05:43 am

babyanimalgifs: “Mine, mine, mine, all

05:43 am

tastefullyoffensive: The ol’ switcheroo.

05:43 am

The UN Sent 3 Foreign Women To The U.S. To Assess Gender Equality. They Were Horrified.

05:43 am

s8gif:It’s happening. 2 hour finale episode.

05:43 am

lovebeautyawonderfulworld: Wow♥

05:43 am



05:43 am


05:44 am

people: tony stark ditching the avengers for the guardians of the galaxy!

05:44 am

copperbadge: thewightknight: geekybibliophile: emilyvstheunive...

05:44 am

I have gone and gotten tipsy. Ask me silly things for a silly answer.

05:44 am

I have also gotten tipsy! Cheers! What's your favorite drink?


05:44 am

@anvil527up: Honey or peanut butter? Why not both?? Honey and peanut butter sandwiches are the...


05:44 am

gutterballgt: lightshadowverisimilitude: @anvil527up: Honey or peanut butter? Why not both?? Honey..


05:44 am

@anvil527up: Re: raisins and coconut I have developed a thoroughly unfair allergy to coconut, and...


05:45 am

By request! Salted caramel apple martini: In a shaker with ice: 1.5oz of Whipped Vodka (or...

05:45 am

aeorys: confexionery: lieutenantriza: my favorite thing

05:45 am

dailyevanstan: Chris Evans as Steve RogersCaptain America: The...

05:45 am

copperbadge: bioloyg: itscolossal: Octopi Embedded in Ceramic...

05:45 am

leifor: an illustration I did for the

05:46 am

tarsdi: we all have that movie we saw too young and probably scarred us for life.

06:03 am

adamisstillinhellthankstoyou: You’re so

12:08 pm

nihilvanum: thehappysorceress: erin-go-blog: loudestdork: ...

04:13 pm

fuck-benedict-cumberbatch: thewhisperinglady: flowerfistandbesti...

04:23 pm

falsepremise: burning–amber: “How did

04:23 pm

pow-mh-er: 냥발바닥

05:53 pm

baneme:This is my favourite panel

05:53 pm

thieves-r-us: You never know when you might have to fight an...

06:23 pm

Me: not even remotely good at mathAlso Me: decides to write a math genius

08:08 pm

piankart: Flint [lying]: you can take the fucking warship, I...

08:18 pm

suyaki:dream is dream

09:23 pm

swingandswirl: hollahollagettchalla: heckyeahwinterpanther: hollahollagettchalla: I feel like...

07:13 am

tiersein: @rionsanura

07:23 am


12:03 pm

polizwrites: “You’re nothing without the

08:03 pm

usskino: SNL  parody Princess Kirk and  Knight

12:04 pm

arctic-hands: myragewillendworlds: transguyconservative: a-gay-angry-transman: If you think 12...

04:29 pm

shop5: God bless America (X)

04:35 pm


05:14 pm

sonnetscrewdriver: That’s the face you make when

06:39 pm

julia666:Happy birthday Steve! ;3

08:04 pm

thetwelfthpanda: Yall already know how this is going to end....

08:19 pm

shop5: Happy Forth of July – (x) 

08:34 pm

a-skan:Happy 99th Birthday Steve! 😀

10:29 pm

picapicae:Happy 4th of July, or, as it’s known

12:08 pm

pagewoman: Wilton Castle, Ross on Wye, Herefordshire, England

03:19 pm

I am stuck at jury duty. 😭😭

03:29 pm

Some random guy, standing right in front of the sign telling him to take a seat and check-in will be

03:29 pm

Random guy now talking very loudly on his cellphone.

05:44 pm

Yay, I was released!

08:04 pm


10:29 pm

Job hunting, why??


12:09 am

neilarmstrong: 2017 mood

12:09 am

ashantiofmurderinc:I know Peggy was having an emotional moment but did she not think about what...

12:24 am

I've been reading Happy Lights again and my most burning questions are about the biology of the Colo

12:24 am

sweartrek: we hear you, Bones

12:24 am

wheeloffortune-design replied to your post: ...

