Feb. 24th, 2017

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some of my favourite absolutely SICK facts about the trappist-1 exoplanets:
- theyre all very close to one another and to their star, so the length of a year on them varies from 1 to 20 DAYS
- since they’re so close, the star appears a lot bigger than our sun from earth, and from one planet you could easily see the rest, some would even appear bigger than the moon from earth. you could literally see the surface of another planet with a naked eye!!!
- they’re tidally locked to their star like our moon is locked to earth, meaning only one side of a planet ever faces the star, and on the other side it’s always night. the sun never sets or rises on any of the planets
- the star is red, so the sunlight is red/orange, meaning if, for example, plants were to grow there, they could be black
and that’s just what we know now, imagine how much cool stuff we have yet to discover about the trappist-1 system
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When everyone else squeezes into the elevator, and you decide to wait for the next one.
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since it’s a scary time to be trans: refuge restrooms is an app which maps gender-neutral/single-stall restrooms. it’s community-mapped, so it’s possible you might be the first person to log the restroom locations, but hopefully it’ll help some people.

please reblog this post if you’ve got trans followers. stay safe.

For my non-trans followers: please consider getting the app just so you can add neutral restrooms to the map when you run across them. Simple way to help.
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Tony gets Jury Duty and finally gets to meet Officer Rogers. Flirting and awkwardness ensues. 
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A star created 1,800 years ago after the collision of two distant suns is set to appear in the night sky for the first time – as the light from the crash finally reaches the Earth. 

Scientists predict that for six months in 2022, stargazers will be able to witness the birth of the new star, by fixing their telescopes near the Pisces and Cygnus constellations. Dubbed the Boom Star, it has taken nearly two millennia for its light to reach earth — where it will be able to be seen by the naked eye. Astronomers expect the collision to increase the brightness of the pair ten thousand fold, making it one of the brightest stars in the heaven for a time. The explosion, known as a Red Nova, will then dissipate and the star will remain visible in our skies as a single bright, but duller, dot. 

You’re not going to want to miss this appear in our sky as it’s a once in a lifetime event!     More here and here and here
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Aliens come to Earth, and it becomes a popular interstellar tourist destination because aliens really like Earth booze.

The whole of Earth is Space Las Vegas?
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Japanese photographer Hot Kenobi perfects how to take action shots of superhero figurines.
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I heard cursive is dying. I want to see who still uses it.

My elementary school teachers insisted that we learn (in a small small town), but when I got to middle school (in a larger town), teachers forbid us from using it.
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Holy toledo I’m loving this! “blundered sentence that ended with coffee!” oh my god. Tony you dork how do you keep secrets. (pls more?)

xD That whole interaction was one of my favorites to write. 
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Darcy, Jane, and “Thor” on scene, and date night! :D
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The French Netflix uploaded this on twitter…….

this is by far the most powerful thing I’ve seen since Trump won and everyone needs to see this


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