01:12 am

scifigrl47: grumpycakes: Moon Warrior - It feels appropriate to...

03:32 am

On legendry.

12:03 pm

darlingcap: sad dad leaning softly against the piano about to...

04:03 pm

drownedinlight: theclaudehuggins: Your icon is violently in love with you for 5 weeks how screwed...

08:03 pm

vivelareysistance: davenecros: vivelareysistance: finn is the...

08:48 pm

brehaaorgana: thatfeministjewishgirl: clarawebbwillcutoffyourh...

12:03 pm

longshankstumblarian:Source: 1.bp.blogspot.com  

02:51 pm

I always see the dog choking info on here, so

04:43 pm

lmwechirrut: that possible reappearance of arc...

08:03 pm

owls-n-elderberries: Purple Gorge by James Mills Via...

09:13 pm

vampire stuff

01:08 am

bastlynn: outlastfilmcamp: WE HAVE CURRENTLY RAISED 3,135$ OF...

06:28 am

dksartz: nsfw cw] stevetony + tentacles, fill for an image...

12:03 pm

Doctor's Are Using This Fall Out Boy Song To Literally Save Your Life -POPBUZZ.co.uk

08:08 pm

baneme-art: Natasha and Bucky <3 Do not repost Instagram |...

04:53 am

I'm interested in knowing more of this peculiar Japanese concept of beauty, both classic and contemp

12:08 pm

sixpenceee: The Cinereous Mourner is a bird that mimics a toxic...

08:03 pm

frostovision: HE’S READY. IT’S

08:43 pm

In Trump’s America, Rape Is a Preexisting Condit

09:53 pm

Want to take immediate revenge on House Republicans who voted to destroy health care? Here's how

10:03 pm

I somehow managed to get a 96% on my biology exam, when

10:03 pm

thejaded-feather replied to your post “I somehow

02:33 am

out-there-on-the-maroon: dimir-charmer: the thing I love

04:13 am

russellwalks:Created for Star Wars Celebration 2017. Limited to...

12:03 pm

wilwheaton: micdotcom: Only 1 in 5 Republicans held a town hall...

01:13 pm

I am dogsitting for my dad - 2 little Japanese chins. They are collectively the devil. It has only..

02:53 pm

cptxrogers:Look at this incredibly adorable art I commissioned...

03:38 pm

firey-rising-demon: rmcoleman: whomackenzied: the-time-goddess-...

03:53 pm


04:38 pm

micdotcom: Feel like wildly uninformed men are trying to get...

04:38 pm

ligayaharukadiwata: benzandmesu: The extra special bonus (about...

07:53 pm

A Dangerously Convincing Google Docs Phishing Scam Is Spreading Like Crazy [Updated]

08:03 pm

tolionplz: vrgnmry: WHY DID THIS HAVE TO END OH MY...

11:28 pm

weavemama: this is it. these are the tweets that perfectly sum...

12:13 am

micdotcom: Trump says Australia has better health care than the...

03:33 am

reagan-was-a-horrible-president: justsomeantifas: senator: okay how do we fuck over as many people..

10:13 am

lightshadowverisimilitude: I am dogsitting for my dad - 2 little Japanese chins. They are...

12:03 pm

urgirlmontana: me trying to get my life together

07:38 pm

copperbadge replied to your post “I am dogsit

08:03 pm

spaceliondad:This was a commission for someone awesome who...

08:13 pm

lil-shepherd replied to your post “I am dogsit

08:48 pm

yehudmeme: rebel-without-a-cunt: kaylapocalypse: enyafan: microcroft: microcroft: things i...

02:33 am

"Eight rules for writing fiction: 1) Use the time of a total stranger in such a way that he or..."

05:33 am


12:01 pm

mto-art:King of Wakanda.What team?

05:21 pm

Captain America: Civil War – the We Are All

07:51 pm

happy-kirk: miss-nerdgasmz: theamazingindi: ‘You

07:56 pm

spectralarchers: dianadethemyscira: dianadethemyscira:you did good France, you did good some...

08:06 pm

Ambient sounds for writers

09:16 pm

saintdrarry: reblog if youre the kind of person that


11:36 pm

babyanimalgifs: the best thing you’ll see all

12:31 am

Serving suggestion: turn your apricot preserves back into...

