37 pm

suricattus: suricattus: digitaldiscipline: suricattus:

08:02 pm

ireallyshouldbedrawing:Inktober 2015 (01-06/31) : Iron Man...

08:37 pm

hello-shellhead: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBERT!! :D

08:37 pm

mayahan:Blooming Flower Cakes To Celebrate The Return Of Spring

10:47 am

clockworkpipedreams: Please help keep me on the same continent...

12:02 pm

nehirose: tinsnip: Okay, my need for Garak & cat has suddenly gone from zero to redline,...

02:07 pm

xtaticpearl: thebibliosphere: deadcatwithaflamethrower: anisean...

08:02 pm

pinkbaron: mszombi: rabbittrabbitt: taavot: remember being little and thinking dandelions were...

08:37 pm

Myths, Creatures, and Folklore

09:42 pm

thespectacularspider-girl: crunkellove: the-girl-who-laughed: n...

10:12 pm

bluespock: bluespock: April 5th, 2063: Happy First Contact Day...

10:32 pm

True/False game. Make an assumption about me in my ask


12:07 pm

letssuperpanic: I was at an art museum and I saw this painting...


04:37 pm

I was looking up the etymology for Succubus and Incubus to find a gender neutral term, and I found y

05:37 pm

everybodyilovedies: femininefreak:Mr. Rogers once sued the...

08:07 pm

artofvisualscollective:Amazing Photography

10:02 pm

stele3: bathedinflames: nerdyandyouknowit: cheerfulmetaphysics...

01:37 am

sweetoothgirl: JAPANESE HOTCAKES

02:12 am

Yesterday morning, my cat decided to use his tail as a poop paintbrush. Luckily I got him cleaned up

07:27 am

This is a summary that I apparently wrote for someone...

12:04 pm

rinnirrinnir: Stony

04:59 pm

umetnica: Steve Rogers for Huevember 27.

08:09 pm

thepunisher: make me choose: @superbatfleck asked

10:44 pm

sartorialadventure: Valentino

10:44 pm

bludragongal: askoursquad: shatterstag: bludragongal: the-quick-one: smachajewski: cynellis: bo...

11:04 pm

sartorialadventure: Valentino

11:29 pm

Pyg tried to eat my homework. (Study guide actually, but still)

11:29 pm

The Rock Has Become the Next Athlete to Disown Under Armour CEO's Pro-Trump Comments

05:59 am

cazdraws: based on a true story 

12:09 pm

hello-shellhead:I had some more Tony and Peter feels! I imagine...

01:59 pm

The clam before the storm


01:59 pm


02:09 pm

princessesfanarts: Princesses in Kimono

02:19 pm

dksartz: inspired by @ladyshadowdrake’s extremis

02:30 pm

themes commonly found in international friendships

05:39 pm

moonblossom: freckles42: pantyhouse: assembling evidence that...

08:04 pm

artinggrace: [2008-2012-2017] so its confirmed canon peter was 5...

03:49 am

wehaveallgotknives: roachpatrol: mogifire: friend this still...

04:09 am

scifigrl47: okapirose: TENTACLES ARE BACK IN! Anime Boston...

04:09 am

tisfan: eustaciavye28: steampunktendencies: Octopus Candle...

12:09 pm

spatscolombo: spicyshimmy: spatscolombo: Kirk x Tension...

03:49 pm

Friendly reminder,

08:09 pm

luosong: a normal snowy day at avengers academy *having...

08:44 pm

himai: studentmadeofmelanin: kiillemwithkindness: towersrose:...

09:09 pm

I saw Beauty and the Beast yesterday and I really enjoyed it, but there was one big take away I had.

09:34 pm

kropotkindersurprise: 2017 - The #FreeSpeechBus tour has ended,...

12:10 pm

artinggrace: the good boy with his magical companions :^) (will...

