Jan. 30th, 2017

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보오옴이 왔네 봄이~와~
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steve, you have got to stop being thrown out of buildings.
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I might have to be in class while sick, but at least I have pleasant company.
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So it appears the DHS is … basically saying fuck off to the stay? I believe we are in a Constitutional crisis. I’m trying to parse how tf they’re saying they are going to impose the executive order of the Orange Cheeto while also complying with judicial orders. 

Source on DHS website (x)

explanation of a Constitutional crisis
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I got some things to say.
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HEY (AMERICAN) NERDS: Here is some information on the your congress people and how they have been voting and/or speaking out, so you can easily track it.

I found these useful, I hope you do, too:

538 congress tracker


Muslim Ban tracker spreadsheet (Anonymous author??)


ProPublica’s Represent tool

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via http://ift.tt/2jvB9C2:AZ Indian Tribe That Controls 75 Miles of Border Won't Allow TRUMP WALL on their Land (VIDEO):




Tribal leadership of Tohono O’odham Nation in southern Arizona said they won’t support a border wall project on their land. Part of their reservation extends into Mexico and covers 75 miles of the international border.

The tribe’s chairman and vice chair said the plan was always to try to work with whoever holds the office of the United States President. But, they added, it’s still too early to tell exactly how Donald Trump’s administration will impact the tribe.

Vice Chairman Verlon Jose explained tribal members have traversed their ancestral land since time immemorial, and a wall of any sort would not be supported by the community.

“Over my dead body will a wall be built,” Jose said, describing some community members’ sentiments. “I don’t wish to die but I do wish to work together with people so we can truly protect the homeland of this place they call the United States of America. Not only for our people but for the American people.”

I grew up in Tucson. I have never been prouder of the Tohono O'odham than I am right now!

Same! My teacher in HS went down to the res like three times a week, because they had water stations set up. Because people were crossing the border and dying on their land and they were like ‘lol no life first’. 
The Tohono O’odham and others down there are good people. 
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Can I just say like… I’m not American so I can’t really know what it’s like out there right now, but I am really proud of you guys. Like, Trump - a man known to have sexually assaulted multiple women - is elected, so the women of your country not only turn out in their millions but they inspire women around the world to do the same in solidarity. He preaches anti-intellectualism, so your scientists host database hacking and saving days to preserve data. He bans government agencies from speaking the truth, so they create rogue social media accounts that spread facts even at the risk of their jobs. He brings in racist immigration bans, causing chaos in airports and huge uncertainties in the lives of real, innocent people, so protesters swarm to the airports, lawyers work pro bono round the clock to get people into the country, and people mobilise to destroy him in the high court in a day.
I know this is awful and it sucks and it’s only been one freaking week, but you guys are doing amazing right now and I am so moved and so proud. It’s gonna be tough and everyone will have to pick their battles and just keep fighting and pushing, and this isn’t how it should be but at least we know there are people with the guts and the gumption to do what they can.
You guys are the sand in the gears.
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this is why the world is beautiful, maybe its just me but i find this cool as fuck

“Your kid says hi.” -The sun
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Before Dr. Seuss did children’s books, he did anti-fascist political cartoons. Remember Trump’s slogan is America First. 


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