Jun. 18th, 2017

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Lost in the fog of today’s America

If this ain’t perfect symbolism for the mess we’re in, this and the picture of that Russian billionaire parking his yacht in front of the the Statue. SMH.
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This is lovely and perfect, and I would give anything to see Thor and Mr. Rogers together.
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I am instituting a new rule. If you ever make anything for/inspired by me, I definitely will want to see it. So given that tumblr shows a complete inability to consistently notify about tagged posts, please message me a link. Even if it’s:

[link] *screams and runs away*

Because I always, always want to see it, you will not bother me, and apparently we’re going to just have to work around this hellsite.

If you tag me in anything and I don’t at least ❤like it, I haven’t seen it and you should link me.
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Here’s my RBB art for the THE MOST AMAZING IDENTITY PORN ULTS FIC by @navaan! Sex! Secrets! Action! Adventure! Steve and Tony being sad and having feelings! More sex and secrets! 

You can read the fic here, and view the rest of the comic here! HOPE YOU LOVE THE STORY AS MUCH AS I DO! ♥♥♥♥♥
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via http://ift.tt/2sDIZSb:What If (Almost) Every Gene Affects (Almost) Everything?:


In summary: The notion that only a couple of relevant genes affecting one trait–like a handful of genes involved in, say, bone growth for height variations–may be falling into the bucket of old and rejected scientific hypotheses. Scientists are now finding data that support a newer hypotheses that there’s actually a network of genes–some even unrelated to the characteristic in study–that can affect a single trait or disease. For example, the scientists in this article talk about how they may have identified as much as 100,000 genetic variants that affect just height alone. Each of those variants may have a very small or even seemingly irrelevant affect on height, but the effect ripples and builds. 

Or, as a better metaphor from the article:

Put it this way: The Atlantic is produced by all of us who work here, but our lives are also affected by all the people we encounter—friends, roommates, partners, taxi drivers, passers-by etc. If you listed everyone who influences what happens at The Atlantic, even in small ways, all of those peripheral people would show up on the list. But almost none of them would tell you much about how we do journalism. They’re important, but also not actually that relevant. Pritchard thinks the same is true for our genes. 

Fascinating article and worth a read. If the hypothesis turns out to be true, then this is about to become a significant paradigm shift in biology. 
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It’s come to my attention that I have not yet made a post
about Farmer’s Market Hot™.  

Farmer’s Market Hot is a specific kind of aesthetic that is
the result of me watching Orphan’s Black and trying to describe the hotness of
Cal to others.

See my point?

Farmer’s Market Hot is a wholesome kind of hot. Rugged but approachable.
It’s not the kind of hot where you immediately go, “Oh my god they’re so
perfect, I want to take them home and photograph them/tear their clothes off.” That’s
for later.

This is the kind of hot for people who would visit the farmer’s
market to buy some organic cheeses on their way to pick up their kids from
their Creativity Through Music class. It’s the look that says “I’m here to
support our local beekeepers.” You see them and it makes you want to settle down.
You want to do your taxes with them, raise dogs together.

It’s borderline hipster without the elitism and irony,
borderline country without the sound of Tim McGraw. If they’re white, racist
shit like dreads automatically disqualifies them.

Guys will most likely be stubbly, or bearded, but not to the
point of lumberjack. Think Chris Evans in between Marvel movies.

Pictured: a man who wants to buy artisan bread from a stall
and be polite to the merchants.

Imagine a woman with a sunflower tattoo, wearing a high-low
dress and clunky dependable boots, holding a dog’s leash while she waits at the
knife sharpening booth. Imagine a man wearing flannel and holding a baby while
talking about ethical alternatives to quinoa.

Farmer’s Market Hot™.

Add this to your vocabulary.

It’s that time of the year again, so I felt the need to bring this back.

farmer’s market hot

the quality content i am here for

I can’t not post this gif now
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I have finished Black Sails. The ending was. Hmm. A little disappointing. But I’ve never read Treasure Island, so I guess it had to be that way? Still.

@synteis told me that this is a fandom desperately in need of coffee shop AUs, and I agree! So pirate coffee shop AU is on the horizon at some point.

So is, probably, pirates…. in space! Pooooooooootentially as a Star Trek fusion, though not necessarily. 

Any Black Sails fans that have fic ideas?


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