Feb. 19th, 2017

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Superfamily in Disneyland ❤

cc @shetlandowl @tonystarkier @sabrecmc :D

(EDIT: omg I just noticed the TEENY TINY deadpool up in the castle *cackling*)
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“California has banned state-funded and state-sponsored travel to North Carolina, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Kansas. The ban is the result of Assembly Bill 1887, in which the state’s legislature determined “California must take action to avoid supporting or financing discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people.”

The bill, signed into law in September 2016, went into effect January 1, 2017.

“California has said clearly, our taxpayer dollars will not help fund bigotry and hatred,” Low stated in a press release. “If other states try and pass similar laws, we will work to stop them. Our zero-tolerance policy says there is no room for discrimination of any kind in California, and AB 1887 ensures that discrimination will not be tolerated beyond our borders.”

Read the full piece here




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This could go two ways, I think. It would either have to be SUPER ‘literary’ where everything is a breathy metaphor for the unfathomable depths of Broody Character’s soul.

Or, it would have to be total chaos. Like snowed in to a remote cabin with half a dozen children and a pantry full of chocolate, where Desperate Character stares out the window and wills winter to just DIE already.

send me a made-up fic title and i’ll tell you what i would write to go with it
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@arukou-arukou sent me the made-up fic title “Ten-tickles for Tony.” 

SO, first of all. You’re terrible and I love you.

This is Tony trapped in the underwater lair of a family of ten tentacled (non colony) creatures who are trying to decide if they should find another strange quad-limbed creature with which to start a herd, or keep him as the family pet. 

One of them realizes that he’s ticklish and thinks it is ABSOLUTELY the most adorable thing on or below the surface, certainly on-par with watching chambered nautiluses swimming backwards and knocking into things. They bring their friends over to see their new cuddly soft creature and hear the strange noises it makes. 

By the time the rest of the Avengers find him, he’s in a seaweed leash and being dragged around the ocean in a magical air bubble. He has resigned himself to being cooed at and aggressively snuggled by every new tentacled creature he encounters, and has permanent sucker marks on his cheeks. 
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The kitchen decided not to cooperate with me tonight. Something has apparently dripped onto the bottom of my oven, and it started to smoke (JUST A LITTLE) and set off all the smoke detectors (Which are absolutely the most sensitive smoke detectors I’ve ever encountered). 

My neighbors also got to hear me shouting, “Goddamnit why are you so fucking sensitive?” as the alarms shrilled. 

While running around waving potholders at the smoke detectors and trying to get fans set up and windows open, my skin-less chicken breasts developed (and admittedly tasty) crust and got 3/4s of the way to being chicken jerky. 

I then managed to burn myself twice while the noodles over boiled on the stove top. 

Good news is that, for all of that, dinner came out pretty good (overlooking the trail-worthy chicken).
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#the other half of his superpower is the ability to locate coffee anywhere #which is how he knew what direction to start walking when he was in afghanistan #‘the nearest pot of coffee is 23 miles east’ #and then he started walking through the desert #honestly that’d be kind of a fun plot device #somebody write it I’m too lazy (via @buckykingofmemes)


Oh, this is awesome. Have a ficbit.
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The most epic Lego battle ever witnessed in Avenger’s tower. It’s Clint fault of course (when is it not?) for mentioning Legos in the first place, and then Thor wants to explore these Magical Building Blocks of Agony for himself. Tony is an Encourager and Steve is an Enabler, so of course they have 100,000 Lego blocks dumped on the floor of the common room the next weekend. 

The common room has been bisected by a wall of Lego bricks four feet high and nine feet long. Thor and Clint are building castles on either side, two more deliveries of Legos have been made, and Tony is very disgusted that Clint’s Lego dinosaurs are not faring better against Thor’s Lego Star Wars X-Wing fighters. 

“They shoot lasers, Stark!”

“And dinosaurs don’t shoot lasers?” 

“What the fuck, of course not!”

Tony smiles, looks over at Thor and asks, “Does he know that?” 

Thor discovers the Agony part at three in the morning and thus The Great Wall meets an untimely end. Steve makes them pick up and account for every single one of the 200,250 Legos, and they go about the city donating them to pre-schools and charity centers. 

The victor is never clearly decided and just saying the words “Great Wall” is enough to get anyone banned from the tower for a week. 

send me a made-up fic title and i’ll tell you what i would write to go with it
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Now that is a cooking adventure.

