Feb. 20th, 2017

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skye-wright replied to your photoset “Coloring”

Is that all done in colored pencil? It looks so amazing. I can’t accomplish that even if I try to use computer programs… are you a wizard?

Yes (absolutely a wizard. A dragon wizard)! All colored pencils and thank you! :D I have much more trouble with photoshop than pencils I can hold. I really love coloring - I would happily just sit and color other people’s pictures all day. xD.
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 Finally had enough time to do a little tribute to one of my favorite - sadly, now cancelled - series: Agent Carter!
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Timely question, Anon!  We were just about to post something about the effects of such a large number of refugees arriving in Sweden!  Which we’ll get to in a minute…
1) For those who don’t know, Trump claimed there was a recent terrorist attack in Sweden and linked it to the amount of refugees Sweden has taken in - more per capita than any other country.
The only problem is that, like the “Bowling Green Massacre” that only Trump aide Kellyanne Conway seemed to know about, no one anywhere had heard of any such terrorist attack.
But it turns out there was a terrorist bombing, in Gothenburg Sweden last month that left one person seriously injured.
Why did no one hear about it?  Because it was a bombing of a refugee centre by white supremacists.  And as we all know, when neo-nazis commit a terrorist attack, it does not get the same media coverage that a terrorist attack by racialized people receive.  
For example: a recent media study examined U.S. coverage of two terrorist attacks in Canada: the 2014 shooting that left one person + the shooter of Muslim background dead and the 2017 shooting that left six people dead and seventeen injured when a white supremacist stormed a Québec mosque and opened fire (the latter being another white supremacist attack Team Trump used as a justification for their own Islamophobia!).  Turns out the attack by the Muslim shooter received 6x more media coverage in U.S. media outlets, even though the attack by the white supremacist killed 6x more victims.
But we digress.

2) Is there any truth to claims of a huge increase in rape and sexual assault in Sweden?  
Some bigots would expect - and even hope for - an alarming increase in sex crimes so they can point their fingers at refugees and immigrants and shriek about kicking them out.  But sorry bigots, it’s just not happening!Sweden took in 162,877 asylum seekers in 2015.  Between 2014-2016 alone Sweden took in 273,116 refugees (x; x).   This is the highest proportion of refugees taken in by any country.
So let’s look at figures for 2014, the year before all these refugees arrived in Sweden:   
2014 reported rapes: 6,700
2014 reported sexual molestations: 9,640
Then 2015, when 162,877 refugees arrived, one would expect an 1.7% increase in these crimes, given the 1.7% increase in population and assuming that they are as likely to commit crimes as Swedes are.  Hmm, let’s see now:
2015 reported rapes: 5920 = a 12% drop 
2014 reported sexual molestations: 8840 = an 8% drop
Now the latest figures:
2016 reported rapes: 6560
2016 reported sexual molestations: 10,500
So: reported rape and sexual molestation cases actually dropped by 12% and 8% respectively the year that 162,877 refugees arrived in Sweden.  The next year, reported rape cases were still 2% lower than they were in 2014 (before the arrival of 162,877 refugees) but sexual molestation cases increased by 8% over 2014 levels.  
Why would one category of sexual violence go down and another go up?  No one is sure at this point but we’ve yet to hear a coherent explanation or see credible evidence that establishes “foreign hordes” as the cause of the increase in one category but simultaneously discounts them as a factor for the decrease in the other.  And the xenophobes haven’t been quick to point out that an 8-to-12% drop in sexual violence occurred in 2015, the same time that 162,877 refugees came to Sweden.
Actual criminologists like University of Stockholm professor Jerzy Sarnecki, point out that “what criminologists do is to look at the 10-year, 20-year development. Then we can see the trends. Year to year, it’s impossible to judge why changes occur.”  Not only is there is zero evidence of any wave of sex crimes committed by refugees; the available evidence indicates that they are as-or-less-likely to commit these crimes than native-born Swedes.  Sorry bigots!
You’ll see the same thing in Germany despite what hysterical xenophobes would have you believe.  The UK actually experienced a drop in crime related to the number of migrants coming in.  In the U.S. a study that was just released found that refugees had a huge effect in substantially reducing crime rates.
When people start screaming about a wave of sexual violence committed by refugees that is simply not supported by the crime stats; and when it’s clear that the sexual violence rates were higher when there were fewer refugees, it’s not hard to figure out that the concern and outrage is less about sexual violence and more about xenophobic scapegoating.
3) Back to the news we were going to tell you about what effect this large wave of refugees is having on Sweden! Just two years after taking in 81,000 refugees, Sweden is riding high atop its largest economic boom in five years!  Lower unemployment rates and economic growth topping 4.5% as the economy benefitted from more workers.  
It’s not that surprising given that a third of Syrian refugees brought university educations with them to Sweden and that countries like Australia, Canada, Germany, Kenya, the UK and the U.S. have all found that migrants are economically-beneficial.
So Anon, we hope you’ve learned two things about Sweden’s migrants: they’ve had either no effect or actually reduced crime rates while being a huge boon for the economy!
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We only have 2 entries left to claim for this year Reverse Bang: LINK HERE. WE’RE OPEN FOR DOUBLE CLAIMS. This means that even if you claimed one art already, you can now claim another one!Only the still unclaimed artworks in the new post are open for claiming at this point.Please note that second claims (allowing a new writer to get an already claimed art) will only happen if all the artworks are claimed first.All the instructions are in the claims post. If you have any doubts, ask us at cap.im.events@gmail.com or send us an ask here!