02:45 pm

shaadifashion:Bipasha Basu in Sabyasachi

05:05 pm

mindblowingfactz: There’s a device that fits

05:35 pm

oooh have you ever done a post about the ridiculous mandatory twist endings in old sci-fi and horror

08:05 pm

veganfoody: How to successfully grow a herb garden

11:30 pm

cumaeansibyl: grayladyofthewell: beeshirt: cookingstims: By...

12:55 am

artgroves:a matching set for longer than the silence

01:25 am

The worst thing about grief is the way it tricks you into hurting yourselfFor a moment, you...

02:05 am

This octopus walks and is pretty murder cute hiding in a...

02:55 am

Death Be Not Proud - Tony Stark Post IM 1 till the beginning of IM2

12:05 pm

lady-arryn: costume appreciation: Isolde’s

04:45 pm

nonbinarytonystark:tbh the most relatable tony stark moment is that time he lists off the avengers..

08:10 pm

unfadedbeauty: celebrenithil: oceanplait: superwholockey: tan...

02:15 am


06:05 am

I think my favorite thing about Pac Rim is that it gave us the term Drift Compatible


06:28 am

jaegerdom: No one man should have all that power


12:05 pm

pardonmewhileipanic: caedons: disaster-superhero-sluts: jessica...

08:05 pm

everybodyilovedies: stevetonystudios: Superhusbands Aluminum...

11:10 pm


11:10 pm


11:20 pm

Peach cobbler 🍑

11:20 pm

Medicine in the (Post-Apocalyptic) Wasteland: 1 / ?

01:35 am

afishlearningpoetry: Marvel’s Iron Fist Opens to

02:46 am

gutterballgt: 3fluffies: to-reach-the-farthest-star: cisphobeo...

12:05 pm

catsbeaversandducks: Benny The Surrogate Cat Dad

03:20 pm

orotundmutt: Tony Thornburg by Kenneth Lam

06:35 pm

gutterballgt: doesanyonewannagetout: ryanreynoldssource: The...

08:10 pm

min1919: Something I’ve been stuck

09:00 pm

8 more bitty birdies join the army

01:35 am

me: time to be productive let's get this done

01:55 am

petiteallemande: The Avengers as Winter Soldiers Steve Tony...

12:05 pm

misscrits: hanginggardenstories: A GUIDE FOR YOUNG LADIES...

08:10 pm

theartofanimation: Ringustav        

09:45 pm

I've been reading happy lights and I want to know why the tentacles really love Loki. If you already


04:25 am

feynites: minesottafatspoollegend: i love in fantasy

05:25 am

I was tagged by @phoenixtawnyflowerNickname: I have many! I call myself the Jack of All Names. LSD..

06:45 am

elvhenani: notzilon: Hey tumblr, have you ever thought to...

12:10 pm

buttercookie-art: @arealcharmingprincess:  I refuse

08:05 pm

bastlynn: susiephone: cricketcat9: theblacklacedandy: bead-bea...

10:15 pm

thacmis: me @ ragnarok teaser trailer long time no see indeed...

12:10 am

pointy-eared-and-logical: “Сaptain James

04:55 am

lyinginbedmon: ithelpstodream: out of this world trolling...

12:11 pm

zerostatereflex: Saturn photobombing the Moon, 1.2 billion...

08:11 pm

thegentlehoneybee:Been working on some tiny

11:51 pm

Colored pencil, Age of Ultron. I might want to redraw this to...

12:11 am

cashwiller:What a good day! Because I don’t

12:02 pm

frogsuggest: friend of the day! please making a welcome tiny orb smallfriend, crucifix toad he...

08:06 pm

wordsnquotes: culturenlifestyle: Stunning Floral Ties Welcome...

03:36 am

goldcaught: unchartedlust: Crazy (Gnarls Barkley Cover) -...

03:46 am

rosslynpaladin: nevaehtyler: “Her fantasy novel

12:01 pm

ravenel: I saw this post by @astropixie about how

04:46 pm

blackgirlspiriting: ultrafacts: A pot-in-pot refrigerator,...

08:06 pm

anthrocentric: kayabebe: aawb: Let’s say your

08:06 pm

callmebliss: stimmyabby: pagewoman: Starling by Julie...

