Jun. 17th, 2017

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Rainbow Cheesecake

Recipe (in English) under the cut!

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I am in a chatty mood tonight. Come talk to me about stuff and things? 
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Tony meets bb Tony!


As usual, mind the cut my mobile friends!

Tony could hear the two AIs communicating as a faint series of beeps and a low buzz. They could communicate silently if they wanted, but he thought they did it for their respective humans’ benefit, so it didn’t seem like they were talking behind Tony and Rhodey’s backs. Tony clicked his tongue against the roof of his mouth and examined Bolo’s read-out. The armor wasn’t identical to his, or any of his – the jaw section of the helmet was given the illusion of being too narrow by a wider circumference around the forehead, and the panels weren’t precisely the same colors in the same places, but it was unmistakably Iron Man. He watched as the distant Iron Man flew straight up in the air and disappeared into the clouds.

“That’s interesting,” Tony said finally. He could sense the slight tension over the comms as the rest of the team waited to be filled in on what was interesting. “There is a Stark Tower on the campus with what looks an awful lot like… well, me, flying above it.”

“That’s not all,” Scott broke in before anyone else could respond. “I just saw someone who looks a lot like a younger me chatting with someone who looks a lot like a younger Black Widow.”

“And I’ve got eyes on a Captain America and Falcon playing pool. Well… Falcon is playing pool, and Cap is watching,” Hope added. “There is also a Spiderman, and either a kin wearing a Spiderman costume over a pig mask, or a pig in a Spiderman costume.”

“What the hell is going on here?” Steve asked, bewildered and sounding both angry and annoyed. Tony could relate.

“I don’t know,” Hope answered, “But what I’m not seeing is anything that looks at all like an invasion force, unless you count the penguins. There are a lot of them wandering around the campus.”

“Yeah, one almost ate me,” Scott put in.

“You shouldn’t have been flying so close to its face,” Hope said.

“I wanted to see if it was real! It was holding a giant gun in its flippers!”

An alert flared in Tony’s ear, knocking him out of Rhodey’s display and back into his own. His proximity alarms were going crazy as the tree above him started to shake. He fired jets and repulsors, flinging himself backwards as a shape solidified above him and dropped out of the branches with a loud crash. Iron Man hit the forest floor in a hollow boom, dead leaves and dark loam flying up around him.

“I’ve been spotted!” he called out. He touched down lightly and then shot sideways. The other Iron Man followed him into the trees. “Get back from the tree line!” he ordered. With the comms open, he could already hear running footsteps through the trees. He tossed a repulsor blast behind him, but there was no returning shot as he wove around a pair of tree trunks and into the air. Iron Man chased after him, even more nimble in the suit than Tony.

“He doesn’t have as much firepower as we do,” Tadashi said, “but I think he’s faster.”

Tony broke left and fired all of his retro thrusters so hard that he lost several meters of altitude in the process. His stomach dropped, and he felt a moment’s vertigo, but Iron Man shot over his head, leaving his back exposed as Tony regained his altitude and then some. He ended up above Iron Man with his shoulder rockets out and aimed.

Iron Man flipped over so he was flying on his back. It was an impressive maneuver that Tony only attempted when he was flying for fun, or dire necessity. In that position, Iron Man had to keep both of his arms angled down and backward to stabilize himself, and Tony knew from experience that it was hell on the abdominal muscles, even he locked the hip and shoulder joints and rested into the backplate.

“I’ve never met another me before,” Iron Man called over the wind as they flew together, their speed and courses matched to nearly rest-relative. “We’ve had duplicates before – we’re lousy with Spidermans and Spiderwomans, but you’re the first alternate Iron Man. Are you me in there, or in your universe are you like… Steve Rogers?”

Getting over the shock of it, Tony said, “I guess whether or not I’m you depends on whether or not you’re me.”

Iron Man laughed. “Alright, that’s true. Want to take this to the ground? I’ve got some pretty fantastic abs, but this is killin’ me!”