Still 2 entries left!! Come and claim them :D

You know you want to!!
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You fall helplessly in love with the most amazing person in the universe. You don’t have the courage to tell them how you feel, so instead, you pledge your life to become a ninja tirelessly making their life better in tiny ways.
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Me: *proofreads fic five times*
Fic: No flaws, ready to post
Me: *posts fic*
Fic: Five misspelled words, two missing words, wrong form of 'there', Character A would never say that, inconsistent with previous chapter...
Me: Hello darkness my old friend
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I don’t mind at all, not a bother! :) 

*someone did let me know today that apparently you can’t read the posts if you’re not signed in, which is unfortunate, but I will get that story posted here once I’ve made some improvements on it. :) 

In answer to your question:

Imzy is a new social media platform that was just made public this year. I was involved at the very tail-end of the beta before it was released, so I joined in September of last year. 

I do like it, though I (like many people) am very resistant to User-Interface changes, so it does take a lot of getting used to (I felt the same way when I migrated to tumblr from LJ, and now that tumblr is my ‘home’ anything else is annoying and doesn’t work right. lol)

It does not cost money to join, though I believe there is currently a freeze on creating new communities - so you can sign up and join other communities like the Stony Community Bring Food to the Lab, or my personal community, you just can’t make one of your own at the moment.

I have gotten some wonderful feedback on my story. ^_^ As I mentioned in the original post, it is much better for long text (My average chapter is about 6k, so I usually (though not always) break them up into half chapters when I post here on Tumblr so followers don’t have to scroll through 6k+ of text if they don’t want to read it, because we all know that the Read More button works all the time, right?). It also has far-and-away a better commenting system that people can actually reply to and create a discussion. In that regard it’s much better than Tumblr for fandom purposes.

My biggest issues/thoughts in general on Imzy is that 1.) You can’t change the name of your community after you make it. This is apparently because the site creators want you to have a contract of sorts with your followers and not start a Marvel blog and then PSYCH! Now I’ve got you all in my clutches, it will be a DC BLOG BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. (Which I have Opinions on, but I didn’t create the site. So.) 

When I made my community, the creation instructions were not super clear and I wasn’t aware that there was a character limit on the blog name (and it let me keep typing), so I ended up with Ladyshadowdrake’s Lair Away from La (Instead of Lair Away from Lair). Mildly annoying, but not too big of a deal.

2.) On desktop when you open a post to read it, it opens in a floating screen. To close it, you just click off of the floating screen somewhere. However, the scrolling bars are ittybitty tiny thin so it’s easy to think you’re clicking on the scrolling bar and actually clicking off the screen. 

3.) “Reblogging” or it’s equivalent does not really seem to be a thing, so it is a bit harder to gain an audience via people sharing your work. In that regard, Tumblr seems much better. 

Other than that, the Imzy staff are pretty responsive to feedback and very welcoming to fandom. I think it has a good shot at being the next home when Fandom inevitably migrates again, but we’ll see. :) 
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Traditional Chinese hanfu by 承夏留仙


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