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These are good ones


ABO story: 

“Mr. Stark,” Rogers greeted. His voice was the slightest touch rough.

Save as vocal passcode? The HUD asked, the vocal imprint showing above his left eye as valleys and peaks. Tony shuddered – hearing Mr. Stark from Captain America made him feel a little sick. “No. Log it for the profile.”

Meeting in prison AU:

“No touching!” the CO called across the room.

Steve-is-a-cop AU: 

Something about the man drew him in and made him comfortable, made him want to touch, but even more, made him think he might want to stay.

A demon!Bucky AU that I poke out every now and then:

The boy slung an arm around his shoulders. Normally if some other boy touched him like that, it was just to pull him off somewhere the adults couldn’t see, but Steve felt immediately comfortable under his arm.

A fantasy AU: 

“I know you can fight,” Bucky answered, glaring, “But I can’t, not with knowing you might be in trouble. So just stuff that idea, and stay here where they need you. You’ve got some of your mom’s healing touch, and they need you.”


Steve-is-a-cop AU:

Unless he took bribes only in cash and kept that stashed away. He could be just padding his retirement, or saving it up for a rainy day. 


Steve set her milk on the little table beside her chair and wrestled the old window open. It stuck no matter how often he oiled it, and he was sweating by the time he finally got it open half way. The air was chilly and wet from the previous day’s rain, but Mrs. Wilson preferred it a little cool. She patted him on the cheek.


ABO story: 

“And me?” he asked distractedly. She was… copper, gun oil, roses, and black tea. He could smell her laundry soap, the powder in her hair, the faint scent of her body odor – musk, and the sour smell of exertion. He missed her answer and jerked back when she leaned forward to snap her fingers in front of his face. The sound cracked in his ears so loud that they started to ring. She frowned and leaned down to look into his eyes.

Steve-is-a-cop AU:

Tony almost faked another choking spell just to get Steve’s warm hand on his back again, but his phone interrupted the attempt. He silenced it without looking, and it immediately started ringing again.


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