Apr. 19th, 2017

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Gifted premiere - April 4, 2017 
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Chris Evans photographed by Robert Hanashiro for USA Today
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Sometimes I think about the future of self driving cars and how everyone I talk to about that future is like “okay but in an emergency we’ll be able to take back manual control, right?” and I usually placate them by saying, yeah, that’s totally how it’ll happen, but actually we’re already seeing the opposite. Cars with “self driving” features like steering and breaking that kick in and take control from the driver if the driver is about to rear end someone or is in a dangerous situation because the truth is computers can think faster and have better reflexes than us and I think about this going into the future and how if the self-driving cars are able to share their data with each other and learn from the driving experiences of every car on the road soon we’ll have cars that are so massively experienced at driving and avoiding accidents and making microsecond decisions and partial degree turns of the wheels and being so damn precise that automobile accidents will be almost unheard of and that’s when we’ll develop the most wasteful hilarious extreme sport in history where a single human driver will go up against an arena of ultra smart self driving cars and just by driving around recklessly try to coral them into crashing into each other and I tell you I would watch that sport all day.

#this didn’t end the way i expected
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Reverse Bang Date Claims are coming on Saturday, April 22nd at 9:00AM EDT (what time is that for me?).

Head to our c_im_bigbang community to read the detailed instructions and don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions!
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Me: types actual word that exists in the keyboard’s dictionary.

Me: double checks that the sentence reads correctly.

My keyboard: decides I probably meant this other word instead because REASONS.

My keyboard: changes the word when I am already six words ahead and thought that everything was right in the world.

Me: inadvertently tells my bff that she is silky instead of silly.


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