12:24 am

flange5: I need this to-do pad $8 (x)

01:09 am

I get so insanely happy when people notice/ask about/

01:39 am

mockingbbird: What advice do you reckon they [Captain America...

12:14 pm

stephrc79: the-movemnt: That Rihanna-Lupita Nyong'o buddy movie...

06:39 pm

boredpanda: Perfect Handwriting Examples That’ll

08:05 pm

spock-idic: ohhhh…..

01:29 am

superheroesincolor: Wonder Woman by  Cutiepiesensei

01:39 am

How your state is responding to Trump requesting

12:03 pm

mto-art:I love Tony when he’s wearing obnoxious

12:23 pm

lightshadowverisimilitude: copperbadge: acebycircle: He just...

08:03 pm

kayvsworld: Loneliest passagewayOrbiting castawayBeat your...

11:48 pm

asking-jude: Source

01:23 am

dailyrobertdowneyjr: @RobertDowneyJr: Guess what

03:43 am

houseofhaleth: joyful-serenity: afro-politan: the president of nigeria is about to fuck boko haram..

04:18 am

garzabird: the-awkward-turt: zooophagous: botanyshitposts: bo...

12:03 pm

lanxin: The God Killer

02:38 pm

artingkrusca:A late multiverse steves birthday

02:56 pm

harryptter: when you sitting there staring at a fic

08:03 pm

dcfilms: Wonder Woman (2017)

08:28 pm

teratomarty: systlin: ella-raene: systlin: beautifultoastdream: systlin: GUYS THEY FIGURED...

08:43 pm

rachelhuey88: Suffer with me (Comic funded by my

10:58 pm

Progress on the tiny tsum tsum house, complete with roombas (and...

11:03 pm

househunting: $2,950,000/4 br 5100 sq ft Seattle, WA

02:13 am

😊😊 thank you


02:33 am

rubyredwisp:RIP Nelsan Ellis (November 30, 1978 - July 8,...

12:03 pm

fashion-runways:HAMDA AL FAHIM Couture Fall/Winter 2016

03:43 pm

levynite: tienriu: Guys, I tried this recipe and it worked??? A...

04:13 pm

pixiepunch: grumpycakes: anaeolist: you little...

04:23 pm

mockingbbird: Tom Holland crashes Robert Downey

08:03 pm

angrysmoll: @thegoldenavenger @dirtylarge

10:38 pm

tastefullyoffensive:“Don’t make eye

10:38 pm

knightinironarmor: the thing about toomes though, is that he does make a very compelling point about

12:28 am

musicalluna: musicalluna-draws: @dapperanachronism THE FINAL...

04:43 am

The FCC wants to destroy net neutrality and give giant cable companies control over the Internet

04:53 am


12:07 pm

claustrofobiart: claustrofobiart: Happy MCU...

08:02 pm

jarodleto: “One thing that I do find really sexy

04:37 am

labelleizzy: gettzi: Is there a word for that feeling of suddenly becoming very lucid and being...

04:52 am

I have not worked an on-the-feet-all-day job since HS. I

12:02 pm

mostlycap:I think with a little more mentoring, you could be a...

08:07 pm

aporeticelenchus: starfieldcanvas: If there’s

01:42 am

gaeliam:Superfamily pose

03:57 am

Here’s how you can participate in Net Neutrality

12:03 pm

mamalaz: mamalaz: Harry Potter/Avengers AU The Avengers are a...

08:02 pm

kyraneko: elidyce: thatgirlonstage: fuckyeahdeathlyhallows: si...

09:02 pm

staff: 🚨 The internet needs

11:47 pm

whitedogblog: Neon salesman’s sample case, circa

11:57 pm

copperbadge: My parents signed me up for Nextdoor, which is like some kind of community-based mini..

12:12 am

One of Japan's First Mainstream LGBTQ Films Is a

02:32 am

thepriceismeg: If your default mental photo of Marilyn Monroe...

