Mar. 12th, 2017

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there’s this rlly great thing honey nut cheerios is doing where they’ll send you a mix of 19 different types of wildflower seeds as part of their bring back the bees campaign, absolutely free. 

if you have any space to garden, whether it’s an actual garden or just some pots on a balcony, please do consider this source for some beautiful summer flowers that will also make bees very happy.


get yourself some bee seeds!! 🐝🌻
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via replied to your post “Colony Vs. The Tax Evaders for Freedom and Justice”

Wait, has there been a visit to Colony Homeland that I have missed??? *goes to check AO3*

No, you didn’t miss anything. The ficclet was set in a theoretical future after said colony homeworld visit. Sorry!
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1) is there a story you’re holding off on writing for some reason?

2) what work of yours, if any, are you the most embarrassed about existing?

3) what order do you write in? front of book to back? chronological? favorite scenes first? something else?

4) favorite character you’ve written

5) character you were most surprised to end up writing

6) something you would go back and change in your writing that it’s too late/complicated to change now

7) when asked, are you embarrassed or enthusiastic to tell people that you write?

8) favorite genre to write

9) what, if anything, do you do for inspiration?

10) write in silence or with background noise? with people or alone?

11) what aspect of your writing do you think has most improved since you started writing?

12) your weaknesses as an author

13) your strengths as an author

14) do you make playlists for your current wips?

15) why did you start writing?

16) are there any characters who haunt you?

17) if you could give your fledgling author self any advice, what would it be?

18) were there any works you read that affected you so much that it influenced your writing style? what were they?

19) when it comes to more complicated narratives, how do you keep track of outlines, characters, development, timeline, ect.?

20) do you write in long sit-down sessions or in little spurts?

21) what do you think when you read over your older work?

22) are there any subjects that make you uncomfortable to write?

23) any obscure life experiences that you feel have helped your writing?

24) have you ever become an expert on something you previously knew nothing about, in order to better a scene or a story?

25) copy/paste a few sentences or a short paragraph that you’re particularly proud of
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Robert Downey Jr. photographed by Henry Leutwyler (2007)
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1 - Is there a story you’re holding off writing for some reason. 

I don’t know if there’s anything I’m ‘holding off’ writing, but I do have about three gazillion plot bunny ideas ready to go that I haven’t written. One of my favorite plot bunnies that I’ve never touched for unknown reasons was an early one - someone had framed Steve and Tony for treason. Pepper gets Tony out of bed in the early early hours of the morning, Tony rushes to pick Steve up on his morning pre-dawn run, and they run off to a farm in the middle of no where to hide until they can figure out what’s going on. I have it pretty detailed, but it just never tickled me enough to put it on paper.

23- Any obscure life experiences that you feel have helped your writing? 

Hmm… I don’t know if I’ve had any ‘obscure’ life experiences (but how do you define an ‘obscure life experience’ anyways? Maybe someone who spent their childhood wrestling alligators?) but I moved around a lot as a kid (a lot - I attended 4 different high schools). 

For a young person, that tends to mean isolation and (at least in my case) a lot of introspection, reading, and writing. I also developed a contrary-streak about 6.5 miles wide, which translates to writing for me as “Oh, you think this thing can’t be done? Just you watch me.”
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17 - If you could give your fledgling author-self any advice, what would it be? 

Gosh. “You will never be satisfied with it”? xD That sounds horrible, but I was absolutely the worst with revisions. About every year I would take down whatever major story I was working on (I was in the Harry Potter fandom then) and start over. 

19) when it comes to more complicated narratives, how do you keep track of outlines, characters, development, timeline, ect.?

I tend to have separate documents. Usually, I have a brainstorming document where I keep conversations I’ve had about the story with betas/collaborators, a general outline that just has the major plot points in order, my detailed outline (that I write directly into), and then often another document with notes for things like character or world building history, and several document with parts of things I’ve removed from the main document. 

To give you an idea, this is what one of my story folders looks like on the inside: 

24) have you ever become an expert on something you previously knew nothing about, in order to better a scene or a story? 

I am a bit of research fiend, so there a lot of tiny things that I’ve gone into at significant length to satisfy some plot point. I’ve probably put the most overall effort into medicine, but I don’t know if that really counts because my BFF is a nurse, so I feel like I would have learned that regardless of writing. 

Probably the biggest thing that comes to mind is Berlin pre-WWII.  @synteis and I watched documentaries, and did quite a bit of research (she was way ahead of me) for Wolves in the World. 

To date, Wolves is probably my most heavily researched story. 
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awww - it is good sometimes!

I feel that world building is a strength of mine, and lately I’ve come to the (somewhat startling realization) that I write action pretty well?? Even just a few years ago, action was the bane of my existence, so that one is nice. ^_^
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4) your favorite character you’ve written

Tony is always my favorite, but just to change it up a little, I’ll say an original character of mine who can “talk” to inanimate objects. (Which I believe is called psychometry)

5) character you were most surprised to end up writing

I did write a Twilight story, so I would say probably the entire character list of the story?

16) are there any characters who haunt you? 

There is a version of Steve from Never for the Dragon that kills me. I won’t give away why in case you haven’t read the story, but anyone who has read it knows why. 

