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If you’re primarily an MCU fan, I think the best fix would be to watch Avengers Assemble, since the canon is also more based in MCU, but it’s different enough that nothing is awful and everything is about the Avengers being a family. (Also Steve and Tony are very married? And I know people keep saying that, and it sounds too good to be true, but it IS!!!)

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As for blogs, the only two I can think of that are 100% Steve/Tony all the time are wingheadshellhead and stonystonysto, but there are also a bunch of personal blogs too that are very invested. Unfortunately I need to get going ASAP so I can’t do fic recs at the moment, so, I’ll try to get to that later in the day!

ANYWAY I’ll turn on replies so people can rec fics/blogs to follow below. Hope that helps!!
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Aaah! xD

5 favorite characters: Alice, Carlisle, Sam, Billy, Seth

3 OTPs: Carlisle/Esme, Billy+Charlie, Jacob/Edward.

Funniest character: Seth

Prettiest character: Jacob

Most badass character: Alice

Character I’d like as my BFF: I’m pretty tempted to say Rosalie, but I think she’d get on my nerves in a hurry, so probably Alice or Carlisle

Character that’s ruined my life: all of them, though not necessarily in good ways. xD

Send me a fandom
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Manners maketh man.
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If anyone wants to know my politics, I can’t put it better than Jack Kirby – (x)
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Psychology is a beautiful thing.

Source: If someone knows, let me know!
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BITMAP WATERCOLOR BRUSHES, Y’ALL!!! Want to make some SAI brushes in FireAlpaca? Check out THIS handy Guide!

Want to make this brush? Just make a perfect circle and save it (I call mine “round”) and use it as the bitmap, and copy the settings above. It works pretty nicely :D



Here is where you can download FireAlpaca (it is completely free software)

*If English is not your native language, you can download it in other languages.

Please download from the official FireAlpaca websites, because a friend of mine simply googled FireAlpaca and downloaded from some random site, and she got malware! So PLEASE be careful.

FireAlpaca has a suggestion/bug reporting box on their site so you can request features, or let them know if you’re having any issues! Also FireAlpaca works fantastically on Mac computers! (though I will say the only time FA has crashed on me is when I used a Mac, so PLEASE save your work often)

Also, please visit these tumblrs if you do get into using FireAlpaca:

@everythingfirealpaca @fpacatuto

for anyone who wants an alt to Sai. :O

@valynara ! Hey remember when i told you fire alpaca was a good alternative? Check it out its great for mac!

I keep telling people this is a great program and it really is!

Fire Alpaca is seriously one of the best drawing programs I’ve used.  And I’ve tried a lot of them.  It’s a pretty fine alternative to Photoshop too.  I actually have Photoshop, and sometimes I use Fire Alpaca anyway.  Did we mention IT’S FREE?
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please be respectful of cultural boundaries when working with mermaids from various cultures and traditions, and be mindful not to intrude.

🌊 Rusalkas - slavic in origin, disturbed spirits of the “unclean dead”, ghosts of women who died violent deaths, with a penchant for drowning young men. they live only in rivers and lakes, and are known to have green hair like aquatic plants, only appearing in the night. 

🌊 Melusina - a mermaid that walks among humans, but returns to their two-tailed form during baths and when they bathe their children. often a water spirit of a nearby lake or river. french origin. 

🌊 Siren - greek mythology. servants and companions of persephone, whom searched for her when she was abducted. they are known to sometimes have the body of a bird, and for their song, which lured sailors to their doom. cannibalism implied folklore. have the power of prophecy. 

🌊 Merrow - irish mermaid. known to have green hair and webbed fingers. particular noted love of music and their red cap, which when stolen, they will live with the thief until they find it, and then return to the water, leaving even a whole family behind. 

🌊 Ben-varrey - from the isle of man, known to bless those that are kind to them with prosperity, gifts, and even the location of treasure. 

🌊 Aicaya - 

Caribbean mermaid, humans who become mermaids when they are shunned from their community and go to live in the sea. 

🌊 Amabie - japanese merpeople, with birdlike torsos and three legs and scales. they are gifted with prophecy, usually foretelling abundant harvests or epidemics 

🌊 Ningyo - “human faced fish” known to have golden scales, that brings bad weather and misfortune when caught, but when their flesh is eaten the consumer is granted youth and beauty, even agelessness. 

🌊 Finman / Finwife - magical shapeshifters that disguise themselves as sea creatures or plants to lure humans, unlike most mermaids they kidnap people from the shores to be their spouses or servants. they have a greed for jewelry and coins, particularly silver, and prefer humans over other finfolk. 

🌊 Sirena Chilota - considered the more friendly mermaids, caring for all fish life and rescuing drowned sailors to restore life to them. known for their human-like beauty and youth, according to legend they are the child of a human and a “king of seas”, tears are a powerful substance. from chilote mythology. 

🌊 Cecealia - sometimes known as “sea witches”, they are half human and half octopus. origins in native american and japanese mythology. 

🌊 Sirena / Siyokoy - the philippine version of mermaid and merman respectively. also called “magindara”, they are known to protect the waters from raiders, and protect the boy moon from sea monsters. Siyokoys can sometimes have legs however, covered with scales and webbed feet

🌊 Sea Mither - scottish/orcadian mythology, a spirit that personifies the sea during spring and summer, battles along scottish isles using storms to bring the summer about. a mother figure to all aquatic life. 

🌊 Ceasg - a fresh-water mermaid, specifically half-salmon, said to grant three wishes if captured. sometimes called maighdean na tuinne (maid of the wave) or maighdean mhara (maid of the sea). scottish. 

🌊 Selkie - though somewhat different from the typical mermaid, as they are not cold-blooded, have the body of a seal in the water and are human on land. in legends their skins are often stolen and they are kept by fishermen as spouses, or become lovers to fishermen’s wives who shed tears into the sea.  

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© Ian Fisher

I think it’s worth mentioning that these are oil paintings, not photoshopped pictures. This guy is amazing, check him out. 


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