My entire house was out to get me. I feel so attacked right now. Clearly I’ve ticked some kind of culinary spirit off recently.

I found my cat, Nelly, cowering behind the toilet. I’m not sure she’s come back out yet.
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secondhand embarrassment is pure agony and i wish a lot of comedy didnt rely on it
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Here’s an easy resolution: This stuff is all free as long as you have access to a computer, and the skills you learn will be invaluable in your career, and/or life in general. 

1. Become awesome at Excel.

Chandoo is one of many gracious Excel experts who wants to share their knowledge with the world. Excel excellence is one of those skills that will improve your chances of getting a good job instantly, and it will continue to prove invaluable over the course of your career. What are you waiting for?

2. Learn how to code.


Perhaps no other skill you can learn for free online has as much potential to lead to a lucrative career. Want to build a site for your startup? Want to build the next big app? Want to get hired at a place like BuzzFeed? You should learn to code. There are a lot of places that offer free or cheap online coding tutorials, but I recommend Code Academy for their breadth and innovative program. If you want to try a more traditional route, Harvard offers its excellent Introduction to Computer Science course online for free.

3. Make a dynamic website.

You could use a pre-existing template or blogging service, or you could learn Ruby on Rails and probably change your life forever. Here’s an extremely helpful long list of free Ruby learning tools that includes everything from Rails for Zombies to Learn Ruby The Hard Way. Go! Ruby! Some basic programming experience, like one of the courses above, might be helpful (but not necessarily required if you’re patient with yourself).

4. Learn to make a mobile game.

If you’re not interested in coding anything other than fun game apps, you could trythis course from the University of Reading. It promises to teach you how to build a game in Java, even if you don’t have programming experience! If you want to make a truly great game, you might want to read/listen up on Game Theory first.

5. Start reading faster.

Spreeder is a free online program that will improve your reading skill and comprehension no matter how old you are. With enough practice, you could learn to double, triple, or even quadruple the speed at which you read passages currently, which is basically like adding years to your life.

6. Learn a language!

With Duolingo, you can learn Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, or English (from any of the above or more). There’s a mobile app and a website, and the extensive courses are completely free.

Full disclosure: BuzzFeed and other websites are in a partnership with DuoLingo, but they did not pay or ask for this placement.

7. Pickle your own vegetables.

Tired of your farmer’s market haul going bad before you use it all? Or do you just love tangy pickled veggies? You too can pickle like a pro thanks to SkillShare and Travis Grillo.

8. Improve your public speaking skills.

You can take the University of Washington’s Intro to Public Speaking for free online. Once you learn a few tricks of the trade, you’ll be able to go into situations like being asked to present at a company meeting or giving a presentation in class without nearly as much fear and loathing.

9. Get a basic handle of statistics.

UC Berkeley put a stats intro class on iTunes. Once you know how to understand the numbers yourself, you’ll never read a biased “news” article the same way again — 100% of authors of this post agree!

10. Understand basic psychology.

Knowing the basics of psych will bring context to your understanding of yourself, the dynamics of your family and friendships, what’s really going on with your coworkers, and the woes and wonders of society in general. Yale University has its Intro to Psychology lectures online for free.

11. Make your own music.

Step one: Learn how to play guitar: Justin Guitar is a fine and free place to start learning chords and the basic skills you’ll need to be able to play guitar — from there, it’s up to you, but once you know the basics, just looking up tabs for your favorite songs and learning them on your own is how many young guitar players get their start (plus it’s an excellent party trick).

Step two: A delightful free voice lesson from Berklee College Of Music.

Step three: Have you always thought you had an inner TSwift? Berklee College of Music offers an Introduction to Songwriting course completely for free online. The course is six weeks long, and by the end of the lesson you’ll have at least one completed song.

Step four: Lifehacker’s basics of music production will help you put it all together once you have the skills down! You’ll be recording your own music, ready to share with your valentine or the entire world, in no time!

12. Learn to negotiate.

Let Stanford’s Stan Christensen explain how to negotiate in business and your personal life, managing relationships for your personal gain and not letting yourself be steamrolled. There are a lot of football metaphors and it’s great.

13. Stop hating math.

If you struggled with math throughout school and now have trouble applying it in real-world situations when it crops up, try Saylor.org’s Real World Math course. It will reteach you basic math skills as they apply IRL. Very helpful!

