Apr. 26th, 2017

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#Sam Wilson: Sassy Bitch Graduate 2k14

I always kinda fixate on how Sam’s gaze lingers condescendingly on Steve after he delivers this line, and it’s produced this headcanon where after the VA scene, Sam and Steve go out on a date and hit it off really well and go back to Sam’s place and bang, but Steve wakes up while Sam is still making breakfast and is like “I’m sorry to do this, but I have to go” and is apologetic and cringe-y and Sam kinda watches him dubiously with his spatula in hand but is like “alright, man, see you around.” Whether Steve left because he got cold feet or a mission kinda varies in my head. But it makes Sam’s “if u EAT breakfast u fuckin shit” face in this scene (and the startled but slightly reserved way he initially answers the door) funnier to me.

Like I have not been able to stop thinking about this????

It… also kinda explains Steve’s little “okay I deserved that” head bob?

also explains

This is the best evidence for shipping Steve/Sam that I have seen.
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Cheesy Mashed Potato Pancakes Recipe (VIDEO)

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so at the bar in which I work, there’s an unofficial rule that all of our door staff must have names that start with D or rhyme with ‘doorman’, which has led to me befriending a trio of six foot four men with beards called Doorman Logan, Doorman Drew, and Doorman Dan. 

now, let me tell you now that Doorman Dan is the absolute love of my life. I don’t care that he’s a decade older than me and has a fiance. you know when someone is so extraordinary or impossible to define that they’re simply referred to as ‘a character’? that’s Doorman Dan. now, before I get into his personality, let’s describe his appearance. imagine the most stereotypical Scandinavian person ever: tall, white-blond, strong-jawed. now, add a heavy South Walian accent and an orange jumper.

that’s Doorman Dan. 

since meeting him last year, I’ve discovered:

he once had a dream that he had a tattoo that said ‘shit happens’ on his left arsecheek, so when he woke up he decided he had to fulfil the prophecy and got it tattooed on his arse by a bloke called Junkie Jeff at 9AM

he forgot to call his girlfriend for three months while he was in the army, and was completely unaware they had broken up until he wished her a happy Christmas and she responded with ‘what the fuck Dan’

accidentally married his army buddy in Vegas for thirty-six hours

he saw someone beating up a guy for being gay, and instead of jumping in and fighting back he decided to get absolutely bollock-naked and stand in front of the homophobe until he got freaked out and ran off

he has a millionare buddy who rings him up once a month for ‘mystery adventures’, one of which has resulted in Doorman Dan no longer being allowed inside any John Lewis shops

he is convinced the love of his life is not his fiancee, but a man named Ned. upon being asked who Ned is, he shrugged and responded with: “I’ll know when I meet him.”

he runs an Instagram account dedicated to his pet rabbits and refuses to let people into the bar unless they follow him

his fiancee booked a wedding venue before he even proposed. “I don’t even know if I’m invited, truth be told.”

when he caught a couple having sex in our loos, he didn’t want to intrude so he just gently knocked on the door and asked if they’d like a snack

he has created his own non-alcoholic cocktail called Doorman’s Sunrise because he feels left out being the only person on the dance floor without a drink when he’s patrolling the bar

I could honestly write a ten-season sitcom about him
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It’s about the basic notion that we are only in a good mood when things are going our way. The truth is, life is going to unfold as it’s going to unfold regardless of your input. If you are an active participant in that awareness, life kind of washes over you, good or bad. You kind of become Teflon a little bit to the struggles that we self-inflict.
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Generations WIP. I could draw WW2 cap forever, doing what he does best : punching nazis


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