12:41 am

French Annoyingly Retain Right to Claim Intellectual Superiority Over Americans

01:41 am

Amanita is THE most tolerant girlfriend on the

02:42 am

myherocomplex: aqueousserenade: coledownlow: I love this...

12:02 pm

allrightcallmefred: season 1 picard: how do we contemplate the powers of the Q being? do we dare...

08:11 pm

xrustalnaya: Tom Ford Men´s Collection for GQ

08:31 pm

bert-and-ernie-are-gay: Sam Wilson x @ ProBirdRights...

12:21 am


01:26 am

40 Questions — Meme for Fic Writers

01:31 am

how to help sick bee!!

01:36 am

marsincharge: elionking: susiethemoderator: tomhoolland: To...

02:51 am

By the way, I do still have two Stony Bingo fic challenge/requests in my inbox - I promise that they

02:51 am

1, 19 and :p 25

12:01 pm

nikichidon: neverwhere: mc-meow-avoy-fassbender: shittybeatnik...

01:31 pm

copperbadge: tehnakki: forbodium: happy star wars day !! i...

06:32 pm

Fic Writers - 3, 17, 35

06:41 pm

elfwreck: anchorssinkships: odinsblog: It’s time

08:01 pm

laktitsa: aapizzathatcares: prnh: this is the kind of modern...

12:09 pm

tracyalexander: misandry-mermaid: haiweewicci: ultrafacts: Ent...

02:44 pm

fashion-runways: ALI AL KHECHEN Couture Spring/Summer 2017

03:04 pm

the-future-now: 3-D printing just got even more accurate. MIT...

07:29 pm

Officially done with school!!!

08:04 pm


08:20 pm

hello-shellhead:Mermaid Tony since it’s mermay!

12:09 am

frigidloki: frigidloki: do you ever have those bloggers that you know by a nickname you kinda just..

12:14 am

copperbadge: hackedmotionsensors: Its Mermay! And I got a...

04:44 am

spaceexp: 13 years on Venus is almost the equivalent of 8 years...

04:54 am

buzzfeedtasty: Flower Dumplings by Tasty Japan Recipe under the...

12:04 pm

crossconnectmag: Paintings by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law Stephanie...

08:09 pm

thisphenomenalcage: For Stony 2017 BINGO square N1: Music AU...

12:03 pm

On being a fat medical student, at the start of our metabolism module

08:08 pm

so there are lots of good pictures of baby peacocks practicing displaying

06:18 am

FYI, I’m going to be traveling for the next

12:03 pm

naniiebimworks:Total fiction on if Chirrut used to sneak into...

08:08 pm

yawpkatsi: darthstitch: fendi-noir: if you’re

12:03 pm

Fantasy Biology: Phoenix

08:03 pm

sosuperawesome: Lenka Simeckova on Tumblr and Society6 Browse...

12:03 pm

reioka: skye07: charactersadvocatechimata: darlingcap: Mackie...

04:43 pm

I end up mentally calling you lightshadowdrake. Verisimilitude, while a beautiful concept, is too to

08:03 pm


07:13 am


12:03 pm


08:03 pm


07:13 am

hello-shellhead:Rhodey and Tony, who’s known

12:04 pm

Why I Refuse To Support PETA

- 1 comment

07:19 pm

one-of-the-boys: Sebastian Stan for Backstage Magazine

08:05 pm

bardingbeedle:the softest man alive (x)

12:04 pm

alltangledupinblue: wickedpissahnerd: jewishdragon: corseque: ...

08:04 pm

teamironmanforever: hedgehog-goulash7: THINGS I AM STILL...

12:09 pm

punsbulletsandpointythings: autistic-tauriel: sosuperawesome: ...

02:54 pm

torisoulphoenix: thenib: From Nomi Kane in our

08:04 pm

copperbadge: pathsofpassion: avengersacademy-supportgroup: TONY...

06:49 am

curlicuecal: highlyquestionablerpgideas: probablyeldrichrpgideas: probablygoodrpgideas: ironica...

12:03 pm

thephilosophersapprentice: hausofmaus: hansoloschubbybrother: S...

