Sep. 9th, 2017

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Harry Potter and the Secret History

Harry Potter and the Rise of Theodore Roosevelt 😂

Harry Potter and the Great Green Room

Harry Potter and the Drifters 

Harry Potter and the Bloody Chamber…

Harry Potter and the Anthology of British Literature

Harry Potter and the House of Leaves

Harry Potter and the Chofetz Chaim - Loving Kindness

Harry Potter and the Bitch Doctrine

Harry Potter and the Puritan Conscience and Modern Sexuality

Harry Potter and the Silk Road to Ruin

Harry Potter and Baking With Mary Berry

Harry Potter and the Last Course

Harry Potter and the Importance of Being Funny

Harry Potter, Vintage Spirits, and Forgotten Cocktails.

Harry Potter and Necropolis: London and its Dead

Harry Potter and Our Final Invention: Artificial Intelligence and the End of the Human Era

Harry Potter and World War Z

Harry Potter and the Killing Time
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I was at work today for Labour Day and on TV was Good Morning America. The theme was celebrating the American worker and their accomplishments. I’ll tell you how it went down.

Kelly put on her glasses, smile wide, and pulled out a piece of paper which she read from. The paper was from an article (which I have issues with, but I will leave alone for now) by ABC news. Kelly proceeded only to read the opening of it, which reads: ‘Americans work more than anyone in the industrialized world. More than the English, more than the French, way more than the Germans or Norwegians. Even, recently, more than the Japanese. And Americans take less vacation, work longer days, and retire later, too.’

And everyone cheered.

And they kept cheering when Kelly put her paper down and smiled at everyone. (not continuing with the rest of the article which suggests that this may in fact be a problem).

And I just couldn’t BELIEVE that anyone was cheering. America. AMERICA you work more than the French, who are entitled by law to have 5 weeks off a year for vacation and can not work more than 35 hours per week. You work more than Norway, who average 33 hours per week and 44,000 dollars a year. Germany, where AGAIN, we see a shorter work week and better pay! And all of these countries have health care and better pay and free/affordable education!


I have a different interpretation of this information: the American worker is the most taken advantage of worker in the industrialized world. It’s plain and simple. You work long hours and get horrible pay. You take multiple jobs and work and work and work just to get by. Unions are disappearing, jobs are always looking for part timers and all you are doing is giving up your time for less money, less vacation, less safety and stability and less education than anyone else on the list.

Celebrate Labour day. Celebrate the accomplishments of the common worker, but don’t let these people trick you into thinking you should celebrate the theft of your time and energy, or the fruits of your labour.

They are using you. Stop cheering.

My coworkers didn’t believe me when I told them that the US is the only industrialized country that doesn’t make its employers give employees some kind of paid leave (and this is in a job where you don’t get any paid vacation time the first year, then one half day every quarter after then).

It’s so normalized here that it is genuinely a shock that the ~greatest country on earth~ treats its workers like garbage.

I was in an argument with someone some years back, and didn’t reply for a few days, and they got mad at me. I told them I had work. They called me a liar. Apparently, in the country they are from (somewhere in South America), working more than 40 hours is illegal, and I believe they told me working on the weekend is also illegal. They refused to believe that I was doing both of these things here in the US.

Also, this reminds me of all the articles people pass around about like toddlers “starting businesses” to fund their college tuition in the future, or about like people working 80 hours a work to provide for their families, etc. We see that as ambition and integrity instead of as people being worked to death all their lives to pay for necessities.
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Kaiju appreciation post

This little monster gave us some concern when we brought him home as a 1g hatchling! We were worried he might not make it. Now he’s nearly 2g and loves to be hand-fed. He is very good at jumping from hand to hand and even just crawled across the top of his temporary kritter keeper to hop on my shoulder. I think he’s going to be a super chill little dude when he is an adult!

so… so small!

Oh my god…
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Some of my SteveTony stories

@stonystonysto is asking for creators to post lists of their works. Thanks for doing this!

