Apr. 30th, 2017

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For almost three whole years, you were a Legend.

But now, someone new has come along…

DashconII: We didn’t Start The Fyre 

Had to pass on the ball pit eventually. (x)
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My husband decided to have a peanut butter, jelly, and Pop Tart sandwich for dinner tonight.

This will definitely feature in future fic.
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Sounds like something Pepper would scold Tony for calling a meal.

I’m thinking more something that Darcy would try to convince Thor is a traditional midgardian meal to have a with a side of French fries dipped in chocolate milkshake.
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as a college student, that sounds delicious

Hubby definitely doesn’t have the excuse of being a college student, though heaven knows he eats like he’s living in a dorm room…
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This sounds so gross to me…but then I don’t like PB&J together.

On top of everything, it was watermelon flavored pop tarts and peach jam. (I was actually a bit annoyed about the peach jam because it was so yummy, and a bit expensive, so I would have preferred that he’d used something else for his WTF sandwich). 
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flange5 replied to your post: My husband decided to have a peanut butter, jelly,…

but what flavor of poptart????

Watermelon. xD
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flange5 replied to your post: flange5 replied to your post: …

Are we sure he’s … not a replicant or something?

Well… he’s definitely *not* 19, but left to his own devices eats like a 19 year-old college student away from home for the first time, and yet manages to never gain a pound. 

So… he very well might be? I have friends who do call him Thor for good reasons, so it’s possible that he’s an alien. 
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Robert Downey Jr. photographed by Matthew Rolston, c. 1992.

@copperbadge, am I on crack or does RDJ really look like Sebastian Stan here?

“I, too, was once a soulful young brunet, Sebastian.”

“Aw Robert. You’re still soulful.”

“And young.”

“And young-looking.”

“Did I teach you how to be a little shit or do you come by it naturally?”

“Six of one, half dozen of the other…”

[RDJ Advises Chris Evans Sebastian Stan on his Life Choices]

(I think it’s primarily the hair, plus the dark eyes and the prominent chin – usually RDJ’s chin isn’t shot from quite that angle, it’s…magnified. :D)
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Steve had never been a stranger to friendly teasing. Bucky was a little shit, of course, but so were the Commandos. He’d been called every moniker that popped into his friends’ brains: “Captain Tightpants” (long before it was a cultural reference, thank you very much), “Captain Mom,” “Twinkle Toes,” “All-American Showgirl,” “Blushing Betty,” and names far more filthy. But he’d understood why. He was the commanding officer and he was, when it came down to it, a greenie who got damn lucky 95% of the time. Dugan, Dernier, Falsworth, even Bucky, they all would have been infinitely more qualified to be CO, and so he knew where the teasing was coming from. He knew it was his men’s way of telling him they cared for him while keeping his ego in check. (Bucky could’ve told them Steve was a good enough self-critic as it was and they all could just damn well stick to the dancing references.)

The Avengers, though. Steve had no idea what to think of the way they spoke to him.

Keep reading
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10 South Korean LGBT activists have just been arrested by police when they walked into a national security press conference where a major president candidate, Jae-In Moon, was giving a speech. The protesters demanded for his apology for his previous statement that he ‘does not agree with homosexuality’. Currently, all president candidates except for 1 publicly stated that ‘they do not agree with homosexuality’ and would not push for anti-discrimination bill that will protect LGBT Koreans.

Please spread the word! A lot of people don’t really know about how LGBT rights are quickly deteriorating in South Korea right now.
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Twenty seconds of Lake Michigan.

The one time I stood by Lake Michigan, I got tripped out because of the waves. And then I asked my dad whether the tide was coming in or going out. Except it’s a lake, so…

I should go back and see it again. Maybe this time I won’t be confused by the freakishly large lake’s weather patterns.

Which is funny because I spent so long in California, especially down by Half Moon Bay where there are HUGE waves most of the year. These are by far the biggest waves I’ve ever seen on the lake, except during huge windstorms, and I was like “Aww, look at them, they’re trying so hard!” 

I don’t even know if lakes have tides. I should think at least one as big as Michigan does, but it never occurred to me to inquire. 

That’s a lake?

Yep – this was taken from the southern tip of the lake, so actually kind of a narrow part. You can’t see it from the video, sadly, but I could see in person – out over the lake, on the right-hand side before I move the camera to the right, is the skyline of Chicago. 

If you look at Lake Michigan on googlemaps, I caught the train along the lakeshore from Chicago southeast, and this was shot in Indiana, between Gary and Michigan City, about ninety minutes outside Chicago. 

Lake Michigan is staggeringly massive. I never think about it, because I lived on the Pacific coast so I’m used to water you can’t see the opposite shore of, but for people who have a more well-defined mental image of “lake” it can be quite shocking. 

Lake Michigan can be a very dangerous body of water because people think “it’s JUST a lake”. It’s more an inland sea. Rip currents can be really bad.

There are plenty of shipwrecks. The annual race to Mackinaw Island from Chicago is a test. There’s also still a Navy base - Great Lakes - that provides training.



