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the thing about toomes though, is that he does make a very compelling point about the mindlessness and privilege of 1%ers – a very very very compelling point and i want us all to look at that critically enough to fully comprehend how fucking Criminal it was – has been – for marvel to let go of the tony stark who OPENLY cared about the welfare of all of his workers. because he wasn’t meant to be a representation of the rule, he was supposed to be, very clearly, the exception. corrupt and uncaring businessmen are some of the most prominent iron man villains. he used to be put in clear moral opposition to them in the comics – which is something that definitely happened in IM1, but IM2 and 3 fell grievously short by not taking its own villains seriously and not considering how their actions would resonate with tony and interact with him specifically due to his guilt-ridden history as a billionaire weapons manufacturer and businessman

jsyk every time any marvel creator writes tony stark as Not Concerning Himself With Petty Things Like Stark Industries Workers And The Concerns Of The Average Working Person they’re hurting me personally and specifically.

supervillains used to send double-agents to infiltrate stark industries exactly because they knew that any employee would be able to reach tony stark if they wanted. tony accepted input from janitors working late hours and he asked everybody’s names. tony showed personal investment in the health and welfare of pregnant workers. tony personally hired ex-convicts. tony got so involved in matters of workplace injuries that villains would intentionally hurt workers of his company to get to him. when his company was taken over by SHIELD, or stane, or whatever, tons of people would quit out of loyalty to him

this was an ESSENTIAL part of the iron man narrative, and it’s also a part that’s been all but lost in present canon (comics and mcu) and i’m not gonna lie to you i’ll never forgive marvel for this one


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