14. Start drawing!

All kids draw — so why do we become so afraid of it as adults? Everyone should feel comfortable with a sketchbook and pencil, and sketching is a wonderful way to express your creativity. DrawSpace is a great place to start. (I also highly recommend the book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain if you can drop a few dollars for a used copy.)

15. Make your own animated GIF.

BuzzFeed’s own Katie Notopoulos has a great, simple guide to making an animated GIF without Photoshop. This is all you need to be the king or queen of Tumblr or your favorite email chains.

16. Appreciate jazz.


Have you never really “gotten” jazz? If you want to be able to participate in conversations at fancy parties and/or just add some context to your appreciation of all music, try this free online course from UT Austin.

17. Write well.

Macalester College’s lecture series is excellent. If you’re more interested in journalism, try Wikiversity’s course selection.

18. Get better at using Photoshop.

Another invaluable skill that will get you places in your career, learning Photoshop can be as fun as watching the hilarious videos on You Suck At Photoshop or as serious as this extensive Udemy training course (focused on photo retouching).

19. Take decent pictures.

Lifehacker’s basics of photography might be a good place to start. Learn how your camera works, the basic of composition, and editing images in post-production. If you finish that and you’re not sure what to do next, here’s a short course on displaying and sharing your digital photographs.

20. Learn to knit.

Instructables has a great course by a woman who is herself an online-taught knitter. You’ll be making baby hats and cute scarves before this winter’s over!

21. Get started with investing in stocks.

If you are lucky enough to have a regular income, you should start learning about savings and investment now. Investopedia has a ton of online resources, including this free stocks basics course. Invest away!

22. Clean your house in a short amount of time.

Unf$#k Your Habitat has a great emergency cleaning guide for when your mother-in-law springs a surprise visit on you. While you’re over there, the entire blog is good for getting organized and clean in the long term, not just in “emergencies.” You’ll be happier for it.

23. Start practicing yoga.

Most cities have free community classes (try just searching Google or inquiring at your local yoga studio), or if you’re more comfortable trying yoga at home, YogaGlohas a great 15-day trial and Yome is a compendium of 100% free yoga videos. If you’re already familiar with basic yoga positions but you need an easy way to practice at home, I recommend YogaTailor’s free trial as well.

24. Tie your shoelaces more efficiently.

It’s simple and just imagine the minutes of your life you’ll save!

This is a brilliant source of info :)
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Hyperrealism and 3D Art by Marcello Barenghi

Marcello Barenghi (born in 1969) is an Italian illustrator and graphic designer based in Milan.

I have been called “The hyper-realist artist of the common things in the era of YouTube”, Potentially I am fascinated by everything, I am used to look at an object taking into account its reflections, the lights, the shadows, its colors and shape. Every single object has its own beauty, also an empty bag of potato chips. I like to decontextualize and make protagonists branded products and objects that accompany us in our daily lives, sometimes from childhood and throughout our life.

His http://ift.tt/2mabKzD

Meet us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

posted by Margaret
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1. I have been called so many nicknames and just different names (i.e my friends and I went through a Sailor Moon phase in elementary school and I would tell substitute teachers that despite what it said on the roster, I was Serena, kktthx), that I just call myself The Jack of All Names. 

2. I have already described my Sense8 dream here. Which, going to be totally honest, is one of those dreams I desperately wish were reality. I can’t think of any others off the top of my head that aren’t a.) too incoherent to describe and/or b.) nightmares

7. We decompose. Whether anything happens beyond that? No idea.

8. I only speak English fluently, but a know a bit of Japanese and Spanish, and a few (mostly unhelpful) words/phrases in Mandarin, German, Korean, Gaelic (this is probably the single most frustrating language I have ever encountered, @lolaevil), and French. I had this notion as a kid that one day I was going to be able to speak 9 languages (No idea where the number 9 came from). Maybe I’ll actually get there one day. ;)

10. I don’t have a single song that is always in my head (*shudder*), but I usually do have a song stuck in my head - which I have noticed has actually gotten worse recently? In any event, at the moment it’s “Single Ladies”
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so today i was talking about this time my mom threw a massive party and like, took some doors off their hinges to create a ~walkthrough space~ from one side of the house to the other, and it reminded me of this time i hulked out as a youth. i don’t think i’ve told you guys this story yet but the world has been such a bummer lately that i figured maybe it was time we all laughed at me for a while.

growing up, for the most part, i really liked school and didn’t mind getting up in the morning to attend it. which is not to say that school really liked me, because i was actually…kind of a monster child in elementary school.