25) copy/paste a few sentences or a short paragraph that you’re particularly proud of

I liked this interaction between Tony and Bruce in Dangerous Kitchen Tools,  because Tony was trying so hard to be Cool in front of his crush, and then as soon as Steve was out of the room: 

The silence lasted until Tony heard Steve’s footsteps on the stairs. He rounded on Bruce, pointing at him with an accusing finger. “Why didn’t you tell me that you’ve been teaching Steve Rogers how to make spaghetti for the last six months?” he demanded.

Bruce blinked twice and made a confused gesture toward the door. “Steve? Do you know him?” He frowned and shuffled past Tony into the kitchen. “And we haven’t been making spaghetti for six months. What did you teach them?”

He crouched down to open Tony’s bag and pulled out the siphon. He held it up. “I could be wrong, but I don’t think chicken kiev needs foam.”

“Everything needs foam,” Tony said dismissively. He grabbed the siphon and stuck it back in the bag. “Don’t change the subject. You’ve had Steve Rogers in your kitchen for six months and didn’t even tell me. I feel so betrayed right now.”

Bruce rubbed his hand across the back of his neck and scratched at his stubble, straightening out of the crouch. “I know he’s your type, but you got annoyed when I suggested that you might want to meet him, so…”

Tony cut his hands through the air to halt the reminder of blowing up at Bruce when he’d suggested one date too many to get him out of the ‘increasingly antisocial mood’ he’d been in for years. “Also beside the point. Steve Rogers? Comic book artist?” When Bruce showed no signs of any lightbulbs popping on over his head, Tony groaned. “I have every single comic he’s put out in the last ten years! I made you read them!”

Bruce winced and made a silent ‘o’ with his lips. “I didn’t put that together. Sorry.”

Pacing a tiny, agitated circle, Tony declared, “I thought we were friends, Bruce. Friends don’t do this to each other.” He pointed at Bruce’s nose. “You’re a bad friend.”

Not upset in the least, Bruce just said, “I’ll make sure to mention that at the next board meeting you’re going to make me attend for you.”

“See that you do,” Tony sniffed.
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This fills the tentacle square on my bingo card. Challenger @rose-on-the-mountain, who is also responsible for the Tax Evaders. 

I’m not sure if this will actually fit into the Happy Lights ‘verse, or if it’s just a fun sort of what-if scenario, but I hope you enjoy it!

“They call themselves The Tax Evaders for Freedom and
Justice,” Steve explained. He rubbed at the center of his forehead. “They’re
registered as a church.”

“That is a joke,” Tony insisted. “There’s no way that is
actually not a joke.”

Steve shrugged helplessly. “That’s what the file says. They’ve
recruited some B-list villains including… The Kangaroo, Asbestos Lady, and…
Flag Smasher?” He was miserable just reading the names and pushed his tablet
away so he could put his face in his palm.

“Wow,” Clint said, “You are a massive troll, Cap, but I don’t
think even you could troll this hard.
Why are we getting called for this
one? Isn’t this something that the cops can handle? Or, you know… the local
biker gang?”

“We don’t really have anything better to do at the moment,”
Steve pointed out, “And it would be a good training exercise for our newest

The colony didn’t quite understand the point of chairs, but
it was trying to imitate its human colony members. Several of the larger
tentacles were coiled around the empty chair at the briefing table, and the
rest were spread out over and around the table to keep limbs wrapped around
their humans. It was a small subcolony of only forty-seven members who had come
back with ‘Steve Colony’ after their last trip to the colony homeworld, and
looked intent on setting up a permanent colony presence.  

“Can’t we just sic the IRS on them? I mean…The Church of the
Tax Evaders for Freedom and Justice. Really,” Clint persisted.

Think of it like a
team building exercise, Tony suggested, and the colony lit up gold at his
mental voice. I have new arrows for you
to try out.

Sold! Clint

Sold! the colony repeated,
flickering through a quick rainbow of colors, and then asked, Sold?

The colony did not understand currency, and the last time
Tony had tried to explain the concepts of buying and selling, they’d ended up
in a circular loop of Why? for most
of the night. About the only thing the colony had been attracted to during the
conversation was Tony unleashing financial ‘logic’ into the colony mindspace. It
was a good thing they weren’t interested in using the colony’s understanding of
math to their own benefit, because they could just about take over the world
with only minimal effort and the colony’s help.

Let’s not start that
conversation again, Bruce pleaded. “Asbestos Lady?”

Steve checked the notes. He grimaced, but offered, “Apparently
she’s fire-proof?”

“And dying of asbestos poisoning?” Sam guessed. His chair
was conspicuously tentacle-free, but he had his head propped up on one fist and
was casually petting the magenta tentacle that had wrapped around his water
glass, the end periscoped up to eye level and nuzzling against his fingers. It flickered
gold and the colony was suffused with a definite sense of smugness at the
attention. “Has the colony been cleared to leave the tower?”

“Technically or theoretically?” Tony asked innocently. He
was completely bound to his chair by a dozen thick loops and being towed around
the table at the colony’s leisure.

Sam hastily held up a hand. “I don’t even want to know.
Plausible deniability is a thing.”

Keep reading

!!!!!! SA??m?M SAMASAMSAMSAM!!!! hapylights v happylights 

Oooooooo the gif is fun! Very happy lights appropriate ^.^
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The alphabet shown symmetrically. Source unknown.

no this is a sigil to summon a typographer


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