I actually had a really interesting moment when I was down on the dunes – I know I’ve been rather cavalier about the camping portion of the trip (with, I think, a bit of justification – the entire campsite is maybe two blocks’ worth of trails, it’s a very tame site) but I am never, ever casual about the water. 

I got down to the dunes but the beach at that point is quite narrow, there’s not much clearance between the steps down and the water line. I didn’t stay down there very long, just to take a few photos and the video, and as I turned to go up the steps back to the street I heard my gran in my head on the beach at Half Moon Bay telling me Never turn your back on the water. 

Which really she meant for a kid who was standing IN the water, but as soon as I thought it, I turned to the side so I still had the waves in my eyesight as I shuffled up to the stairs. If you’re less than ten feet from the water, you never turn your back to it, because you just don’t know. It was really interesting that the training I had twenty, thirty years ago stuck with me. 

Having spent my early childhood and most summers growing up on Lake Michigan is probably why I always had trouble with the differences between oceans, lakes, and ponds. 

Since this is taken at the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, I’ll add. The sand dunes around where this was taken are an entity unto themselves. So, the biggest dune in the Lakeshore, Mount Baldy, was closed a couple of years ago because it has literally been swallowing people alive. Scientists only have vague ideas about why this could be, so the park where Mount Baldy is located is closed until further notice.

AHAHAH yes and have you seen the text the National Parks put up about it:

The Mount Baldy area is closed due to hazardous conditions until further notice. Please visit the rest of the 99% of the national lakeshore that is open.

They sound THE MOST fed up about people complaining that Mount Baldy is closed, it cracks me up. 


Midwestern Gothic is never realer than at the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore you guys. 
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Something went weird when I was responding to AO3 comments just now and some of my replies are ending up on the wrong comments - I know I caught one of them, but there is at least one more that is out there somewhere. So if you get a strange and completely off-topic reply from me on a comment you made over on AO3, this is why, and I apologize. >.<
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It’s that old cliche again. You and your evil clone are cornered by your best friend with a gun, who asks you questions to find the real one. The problem: you have an absolutely terrible memory.

Except BFF would know you have a terrible memory, so the evil clone is in deep shit when they answer every question perfectly.
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Rose Armor Gown by Lillyxandra

Vintage Gown
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It’s that old cliche again. You and your evil clone are cornered by your best friend with a gun, who asks you questions to find the real one. The problem: you have an absolutely terrible memory.

Except BFF would know you have a terrible memory, so the evil clone is in deep shit when they answer every question perfectly.

This implies that cloning changed morality but improves memory? I feel like that should be one of those button memes…

I’ve seen a few people make comments that your clone would have the same crappy memory that you have as well, so a breakdown:

A.) How did the “cloning” happen? 

Was the clone “grown” out of a test-tube? And if so, how did the clone age? Have they been aging at a normal rate from the time you were born, stuck in a lab somewhere? If that’s the case, how do they have your memories at all? Were they given to the clone in some kind of psuedo science and/or magical way? Has the clone been sitting in a cell/lab somewhere, watching your life on TV? Any or all of these factors will of course the change the way the clone interacts with and recalls memories. (Not to mention the environmental factors that shape physical appearance, but that’s not on the table at the moment).

Was the clone’s growth accelerated once again by way of hand-wave magic/”science” and they’re actually only 2 days (or whatever) old? Again, how did they come by your memories? 

Also (I am in a genetics unit of a biology class so I am not an expert, but -) Genetic mistakes happen during DNA replication. Just because your clone started out with your same genetic code, and maybe ended up looking just like (or almost just like you), this doesn’t mean that they are 100% identical, genetically speaking. You develop mutations in your code as you go through life just as a result of replication errors, which may not be in your clone’s DNA - alternately, they could have ended up with a mutation during their own developmental process. So even if your forgetfulness is genetic, there is no guarantee that your clone would have the same genetic forgetfulness. 

Finally - Did this “cloning” happen by way of (as is most common in fantasy/sci-fi storylines referenced by the “cliche”) a shapeshifter has taken on your form, some kind of magic or “science” has transformed another person to just look like you, or your clone is an alternate universe you? In which case they might not share your genetics at all, and their memory retention would be impacted by completely different environmental factors than yours.

B.) What is the cause of your own terrible memory?

Memory retention is not necessarily genetic - in fact, in a young/younger person, the issues with your memory are far more likely to be environmental rather than medical. Common causes of forgetfulness would be things like lack of sleep, anxiety/stress, depression, under-active thyroid, alcohol, drug, or medication use. In short, unless you’re elderly and/or have a neurological issue that has caused your crappy memory, your clone will most likely not have the same cocktail of environmental issues that causes you to forget dates and names. 

C.) As a note to ignescent’s point (“changed morality but improves memory”) - the fact that your clone is “evil” just goes to show that they’ve already lived a different life, and had different experiences that impacted their personality/morality. 
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Instead of sticking to a glucose-based system, which is dependent on oxygen, when a naked mole rat is deprived of oxygen, it switches its metabolism so that its brain cells start burning fructose for energy instead of glucose.  

Fructose can be turned into energy anaerobically - which means it doesn’t require the presence of oxygen to be broken down into cellular energy.

Until now, this anaerobic pathway was thought only to be used by plants.  


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