May. 12th, 2017

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We’re starting our “metabolism” module at med school this week, and I’m dreading it with every fibre of my being. You see, I am going to be a doctor, and I am fat.

I’m not the type of fat you feel after you’ve had a big lunch, and your usually flat belly is protesting against the waistband of your jeans. I’m the real kind. My BMI hovers a couple of points below “morbidly obese”.

I worry a lot about what people will think of me as a fat doctor. For the smartarses among you, of course I’ve tried to be non-fat, it goes without saying. The thing is though, bodies don’t really like weighing less all of a sudden and are pretty good at reversing things in the long run. Mostly my body settles back to the same size 18 shape eventually.

I am always aware of my fatness, but perhaps more so here at medical school. We are training to work with bodies, and mine is a type of body we warn our patients not to have. It is the first thing described in every list of ‘modifiable risk factors’. A colleague suggests “just don’t let yourself get too fat” as we talk about preventing a certain type of cancer. A final exam question asks us to list four poor health outcomes associated with obesity. I sit through lectures with slides that have sniggering titles like “how BIG is the problem?”

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(i found most of these on google image search but thought they were important to show the world)

this is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen.

I love it.

When they’re this age or a little older, they’ll display at anything roughly their size: chickens, cats, work boots…

OH! NO!It somehow never occurred to me that this would be a thingthank you for sharing this OP my life has been enriched

Oh my gosh. I knew that all babies practice adult behaviors, but I’d never thought about baby peacocks practicing this behavior. I’m dead of cute. 

In my (limited) experience, male peacocks display at anything vaguely the right size for much of their lives.


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