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Happy 4th of July, or, as it’s known over here, Partially Naked Steve Rogers Appreciation Day!
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Chris Evans as Steve RogersCaptain America: The First Avenger (2011) dir. Joe Johnston
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One day before the opening scene in The Winter Soldier….

Steve: How’s this shirt?

Nat: About two sizes too small.

Steve: Perfect, I’ll take it.

Nat: Wait. What are you buying it for?

Steve: …jogging.

Nat: Where?

Steve: …somewhere.

Nat: Alone?

Steve: ….yeeeeeees–

Nat: You’re going to the National Mall to flirt with that guy again, aren’t you.


Nat: Good. Don’t forget to put your hands on your hips, your chest really pops that way. 
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Generations WIP. I could draw WW2 cap forever, doing what he does best : punching nazis
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Something I’ve been stuck for quite a while and too stupid to throw it away. 
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make me choose: @superbatfleck asked → tony stank’s tank top or steeb rogers’s lumberjack tiddies look™
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But the real reason I had to chime in was that Steve Rogers is my favorite superhero. Why? Because unlike other patriotism-themed characters, Steve Rogers doesn’t represent a genericized America but rather a very specific time and place – 1930’s New York City. We know he was born July 4, 1920 (not kidding about the 4th of July) to a working-class family of Irish Catholic immigrants who lived in New York’s Lower East Side.[1] This biographical detail has political meaning: given the era he was born in and his class and religious/ethnic background, there is no way in hell Steve Rogers didn’t grow up as a Democrat, and a New Deal Democrat at that, complete with a picture of FDR on the wall.

Steve Rogers grew up poor in the Great Depression, the son of a single mother who insisted he stayed in school despite the trend of the time (his father died when he was a child; in some versions, his father is a brave WWI veteran, in others an alcoholic, either or both of which would be appropriate given what happened to WWI veterans in the Great Depression) and then orphaned in his late teens when his mother died of TB.[2] And he came of age in New York City at a time when the New Deal was in full swing, Fiorello LaGuardia was mayor, the American Labor Party was a major force in city politics, labor unions were on the move, the Abraham Lincoln Brigade was organizing to fight fascism in Spain in the name of the Popular Front, and a militant anti-racist movement was growing that equated segregation at home with Nazism abroad that will eventually feed into the “Double V” campaign.

Then he became a fine arts student. To be an artist in New York City in the 1930s was to be surrounded by the “Cultural Front.” We’re talking the WPA Arts and Theater Projects, Diego Rivera painting socialist murals in Rockefeller Center, Orson Welles turning Julius Caesar into an anti-fascist play and running an all-black Macbeth and “The Cradle Will Rock,” Paul Robeson was a major star, and so on. You couldn’t really be an artist and have escaped left-wing politics. And if a poor kid like Steve Rogers was going to college as a fine arts student, odds are very good that he was going to the City College of New York at a time when an 80% Jewish student body is organizing student trade unions, anti-fascist rallies, and the “New York Intellectuals” were busily debating Trotskyism vs. Stalinism vs. Norman Thomas Socialism vs. the New Deal in the dining halls and study carrels.

Steven Attewell: Steve Rogers Isn’t Just Any Hero - Lawyers, Guns & Money

gotta love a well-researched takedown of such lazy, hoary tropes as “Captain America is a monolithic aryan crypto-fascist”

Having straight-up seen people on this site suggest that Cap is an “Aryan ideal” and endorses white supremacy, I appreciate this on a deep level. You don’t have to be going for a doctorate in 20th Century American history to understand that Cap being physically perfect, tall and blond was meant to be a slap in the face to Nazism and Hitler’s wild ideas about racial purity, not an endorsement of it. Nothing says “fuck you” quite like your Aryan superman being a first-generation Irish-American kid from New York who hates your Nazi guts.
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Copyright by 猫咪的守望



※Authorized Reprint.
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These two were such a privilege to work on. The story is one of struggle, triumph, becoming the person on the outside you knew you were on the inside, and a hero that inspired you to do so.
Thanks so much for letting me be a part of that journey via these commissions. I wish you the best of luck.
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Steven Grant Rogers 
by Carolina Lta ( @littlemorrison  / @mycrystalhorse)
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and still no apologies

for ax. let me know if you want to see him as a print by clicking the heart

Ohh yeah. I needed this today.
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For @musicalluna, whose birthday is today. I don’t know if you remember, but you requested this scenario from me your last birthday and then I was a very bad friend and never finished it. Here it is now. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Warnings: Panic attack, chemical attack, injury

Characters: Steve Rogers & Natasha Romanova, background Clint/Natasha, background Steve/Tony

Nat is ten yards away when she sees six AIM agents swarm Steve at once and latch onto him as best they can. She knows better than most that holding Steve down is not an easy thing to do, but six men putting in their all at once is enough to slow him down, enough to give the last agent the opportunity to get in his face. Nat sees it happening but she’s too far away and she’s got her own two goons between her and Steve. She vaults and spins and hears a spine snap but by the time she’s recovered from her landing it’s too late. There’s gas in Steve’s mouth and nose and eyes and Nat screams. Tony and Bruce are screaming with her and a moment later, Hulk is tearing through the battlefield and ripping agents off of Steve.

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