Here’s a selection of my SteveTony stories – 

Art in the Park

MCU, T, approx 3000 words

The Cute Guy with the Goatee gives advice to Steve about selling his art at a sidewalk art show. Maybe he is selling something else.

Captain Coffee

MCU, M, approx 41000 words

Steve is content managing his own coffee shop and life is full with friends and neighbors. But an owner of big coffee chain pressures him to sell and someone from his past reappears. And now Steve needs to fight a bully, an ex, and himself to get his happy ending.

End of the Road

Marvel 1872, T, approx 9540 words

Tony Stark can’t escape from the hell-hole that is Timely, Nevada. And he can’t save Steve Rogers from Wilson Fisk.

Fashion Crush

Marvel Adventures: Avengers, E, approx 14000 words

An up-and-coming fashion photographer, Steve meets the model of his dreams but believes he is way out of his league. Besides, he knows never to mix romance with work.

Fooling Around

Avengers Assemble, E, approx 6500 words

Steve catches Tony using a Captain America sex toy. Tony thinks that Steve is going to be upset. But that’s not what happens. At all.

For A Certain Definition of Happiness

MCU, T, approx 30000 words

Steve Rogers should be happy - he has a job leading the new team of Avengers, friends, and a steady girlfriend. He works well with Tony Stark, who has retired as Iron Man and provides financial backing and technical support for the team. Steve’s life becomes complicated when the Avengers encounter a mysterious supervillain crimewave, Helmut Zemo wants to legislate the Avengers out of existence, and his relationship with Sharon begins to fall apart. Then, after the death of a close friend, Steve begins to question if he is truly happy.

And, worse, why can’t he get Tony off his mind?

Off the Mark

Avengers Assemble, T, approx 25000 words

The Avengers go undercover to retrieve stolen technology at a shady conference in Madripoor. Confronted by his past as a weapons dealer, Tony wonders if he’s a good person after all. Steve does not trust Tony’s new best friend, the flirty Kashmir Vennema. And the rest of the team just wants to wrap up the mission, even if Scott is having the time of his life.

Can the team pull together in time to find the thieves or has Tony walked into a trap he can’t escape?

Operation Matchmaker 

Marvel Adventures: Avengers, T, approx 8000 words

The supervillains of New York decide to set up Tony and Steve on a date in hopes that they’ll start dating. The Avengers would like them to figure it out. But Tony and Steve think all the weird crime is just another day’s work. What will it take for them to finally see the light?

Past Imperfect 

MCU, T, approx 7600 words

Present day Tony tells Steve that Steve wouldn’t like the college version of Tony.
An alternative Steve, living in a dystopian future, is sent back to the past to stop the death of a young Tony Stark at MIT. He doesn’t know what he’s going to find but he’s going to try his best to save Tony.

Poker Night

Avengers Assemble, T, approx 5000 words

When Tony convinces Steve to play a game of strip poker, Steve isn’t sure what they are playing for or what exactly Tony is after.

Wartime Secrets (In Time of War Remix) 

616/Marvel Noir, T, approx 4800 words

During WWII, Tony Stark fights as Iron Man, wonders about the mysterious Captain America, and falls for Private Steve Rogers.
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NewGod!Tony Stark: 2nd version

American Gods crossover verse ( Original Post: HERE )

Fic Prompt:

Tony Stark is trying to handle all the problems with becoming a superhero and dealing with all these villains great and small. It doesn’t help that just as he’s getting used to being an Avenger, the whole group falls apart in the worst way. In the midst of tackling all this, the Fates decides to throw another thing his way and he wakes up with a whole new set of powers with no idea where he got them from. Also, his TV seems to be trying to engage him in a conversation.

Tony Stark is the new God of Tech.

Pairings: Gen, Frostiron or WinterIron.