two of my siblings and i had the same fourth grade teacher and at the end of the year i asked her who her favorite was and she slow-blinked at me for a really, really long time before saying carefully, “well, you caused more havoc than both your brother and sister combined,” which i took to mean, “NOT YOU.”

anyway, for some reason i woke up one particular morning and just decided that i didn’t want to go. i don’t remember there being any particular reason for it, like a test or a pre-scheduled rumble in the schoolyard. i didn’t even bother coming up with an excuse, like being sick; i just straight up told my dad that i wasn’t going to go. my father, obviously, thought that was a stupid idea and kept insisting that i “had to go” because it “wasn’t optional” and “you’re eight, you don’t get to make these decisions.”

this logic did not sit well with me.

my sweet father, the Patron Saint of Leaving It To Beaver, tried first to explain calmly and reasonably that as a young woman in a global capitalist society the best thing i could do for myself was to invest in my education, and also my brain was too sharp to waste all its potential, and double also, i didn’t have a choice because school was mandatory. not just in our house but by united states law.

my dad is very I’m Not Mad I’m Just Disappointed Dad, and my mom is very Oh, No I Am Definitely Mad Mom and i fall somewhere around, “MY DISAPPOINTMENT ENRAGES ME AND NOW I’M CRYING.”

do you cry when you get mad, because i do, and then i get mad that i’m crying, which makes me cry harder, which makes me more mad, which–

“I’M NOT GETTING DRESSED, YOU CAN’T MAKE ME, I’LL RUN AWAY FIRST,” i shouted, very confidently for someone who had no savings, no life skills, and a very limited understanding of geography. i threatened to run away a lot in those days, and actually did one time, but almost immediately returned home to demand a sleeping bag, tent, and some petty cash for groceries.

what did they expect me to do, “fend” for “myself”??? survive on my own???

hahahaha. no.

hand over a hundy, dad. i have a lavish nine-year-old lifestyle of juice boxes and american girl dolls to maintain.

it should be noted here that at eight-ish, i was in that period of every child’s life where they’ve had their first growth spurt, but only in like…some parts of their body. growth does not happen uniformly, which is why some kids have weird torsos and others can scrape the ground with their knuckles when they walk. pretty much every child in a third-grade classroom looks a little like the product of an affair their mom had with jack skellington.

i was in my prime Heir to Halloween Town years, with freakishly long limbs but not great fine motor control, which meant i knew i had elbows but i couldn’t quite get a hang of where they would be at any given moment. my legs grew so fast that my knees are, to this day, what a real live medical professional once described as, “janky.” i ran into a lot of door frames.

okay. i still run into a lot of door frames. depth perception is not my strong suit. how about you let me live, Todd the Data Scientist?

in hindsight, you can’t really blame me for not wanting to go through the farce of disguising my badly proportioned pipe cleaner skeleton in order to learn simple division or counting without using your fingers or whatever kids learn in third-grade math.


haha remember when we were kids and we didn’t really know what death was and we weren’t constantly saying things like, “YOLO,” and “screw it, death comes for everybody,” in order to disguise our paralyzing terror of the reality that you and everyone you know is going to inevitably succumb to death’s cold embrace?


“neat,” said my father, cutting his losses on both the Logic and Reason fronts, “you don’t have to get dressed.” and with that, he scooped me up over his shoulder, nightgown and all, and began carrying me out of the room.

but ol’ Molly Long Arms wasn’t down for the count just yet. i shot my grubby grabbers out like a cowboy cracking a bullwhip and grabbed ahold of the nearest thing i could, which happened to be my closet door. now, the thing about this door is that it was one of those bi-fold shutter doors that open and close on a track, like indoor window shutters.

remember that weird moment in the late 1990s/early 2000s when all interior home decor was designed to look like the outside of a nantucket beach house?

my father kept walking toward the hallway, and i held onto slats on the door with the strength of a wet napkin but the grim determination of a spartan at the the battle of thermopylae.


it’s weird how the moment before Something Terrible happens time kind of stops. i know that sounds really dramatic for someone telling a story about a time they yelled at their dad and had weird arms, but it does. in the ten seconds before something terrible happens to you, it’s like everything slows way down and your brain has exactly enough time to go, “oh, no. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh no,” but not enough to make any course adjustments whatsoever. it’s just the universe’s little way of saying, hey, you’re about to get slapped right across the face by my whimsy, just giving you a heads up.

“okay,” your brain says, “but what if, instead, we ….. DIDN’T ….. do that?”

