Jan. 28th, 2017

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if ur a nazi or neo-nazi or support nazi ideologies let this be a fucking harsh message that ur not welcome on this blog and I hope you get socked in the face

It’s international Holocaust remembrance day today (27/01) so you better reblog this today if you see it.
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I’m going to tell you how to make a DELICIOUS FUCKING GARLIC-GINGER BROTH. Because I spend way too much time being sick, and this is a.) quick, b.) cheap, c.) fucking delicious, d.) gluten-free, e.) vegan, and f.) satisfying as shit for your poor ripped up throat/desperate-for-steam-sinuses/generally dehydrated body. 

This is what you do: 

6 cups of water, lightly brothed if you want but honestly you probs don’t need to

1 massive tablespoon-sized pile of MINCED fresh ginger

6 cloves of pressed garlic (I’m not talking the piddly-sized cloves, either, you want the big fucking cloves that are really satisfying to peel)

soy sauce/liquid aminos/some salty equivalent to taste

1 TBSP yellow/white miso 

Spinach. like, just handfuls of it until it turns bright green like Jennifer Walters. Because it’s fucking good for you, that’s why. 

Tofu, if you want. because it’s fucking delicious, that’s why. Also protein.

Mince the shit out of the garlic if you don’t have a press. Mince the shit out of the ginger. Throw it all in a pot. Mix. Heat. Simmer. Throw handfuls of leaves in and watch them die and blossom into a deep green. Feel your body respond to the aroma of imminent healing. Prepare to have your fucking mind blown. IT TASTES LIKE WITCHCRAFT. YOU’RE WELCOME. 

I have a cold and I’m making this tonight, because it never lets me down when I’m sick. It’s the best. 

I’m getting sick and I wish I could make this but ginger is so disgusting it makes me want to vomit. What can I sub / will it still be effective without it?

you absolutely can! you can add like piles of green onions/scallions/shallots instead and still keep the flavor about the same, ginger is absolutely not required. :) it’s your broth. @somecunttookmyurl

I’ve made this with onions and leeks before instead of the ginger and it’s fucking delicious.

I, sick person, am making this right now.
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Keep them with you, and in time, you will find out which are real and which aren’t.insp.

more Bucky Barnes gifs /// more Peggy Carter gifs /// all gifs
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Drax “doing computing”

Is he just shouting at Jarvis from the door?
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It’s time for the 2017 Cap-Iron Man Reverse Bang! If you
haven’t participated before, the Reverse Bang is an annual cap-ironman
event where artists submit art to be claimed by authors for fics (the
opposite of the Big Bang, where authors create fics, which artists then
claim and produce art for). This year the event will officially run from
January through May 2017.

Here are some important dates to remember:

Earliest Art Submission Acceptance: Sunday, January 1st, 2017

Art Submission Deadline: Wednesday, February 15th, 11:59pm PST (what time is it for me?)

(art will be available for viewing a minimum of 24 hours before claims begin)

Author Claims: Saturday, February 18th (exact hour TBA)

(to take place on livejournal, first-come first-served, initially 1 claim per author)

Posting Date Claims: Saturday, April 22nd

(via Doodle, limit of 2 teams per posting date, first-come first-served)

Posting Begins: Sunday, April 30th

This year’s mods are @laireshi, @viennasunrise, @einheriar, and Lore.
We’re all very excited to get started. Keep an eye out for motivation
and check-in chats in the next few weeks. Questions? See the rules below
or send us an email at cap.im.events@gmail.com.

Basic Rules and Guidelines:

Art and fic must focus on Steve and Tony in some way! The end goal does
not have to be a romantic one, but Steve and Tony and their
relationship (shippy or gen) should be central to any work produced.

2. All participating art must be submitted to cap.im.events@gmail.com
by the art deadline. Art does not need to be finished, but characters
should be recognizable without labels. It should include a universe
label or be labeled “ambiguous”. If there are specific story elements
you do NOT want to see in your partnered fic (major squicks and
triggers) please tell the mods in your submission email so that we can
include that information up front. Note about the ambiguous label: only use it if you’re sure you’re okay with getting a fic written in any Marvel Universe: MCU, 616, Noir, EMH, etc. Otherwise please just specify the universes you’re okay with the story being set in.

Art should be original work and should not have been previously posted
anywhere. Similarly, as this is a collaborative event, art created for
this event should not be posted for commercial sale until six months
after the event has ended.

4. Artists should keep their identities
as secret as possible from the larger community. Art posted for claims
will not include artist names and should remain anonymous to all but the
paired author(s).

5. Traditional and digital art are both
acceptable for art submissions. Art entries may include more than one
piece of art, but the art must all fit together into the same story.

6. Manips and fanmixes/fanmix covers will not be accepted for art submissions.

7. Each creator may submit a total of two distinct works to the event (in any combination of art and fic).

8. Fic written for this event must exceed 5,000 words in length.

and artists who have failed to complete a previous challenge will not
be allowed to participate in this event unless a full year has passed,
they complete the original challenge or they demonstrate equivalent
ability. If you have questions or concerns about banning in our events,
please email the general mods at cap.im.mod@gmail.com.

Already put it on my calendar.
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Watch this, memorize it, show your friends.
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searching for that fine line between “i need to stay informed” and “i can’t take any more of this.”
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Have the character have transferred to a different ship and be doing just fine. He sends Sulu messages about how he’s doing. Then respect why Chekov was originally there and make the new person in his seat an Iranian, Iraqi, Syrian, or Saudi Arabian woman. Chekov was there to predict a future where the Russians, America’s greatest enemies at the time of the shows creation, were our friends and allies. Pay respect to why he was created by placing a Muslim woman from a country that America has warred with in the seat. Give her a gold dress, black long sleeve undershirt, black leggings, and a federation uniform approved hijab. The movies would be creating representation and paying respects to what Chekov was there for. Put a muslim woman in the navigators chair and let her fly us through the stars.


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