Jan. 17th, 2017

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Cap’s bearded half-wolf look is… not his best

Captain America vol 1, #408 (1992)

He’s a calico wolf.
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Ah! Though the wiki entry is a little disjointed, it has a nice symmetry that I like in story-telling. 

The part of the wife painting reminded me of the Japanese fairytale The Crane Wife
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My s/o says my super villain name would be Rigor (as in, rigor mortis) on account of how my hands and feet are freezing cold so much of the time.


I feel like there almost certainly must be a villain of some kind in DCU or MCU with this name. Does anyone know? When I googled it I got a DBZ hit.

Just curious!!

@lightshadowverisimilitude I feel like you might know

There is a villain in Ghost Rider named Rigor Mortis.

Ghost Rider villainess who controls gigantic worm-like creatures. She was buried beneath Cypress Hill cemetary. [sic]

But hey, having control over gigantic worm creatures sounds useful…ish?

Also there is a “Rigor” in a 1970′s comic called Vampire Tales. He is potentially a demon, or maybe a demon-powered human. 

Maybe you can be a demon villain who controls gigantic flesh-eating worms, that you can then point in the direction of the numerous creepos in your life. 
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our new president is publicly undermining his own intelligence agencies bc he would like his word to be the only word on absolutely everything, regardless of fact & reality. 
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Has anyone who plays AVAC been able to open the Hulk’s area? I am level 36, completed the quest line “Strongest There Is” and contacted support. They told me that I needed to recruit Maria Hill, which I have done, and have completed her initial quests.

Anyone else know what is supposed to open this area?
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Is there anyone else who starts getting anxious about going to bed when they’ve been having trouble sleeping?
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Wait, what is this auction? It’s a fundraiser for several excellent charities and social justice groups, organized in response to the election of a certain cheeto. You can find the auction’s tumblr here, and the various auction offerings here.

1) You get to commission a fanwork (art, fic, podfic, video) to your more-or-less exact tastes and desires, and/or recruit one of your talented fellow-fans to furnish you with the help you need (beta-ing, translation, &c.) to make your own fanwork as awesome as it can be.

2) Every single cent of your donation will go directly to one (or more) of the charities/organizations on our list. There are a lot of groups listed, covering a lot of issues (LGBTQIA, environment, civil liberties, minority rights) and they are all excellent organizations that are badly in need of our support. Here’s the list.

3) You can take part in showing how powerful fandom is, when we work together.  We are running almost 700 auctions. That means that we have the potential to raise, in technical terms, a whopping shit-ton of money. But in addition to all the fabulous creators who are volunteering their time and talent, we also need bidders.

tl;dr: you can get the fanwork(s) you have always craved, and help show the world how amazing fandom can be, all for the low, low price of doing something that is valuable and important anyway.

Find the auction page here.

Peruse the auction offerings here.

Please reblog from this post! A term that folks may have filtered for is not included, so they won’t get to share in the wonderfulness otherwise!
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I think “Hey, fuck you, buddy. I spent the night learning to riverdance,” is going to be my go-to excuse for everything, now. –AW

I wonder if “I think you know I’m too cool for this shit” will get me out of grocery shopping? 

You know why, Bob? I just found out I’m a ghost.
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I wanted a new phone background so I drew this


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