03:57 am

jeza-red: archiemcphee: The Department of Miniature Marvels...

12:04 pm

itsagentromanoff: Robert Downey Jr


07:12 pm

sagansense:Intellectual shade


08:02 pm

mhalachai: star-anise: Ancient battle-scarred feral cat meets...

02:27 am


02:57 am

prepfordwife: I can’t believe this is only 15

03:07 am

Over 83,500 Vintage Sewing Patterns Are Now Available Online

12:03 pm

baneme-art: Stevetony College AU Part 1And Sam :3Click

12:57 pm

tumblunni: writing-prompt-s: Two magicians made a blood oath when they were children that they...

08:02 pm


02:57 am

theocseason4:i’m keanu reeves running off with

03:02 am

artsychica2012: (via Job offers pour in for former prisoner who...

12:03 pm

madamgyoza: lindsay-irene: Baby otter goes in the water for the...

06:02 pm

supercanaries: Don’t try to down-play my

08:03 pm

dailymarvelwoc: Fan Bingbing photographed by Sun Jun for Vogue...

04:12 am

stevenscrivello: Inglourious Basterds (Quentin Tarantino, 2009)

04:12 am

cesperanza: scifigrl47: snowdarkred: Y’ALL

05:57 am

brainstatic:Remember in one of the debates when Trump and Clinton were asked to say something nice..

12:02 pm

thelittleblackfox: sulasaferoom: Stucky + Stingrays for my...

01:01 pm

ishipallthings: The wonderful @hellogarbagetime drew this...

01:16 pm

pictside:Three Witches

08:01 pm

stevetopsbuckysbottom: the-apples-were-monitored: marilynmay: ...

09:21 pm

What's your "you can pull this head canon away from my cold, dead body"?

09:31 pm

This week has been long and trying, but a good experience (that I hopefully never have to experience

10:31 pm

xxluluelix replied to your post: This...

12:26 am

A New Beginning!! :D While I love all the stuff you write, for some reason that one dug it's claws i

01:56 am

xxxdragonfucker69xxx: alternatez: #OKAY SO THEY HAVE A SECRET...

03:11 am

I wanna know what people assume about me because of my tumblr.


12:02 pm

johnohboyega: You are a good man, with a good heart. And

04:23 pm


04:43 pm

aregrettablehullabaloo: girliegirltm: loricameback: kit-kat-co...

08:01 pm

halfhardtorock: zoewashburne: jewishkarkat: are u

04:46 am

bucky-barnes-security:I was intimidated by my own presence.

12:01 pm

thepunisher: You don’t have to do this alone.

01:11 pm

You're not going to believe what I'm about to tell you - The Oatmeal

01:16 pm

derekplaysviola: Flint’s physicality is so

01:46 pm

xxluluelix: silverink58:Mr.Red and Gold This is a Art trade...

02:11 pm

I just read your Steve/Tony handwriting soulmate AU and I thought it was an absolute delight to read


04:51 pm

irisphryneadler: shellygurumi: Hey remember that time John...

06:46 pm

Star Trek K/S Sentinel AU 1/?

08:02 pm

lyndraws:had to draw my favorite superheroes

12:02 pm

petermorwood: Intriguing images for an Ian Fleming James Bond Novel Fan (i.e. me), since the finish.

07:52 pm

wilwheaton: justinejoli: sweetoothgirl: Blueberry

08:03 pm

miss-m-calling: Flower jewels (glass, gold, enamel, diamonds,...

11:27 pm

Who just spent 30+ minutes getting ready for (liter

11:27 pm

xxluluelix replied to your post: Who just spent 30+ minutes getting ready...

12:02 pm

markruffalo: #nationalselfieday. Science Bros Style.

03:42 pm

Cap IM Rec Week 2017 (Wednesday)

04:13 pm

quentquire: the ongoing saga of patrick stewart and ginger the...

05:13 pm

tastefullyoffensive: (via sammyscrap)

06:22 pm

astrobleme22: One of The Boys Esmaa Mohamoud in collaboration...