12:01 pm

beardedchrisevans: Gifted premiere - April 4, 2017 

08:11 pm

dailychrisrevans: Chris Evans photographed by Robert Hanashiro...

09:31 pm

thestudentprincesss: timemachineyeah: Sometimes I think about the future of self driving cars and...

11:21 pm

2017 Reverse Bang Date Claims Info

11:31 pm

My "smart" keyboard needs to cut this crap out:

04:56 am

ilovecephalopods:Octopus Plush Toy by KayNoxx on...

12:01 pm

dailychrisevans: Chris Evans reveals his grade-school...

08:01 pm

textsfromsuperheroes: Texts From Superheroes Facebook | Twitter...

10:21 pm

notimpossiblejustabitunlikely: ridiculousbirdfaces: Fledgling...

10:31 pm

toni-tan: Ok but we’re forgetting the real

- 1 comment

10:56 pm

w0lfs-teeth: kingmeghren: w0lfs-teeth: little art tip: the position of the ears on a human does...

05:46 am

lolotehe: Catlamp, in all its glory.  I know @robot

12:01 pm

spaceliondad: I realized I needed baby Steve holdin

05:31 pm

I am 97% finished with my essay and have 0% interest in

06:11 pm

As far as spontaneous decisions go, waking up and deciding to...

06:31 pm

nikexiphos replied to your photoset “As far as

08:02 pm

Reuters orders reporters to cover Trump like an author

10:01 pm

nikexiphos replied to your post “nikexiphos

12:01 pm

spacemen-and-laserguns: MY GOD. THIS SONG HAD BEEN COVERED BY ED...

01:11 pm

Date claims always make me so mad

04:51 pm

florenceandthepoutine: charactersofcolour: stele3: asgardreid: ...

08:06 pm

queenofairandsnarkness: official-yang-xiao-long: alien-witch-pri...

08:41 pm

anelegantoffense replied to your photoset “As

11:41 pm

Theoretically, I have finished my essay, but it has been

12:11 am

geekgirl76: lightshadowverisimilitude: anelegantoffense


12:21 am

PSA for everyone writing term research papers right now

12:21 am

What is this crap and how dare they put such a deceptively cute...

02:41 am

them-lockscreens: If you save, like or reblog, please.

03:51 am

kelslk-art: from my patreon!

04:01 am

luninosity: prplprincez: nuggsmum: angryschnauzer: smarmyanarc...

12:01 pm

"The problem is that white people see racism as conscious hate, when racism is bigger than that...."

04:01 pm

serenika: This robot automatically prints and burns Donald...

08:06 pm

trufflebootybuttercream: brother2thenight: unlimitedgoats: The...

03:11 am

Are your revisions on Happy Lights done? I only got the alert about ch. 2 and just wanted to make su


03:31 am

artbyanamendes: Almost there! Only thing left to do is the...

12:03 pm

stuckysource: .@Marvel’s #CaptainAmericaCivilWar

04:16 pm

Hi! I was reading your stony tumblr fics, and was wondering if you ever finished posting the incubus


05:11 pm

closet-keys: Hi, I’m your local commie, here to


05:11 pm

dawittiest: kagekanecavi: priyasfinalfantasy: onemuseleft: What...

05:11 pm

janothar: bluefall-returns: phinarei: aintnobodygottime4datshit: tygermama: mid-childan-puella-...

05:21 pm

xxluluelix: esmeblaise: the-dread-pirate-xarina: cheese3d: ch...

08:01 pm

steampunktendencies: Snowy Victorian Houses 3 Snowy Victorian 1...


10:01 pm

On the radar

10:02 pm

arukou-arukou replied to your post “On the

10:51 pm

Arizona Senate votes to seize assets of those who plan, participate in protests that turn violent

11:02 pm

So here’s an email I just sent to Marvel, in

11:11 pm

leave a fandom in my ask box?