08:03 pm

smilingwsoldier:My traditional drawing I like the most^^

12:03 pm

dailyevanstan: Sometimes when you see a group of grown-ups...

08:08 pm

foxville:mermay day 5

12:04 pm

classictrek: Publicity photo from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home...

08:03 pm

cyberdelph:Lazy afternoon by

12:03 pm

deservingporcupine: coolkidsofhistory: World War 2 Welder,...

04:42 pm

roseperfume: http://ift.tt/2nF0kb8

08:02 pm

chrissongzzz:be safe y'all ✊🏿

12:02 pm

not-close-to-straight: duckysbitch: http://ift.tt/1uH8sDa...

03:22 pm

karadin: aspiringwarriorlibrarian: greaseonmymouth: mllemusket...

08:02 pm

conceptsparks: “I am one with the Force, the

12:02 pm

countlessscreamingargonauts: scarimor: bmwiid: woodsmokeandwor...

08:02 pm

rapewhistled: what r u trying to do lil partner

12:47 am

flange5:Black Widow print, $10 and up, depending on size (x)

12:47 am

copperbadge: sabertoothwalrus: unmute I have never so joyously...

12:47 am

vrabia: sagihairius: sagihairius: there was this version of take me to church that i heard a while..

04:53 pm

squeeful: liathwen: salomeideal: 8point6seconds: adventuresint...

08:28 pm

copperbadge: pidgeling: copperbadge: I’ve coined


08:28 pm

horusporus: scrumpyfan43: deutschedeutscherevolution: Interestingly, part of the reason that,...

08:34 pm

Google Has Quietly Dropped Ban on Personally Identifiable Web Tracking

02:38 am

babyanimalgifs:I am speechless As the Puppies Turn

02:38 am

spaffy-jimble: quinology: lagonegirl: terrorist attack in...

02:38 am

adhoption: river-b: motherfuckinoedipus: abnels: memeguy-com: ...


02:38 am

oshkeet: throren: Don’t mess with Gimli They

02:38 am

everybodyilovedies: artingkrusca: some sorta CACW au where...

12:08 pm

the-wolfbats: vulviefrye: micdotcom: High school reportedly...

08:08 pm

hello-shellhead: Tony blinking at you! :D

04:48 am

charmainemaclendon: elegantkittycat: postapokalypso: animatedam...

06:23 am

Hi! I just wanted to asked why you deleted Waxing Gibbous? It's one of the best fics ive ever read!


12:05 pm

tonystarksredthong: Marvel Illustrated:

08:10 pm

steammmpunk:urm i was gonna draw some mirror

08:10 pm

hello-shellhead: Balloons for the birthday boy!!! :D

10:10 pm

buckytonys: Born May 29th, 1970

12:51 am

reioka: xxluluelix: the-last-hair-bender: noctumsolis: bob-ar...

02:40 am

twentyonelizards: twentyonelizards: feminism

12:01 pm

Types of Beta Reading

08:05 pm

tonystarkslove: stonyroom: Whose side are you on? This was such...

09:45 pm

hundredthousands: To the Attic and Back Again by...

01:20 am

sodadrinkr: Igel, designed by ekaterina lukasheva, 30...

06:40 am

rdjlock: Happy birthday, Tony, We all love you!! Front...

12:01 pm

on fanfic & emotional continuity

04:55 pm

fendi-noir: if you’re having a bad day, just

05:00 pm

chiripepe: rxjoker: darkbornsirius: lagonegirl: http://www.nol...

05:00 pm

agentem: apensivelady: spectralarchers: In which Holt...

06:35 pm

culturenlifestyle: Stunning Fishnet Tights Will Make You Feel...

06:45 pm

dickscentedroses: actualhumangirl: thisiseverydayracism: Teen...

08:05 pm

darlingpeg: markwatnae: poplitealqueen: gallusrostromegalus: poplitealqueen: I wonder if the...

08:05 pm

Cosmic tiles are treated like pathways. This makes me happy.


08:05 pm

colonelrogers: Navy Admiral / Captain Steve as requested on...

11:20 pm

Send me "would you evers" and I'm gonna answer with yes or no



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