08:02 pm

profeminist: therearemanyuniverses: When we say

09:03 pm

I am fixing a chip in my windshield all by lonesome. I feel so accomplished

03:07 am

egregoredesign: In celebration of World Goth Day, here is all of...

12:02 pm

gutterballgt: sevenpoints: iidelirium: captainragtag: hey what if someone invented a machine...

08:07 pm

We know Tony is a woman in Earth 3490... how do you imagine Tony is a lady?

11:52 am

I haven’t gotten the official HR offer letter

12:07 pm

sartorialadventure: Tony Ward

12:07 pm

How are my very early AM (or I suppose very late pm? Early afternoon? Lazy morning?) Individuals...


01:02 pm

levynite replied to your post: How are my very early AM (or I suppose very...

01:07 pm

melinda-t-charville replied to your post: I

01:07 pm

miss-kitty-fantastico replied to your post: I

08:02 pm


12:07 pm


03:52 pm

lagonegirl: Solomon’s Shield is the name of the

07:17 pm


08:07 pm

trashyscarface:uniform upgrade ;)

09:42 pm


12:02 pm

bellaxiao: IM HERE FOR THIS

08:03 pm

cair–paravel:Probably the coolest perfume packag


04:27 am

onemuseleft: Fics Kelly and @alittlethor want for Castlevania:Coffin pornA college AU where Alucard.

12:01 pm


08:10 pm

tastefullyoffensive: He crashed his bike.

08:15 pm

copperbadge: sagansense: Intellectual shade A Man Said to the...

12:01 pm

metal-and-liberty: brbjellyfishing: videohall:

04:25 pm

tonium: mornings with you taste like breaking in reverse.

08:03 pm

dailyevanstan:Chris Evans photographed by Danielle Levitt for...

01:25 am

Star Lord's Walkman with Headphones - Retro Recordable Player

04:50 am

Yooo your fics are amazing! If prompts are allowed I would really like to see more of Tony being a d

05:10 am

viperbranium: Hey there! :DYou guys have been super incredible...

12:10 pm

iguanamouth: lindsay-irene: Dragon-headed caterpillar ayy this...

08:10 pm

one-piece-of-harry: Fuck Rhodey is so cool

02:50 am

viperbranium: kiriei: viperbranium: viperbranium: okay idek where this one came from but like an...

04:35 am

tastefullyoffensive: So gentle.

12:05 pm


08:04 pm

reapersun: superwholockianism said: What about some (tos) old...

12:29 am

foodffs: Smores Brownies Follow for recipes Get your FoodFfs...

04:24 am

mockingbbird: Steve please

04:29 am


04:59 am

somenaughtylad: David Gandy

12:09 pm

foodffs: White Chocolate Blueberry CheesecakeFollow for...

08:04 pm

robotlyra: clevercheshire: zooophagous: taigas-den: birdsy-pu...

10:19 pm

I just saw Dunkirk. I have decided that this is


02:09 am

breelandwalker: changingpelts: shaboogami: Onward, my plaid...

04:45 am


04:45 am

under-snow: jumpingjacktrash: dorkilybeautiful: justice-turtle:...

12:04 pm

christopher-dorito-evans: shellar: 2008 A Good

03:49 pm

slytherinns: Leverage meme ≡ quotes [3/5]

04:39 pm

Fanfiction Work-In-Progress Guessing Game

08:04 pm

burntcopper:Kromlau bridge, Germany, during all four seasons.

11:59 pm

hands and eyes for the WIP guessing game? thank you! :D


11:59 pm


03:19 am

team-downey1965: Tony Stark’s Red

04:24 am

ozonecologne: captainbritish: Artist friends, let me just tell you a thing. FUCK Wacom. Fuck Wacom..

12:04 pm

mymodernmet: ‘Light Painting’ Duo Captur

08:04 pm

dcfilms:Wonder Woman (2017) poster by Tula Lotay for Mondo


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