“oh, no, sorry, did you think this was up for debate? haha, that’s my bad. it’s for sure gonna happen. i’m just letting you know so that, later, you can relive these events in your mind over and over and over and wonder if you could have avoided them.”

“neat. thanks, universe.”

“anytime, buddy.”

in my head, the universe looks exactly like hades from disney’s hercules. if you were wondering.

anyway, for those ten seconds we were evenly matched, my father and i. i wasn’t letting go of that door and he wasn’t putting me down. my people are a stubborn people. none of us want to be the first to give. my great-great-grandfather on my dad’s side joined the canadian air force, despite not being canadian, because the u.s. hadn’t entered the war yet and he was determined to prove to someone at work that the germans were the bad guys in world war i. that’s right, we’re so stubborn we’ll go to literal war to prove a point.

so what gave was the door.

with a cracking sound that can’t have been as loud as it seemed, the folds ripped off the track. my father, suddenly sans-resistance, stumbled forward, dragging the door behind us. i was too shocked to let go, so our momentum was only stopped when the door got wedged against the wall. the jerk back to a full stop was enough to jolt me into letting go of the door, which clattered to the ground.

my dad put me down.

we stared at the door together. i don’t think either one of us was processing fully what had just happened. this fight had just escalated like, four thousand percent more than either one of us had anticipated. it was like we asked someone to break a tie in an argument we were having and that friend, A Door, responded by launching itself off a roof.

too extreme, door!!!!!! wayyyyyy too extreme!! dial it back, like, 99%!!

i want your opinion with the same gentility that you’d handle glassware in your mom’s kitchen while she’s asleep in the room next door.

“well,” said my dad.

“well,” said i.

look, nobody wants to talk about how we got to this terrible place from the less terrible place we were at ten seconds ago. that’s a horrible conversation, always. if people were meant to handle their problems immediately and responsibly, evolution shouldn’t have given us the power of suppressing emotions.

“i’m just gonna … change into school clothes,” i said. “meet you at the car in ten minutes?”

“yep,” said my dad.

and we never talked about it again.

brand new shiny headcanon: the universe manifests as Hades from Hercules. now I know what you’re thinking: ‘surely that’s not the only thing you got from all this???!’

Peace, my friend. I can verifiably tell you that this improved my outlook on life, the universe, and its every whimsy, by some four thousand percent. 

all i have ever wanted, ever in my life, is to have some nugget in some story improve somebody’s outlook on life, the universe and its every whimsy, by some four thousand percent.
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“I need a million people to share this. I just went on a make a wish trip with my nephew and family. The trip started with disaster and luggage and medical equipment in Seattle which finally got to us in the middle of our cruise in the bahamas. On the trip home I sat down at gate b54 Denver. United to talk on the phone. I set my backpack down beside me. There were 2 young men sleeping right beside my chair. As my call ended, my backpack and the young men were gone. They most likely got on a plane with my pack. My camera with all our pictures are gone. I don’t care about the cash, jacket, or personal items. I don’t even care about my camera. I need the SD card back. Please please mail it to my office at. Vista ideal protein, 7201 W Grandridge Blvd, Kennewick, WA 99336. This is the only picture I have on my phone. All the Disney cruise pictures, as well as my family holiday pictures are on the SD card.”

Hey everyone, if you could boost this it would be really appreciated. 

My mom recently went along to help on a cruise with my cousin’s children. Both kids have INAD, a rare and terminal genetic disorder. The life expectancy for those diagnosed with INAD is 5-10 years old. 

They went on a carefully planned and very difficult Make A Wish vacation, a chance for the parents to take a break and the kids to have some fun. It takes a LOT of work with kids this sick for trips like this to be possible. My mother, who loves these boys like they’re her own, went along (along with the kids’ maternal grandmother) to help with the childcare.

On the trip back on February 17, 2017, my mother was in the Denver airport at Gate B54 around 5pm Mountain Time when her bag with her camera was taken. The SD card contained all the photos from this vacation (as well as our family Christmas). 

These little boys are going to have very short, very difficult lives, and there won’t be a lot to remember them by, certainly not a lot of happy fun memories. My mom isn’t asking for any of her belongings back, not even the camera. She just needs the SD card. 

She’s not looking to press charges or get anyone in trouble. We don’t know if the pack was taken on purpose or by mistake, and we don’t care. We would just really, really appreciate it if the SD card was returned.

Thank you and please boost. 


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