Art Notes:

More realism studies with RDJ from the MCU movies. Bah…realism is so hard. OTL I just hope doing this really helps me improve when I don’t have a picture to follow.
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Artist: hellogarbagetimeLink to Tumblr: @hellogarbagetimeRating: TeenWarnings: None

Link to art:

Cap-IM Tiny Reverse Bang Round 11: Union 9 Sept  - 16 Sept

Rules and information for writers who want to create fic (minimum 100 words!)for this round is here!
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A dog’s clever solution
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From mid-May to July 2017, Equifax exposed the financial and personal identifying information of 143 million Americans – 44% of the country – to hackers, who made off with credit-card details, Social Security Numbers, sensitive credit history data, driver’s license numbers, birth dates, addresses, and then, in the five weeks between discovering the breach and disclosing it, the company allowed its top execs to sell millions of dollars’ worth of stock in the company, while preparing a risibly defective and ineffective website that provides no useful information to the people whom Equifax has put in grave financial and personal danger through their recklessness.

Equifax is in the business of helping employers and financial institutions punish people for making oversights in their business and financial affairs. Being late with a single payment or missing a single bill can constitute a black mark on your Equifax records that lasts for years or decades, affecting your ability to rent or buy a home or get a job.

By contrast, Equifax expects its stakeholders – whole nations’ worth of people – to overlook its gross misconduct. The website the company has stood up (an unpatched stock WordPress installation with a defective TLS certificate) just tells you to come back in a week to get a coupon good for a year’s worth of Equifax credit monitoring (without specifically disclosing whether your data was breached). Calling the company’s phone hotline connects you to a third-party subcontractor who directs you to the website and provides no details about the breach.

Searching the site for information about your breach subjects you to a clickthrough agreement in which you waive your right to sue the company.

Chief Executive Richard Smith called the breach “disappointing.”

Fwiw, anyone (let me repeat that A N Y O N E) in the US with any credit history is being told to act as if they have been affected by the breach in order to help protect their personal data. Basically a majority of adults in the US are affected.

One such damage control step that’s being suggested is putting long term freezes on your credit, which p much means if a thief tries to take out a line of credit in your name, your credit report can’t be pulled to allow any new lines.

You’ll need to do freezes one by one with all 3 of the big credit reporting companies, including Equifax, iirc. Long term freezes don’t fix your score if there’s an issue, but can keep it from further potential damage until you remove the freeze.

This is very serious and, most unfortunately, Equifax is not going to inform people (except a very small <1% portion) that they have been affected, placing the onus on the victims of the breach.

Cnet has made the best resources and summary I’ve seen yet btw

Using the tool they’ve provided to check if you were effected waives your right to sue them jsyk
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starring channing tatum as the dopey roman soldier and jamie bell as his feisty briton slave. channing takes jamie north of hadrian’s wall to get the golden eagle back from the wildlings.

spoilerz forthcoming:

it all starts when channing sees jamie go all ‘fuck this russell crowe gladiator shit’ and throw down his sword in the ring.

he gets the shit smacked out of him anyway and is about to get shanked

but channing just can’t handle it. he gets everyone to do the joaquin phoenix thumbs up so jamie baby can live.

uncle donald ships it so he gives jamie to channing as his slave. except jamie’s butthurt because he’s a briton and hates all romans and he kinda wants to kill channing.

channing has to get leg surgery. one of jamie’s slave duties is to “hold him down”

it’s visceral.

channing decides to take jamie with him on his mission because he’s part wildling and because channing really has no idea wtf he’s doing. their journey north is full of awkward sidelong glances.

jamie starts having feels. he wants to kill channing a little less every day.

then they come across mark strong with a weird american accent.

he tells them the seal people have the eagle. so channing and jamie find the seal people and jamie has to pretend like channing is HIS slave so they don’t get suspicious

jamie really sells it.

except channing thinks jamie actually turned on him and is super depressed… until jamie wakes him up in the middle of the night to go snatch the eagle!

they grab the thing and get the fuck outta there. only channing’s leg hurts and he can’t walk. he’s all “take the eagle! go on without me!”

dude runs his ass off to save channing. and then

they kill the bad guys together, return the eagle and ride off into the sunset together.

the end.
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