Apr. 28th, 2017

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멍스팁 냥버키랑 낮잠
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찍토니 냥버키
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We know there have been at least six prisons created in Chechnya, which is a republic of Russia, to secretly detain men with “nontraditional” sexual practices. We also know that Chechnya allegedly plans to “eliminate” its gay community by the start of Ramadan on May 26 — just one month away.

This isn’t normal. It’s terrifying. And unfortunately, it seems like it’s become more difficult to rely on world leaders to step up to the plate on their own volition. Rather than speak out against what’s happening in Chechnya, President Donald Trump tweeted about Hillary Clinton’s hypothetical polling numbers. Russia’s President Vladimir Putin shrugged off the allegations of mass arrests and abuse while he posed for a photo with Chechnya’s President Ramzan Kadyrov on April 19.

With so many people in power ignoring these blatant crimes against humanity, the feelings of helplessness are hard to shake.

But if Kadyrov seriously believes that simply denying that gay and bisexual men exist in Chechnya means he can carry out these sorts of atrocities without the outside world noticing — with our free press, internet access, and determination to mobilize — he’s got another thing coming.

ICYMI: Queer men in Chechnya are being rounded up and tortured in camps. It’s 2017, and this is really happening. Here’s how you can help. (via Upworthy)
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kept getting requests for gryphons so heres a bunch of them At Once
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The Reverse Bang is posting and we’re all excited for the amazing works that still have to go up and about all the things we already got to look at! We hope everyone is having a good time with their own works, with feedback and with reading along.

This also means it is time to kick off another of our popular annual events! Whether you’ve participated before, or if you’re planning to join for the first time: Welcome to the Cap/ironMan Big Bang 2017!

This is where everything begins for the Captain America/Iron Man Big Bang 2017!

The Schedule:

Now - September 27th:: Writers write and weekly “Support and Chatter” go upSeptember 27th: Drafts and summaries are due/writer sign-ups closeSeptember 28th: Summaries are publicly postedSeptember 30th: Artists claim stories by summariesOctober: Artists art, writers put finishing touches on their ficsOctober 28th: Teams pick posting date in NovemberNovember: Fics and art begin posting

Rules and the basics:

Keep reading
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Go to @stonytrumpshate for all the info!
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Sarah has been doing, and continues to do, very important work. Primarily, she is making it possible for Americans, who have always presumed a level of trust and competence in our government, to see and track the creeping normalization of the trump autocracy.

Adult children of authoritarians are useful in three ways: first, they tend to be trustworthy confidants in regimes rife with paranoia, as corrupt authoritarian states usually are. Second, they are excellent vessels for laundering money,  creating enough distance that assets stolen from the state are harder to track. Third, they tend to have a warmer public profile which offsets the brutality of the dictator by distracting the population with pictures of their happy families or glamorous lifestyle.

For nearly two years, Jared and Ivanka have been peddled by the press as a “moderating influence” on her vulgar, bigoted father. They have done nothing to merit this characterization.

When hate crimes rose in tandem with the Trump campaign, Ivanka and Jared were silent. When xenophobes like Michael Flynn – the former NSA head revealed to be a foreign agent – screeched tirades at the Republican National Convention, Ivanka and her siblings dutifully followed on stage. When Trump filled his cabinet with white supremacists like Steve Bannon, Nazis like Seb Gorka, and racists like Jeff Sessions, Ivanka and Jared did not distance themselves, but joined the team.

This is not a “moderating influence”; this is complicity.

Take a minute to read this whole column, and please share it.


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