Jun. 22nd, 2017

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After months filled with arting, writing, and then posting - our RBB has finished! Thank you, all our lovely participants. We hope you all had fun!

Here’s the final list of all arts and fics created for the event. Read and enjoy, and remember to let the creators know if you liked it!

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14 Different kinds of asian eye shapes.

I’m so glad someone put this together. ASIANS DO NOT ALL HAVE THE SAME EYES.

it’s so crazy to me that ppl think east asian ppl have the same eyes which just goes to show those people either don’t have east asian friends or aren’t exposed to them at all cos there’s A LOT of varying eye shapes. they’re not all monolids either!
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Thank you! I am currently making them a very tiny house because they have to live somewhere, and also I am crazy.
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because this is such a cool resource and education is so expensive i thought i’d share this

edX is a website that’s partnered with a huge number of universities worldwide to offer online courses on a huge range of subjects. you know what makes this even more exciting? a huge number of these courses are free.

you can take university level courses, basic courses, interest courses, business courses. you can take courses on superheroes or calligraphy or antarctica. for free. run by top level universities (the founders are MIT and harvard) and top level academics. even the ones that do cost money aren’t all that expensive (the first one i found was 300 bucks. compare that to how much a university course is, and it’s a huge saving).

they’re in several languages, depending on the university offering them as well, not just english.

so yeah. wanna learn something fun? wanna get something to boost your cv? wanna accelerate your current education?

try edX
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Oh my fucking GOD

this is the best thing I have ever seen with my own two eyes.

oh my gosh he’s gently play-biting them like they’re his own babies


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