12:56 am

I love your work but unfortunately I think Civil War ruined Stony for me. I don't know how to get ba

04:31 am

Fandom ask: I know everyone will ask for Marvel so...blast from the past! Twilight.

04:36 am

'Kingsman: The Golden Circle' Trailer #1

05:26 am

shop5: If anyone wants to know my politics, I

12:01 pm

psych2go: Psychology is a beautiful thing. Source: If someone...

08:06 pm

FireAlpaca is now COMPLETELY a Paint Tool SAI alternative!

08:51 pm

🌊 Types of Mermaids 🌊

10:36 pm

Birthday cake for my friend with a very messy BB8 and flowers

11:56 pm

dappledwithshadow: escapejournal: © Ian Fisher I

05:51 am

rembrandtswife: sashayed: everyworldneedslove: unclesteeb: pas...

06:06 am

foodffs: Cheesy Mashed Potato Pancakes Recipe (VIDEO) Follow...

06:06 am

cacen: so at the bar in which I work, there’s an

12:01 pm

sohieturner:It’s about the basic notion that we

02:56 pm

paulrenaud: Generations WIP. I could draw WW2 cap forever,...

08:01 pm

labelleizzy: holy shit this is so beautiful. and so sad.

12:01 pm

labelleizzy: holy shit this is so beautiful. and so sad.

02:56 pm

unpretty: unpretty: unpretty: tim drake’s snapch

02:56 pm

sandalwoodandsunlight:Capitol Switchboard: 202 224 3121

03:11 pm

chainsxwsmile:Lemon sharks may occasionally get possessive of...

03:11 pm

writing-prompt-s: A supernatural creature has cursed someone to be killed by it in a month. As...

07:01 pm

globesart: Salty af with marvel right now so

08:01 pm

lavengadoraaa: hello-shellhead: Natasha and...

04:46 am

pow-mh-er: 멍스팁

04:46 am

pow-mh-er: 찍토니

04:46 am

gaywrites: We know there have been at least six prisons created...

12:02 pm

iguanamouth:kept getting requests for gryphons so heres a bunch...

03:03 pm

Cap/IronMan Big Bang 2017 Announcement

03:03 pm

STONY TRUMPS HATE IS ABOUT TO BEGIN! - Bringing Food to the Lab: Stony Fic - Imzy

06:32 pm

The tale of the dictator’s daughter and her

08:02 pm


12:02 pm


03:12 pm

profeminist: oneofthebadkids23: exgynocraticgrrl-archive: Histo...

08:02 pm

List of WW2 slang

10:07 pm

hello-i-am-the-mad-hatter: lazorsandparadox: cartnsncreal: Reblo...

10:17 pm

sandalwoodandsunlight: FCC HOTLINE: 1-888-225-5322

12:27 am

stephendann: swan2swan: For almost three whole years, you were...

01:22 am

My husband decided to have a peanut butter, jelly, and Pop Tart sandwich for dinner tonight. This...

02:02 am

moiracolleenodell replied to your post “My

02:02 am

em1ree replied to your post “My husband decided

02:22 am

elvenavari replied to your post “My husband

02:32 am

flange5 replied to your post: My husband decided to have a peanut butter,...

02:52 am

flange5 replied to your post: flange5 replied to your post: ...

12:02 pm

copperbadge: thexturtle: 80s90sthrowback: Robert Downey Jr....

12:57 pm

in the early days, steve doesn't realize the avengers care about him a lot because they are vastly d

01:07 pm

hundredpercentofe: 10 South Korean LGBT activists have just...

01:07 pm

copperbadge: quesamia: prepstergrunge: copperbadge: lotusorder...

07:27 pm

Something went weird when I was responding to AO3 comments just now and some of my replies are...


07:52 pm

writing-prompt-s:It’s that old cliche again. You

08:02 pm

the-fashion-dish: kellylugosisdead: Rose Armor Gown by...

10:12 pm

ignescent: lightshadowverisimilitude: writing-prompt-s:

10:32 pm

We Finally Know How Naked Mole Rats Survive Without Oxygen, and It's Really Freaking Weird


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