Tony looked past Iron Man’s shoulder to see that they’d left the trees behind and were flying over the campus. In a large square bordered by benches on one side and what looked like an announcement board in the adjacent corner were dozens of upturned faces. Tadashi helpfully ran recognition and pointed out people they “knew:” Steve, looking ludicrously young and dressed in a tight t-shirt with his silver star on the breast and a pair of cargo pants; Spiderman, flanked by the pig-shaped Spiderman Hope had seen and a young woman in a white hoodie; Natasha in a red bodycon suit with a black motorcycle jacket and red glasses; Sam in his Falcon gear; Rhodey as a young man in a gray digital camouflage and a shoulder rig; Vision in a long yellow coat, and the Hulk looming at one side of the square with his massive arms crossed over his equally massive chest. There were dozens more that Tony couldn’t identify, including what looked like a raccoon in a leather vest with a gun.

“Doesn’t seem like I have much choice,” Tony said finally. He pulled the shoulder rockets back into their housing and rolled right, letting Iron Man turn over. Switching back to the internal comm line, he said, “Get back to the rendezvous and stay out of sight. I’m going to land and see what’s going on here.”

“Iron Man… Are you sure that’s a good idea?” Steve asked tightly.

“I don’t have a lot of choice at the moment, but I don’t think they realize you’re here yet. Just get clear, stay under cover, and wait for my word.” Tony pulled up in a hover, watching Iron Man do the same. Keeping pace with his counterpart, Tony lowered himself to the ground. Underneath them, the crowd of bodies parted to leave them a clear landing zone.

“We’ve got your six, Iron Man,” Scott whispered. “Well, I’ve got your six. Hope has your… Eleven-thirty?”

Tony felt his right eye twitch. “Thanks.”

As soon as they were on solid ground, Iron Man reached up and tapped the side of his neck. The faceplate opened and the helmet peeled back, revealing a face Tony hadn’t seen in decades – himself, maybe nineteen or twenty years old, before the world had etched care and trauma into the corners of his eyes. Tony was so stunned by it that he could only stare, his breath coming in shaky waves that echoed hard inside the helmet.

“Boss? Based on facial recognition –”

“It’s me,” Tony broke in. “That’s me.”

“So,” Tony’s younger self asked, “Are you here to start a fight? If you are, you need to register with Hill – she’s in charge of organizing those things. I can take you to the admin building if you want. Did you bring minions? Please tell me it’s robots! I can make robots to fight your robots. Steve is gonna be so mad,” he continued excitedly, pumping his fist into the air.

Tony held up a hand before the manic gleam in the younger man’s eyes got past the point of idea to activity – Tony remembered that feeling very well, the swelling excitement, the way his legs used to tingle with the need to move and get things accomplished, when he’d felt so flooded with energy and anticipation that it felt like he was going to explode. Tony hesitated, but then reached up and retracted his own helmet.

“Oh,” the young Tony said disappointedly, “You’re old.” He squinted his eyes. “You better not be Howard.”

Tony saw a rustle of movement behind the young Iron Man and Rhodey stepped up to his side. The sight of him made Tony’s breath catch – this was the James Rhodes that he’d been more than half in love with as a boy, the James Rhodes who had befriended him at MIT and spoke up for him quietly among the other students, but never stepped in front of Tony when he was confronted directly. The James Rhodes that had calmed the wild anger in Tony’s chest and helped him move past the pain and disappointment of Howard’s abuse and his mother’s neglect. He’d held Tony’s hand at his parents’ funeral, and nursed him through dozens of hangovers. This young face, too, had not yet felt the crushing weight of wars, wasn’t terrorized by nightmares, or disenchanted by politics.

“I’m not Howard,” Tony breathed. His throat was tight and he could feel the prickling burn of tears at the corner of his eyes. “I’m.” He cleared his throat and pushed aside the flood of memories from the happy years at MIT. “My name is Tony Stark. I’m not sure what’s going on here, but I’m not here to fight you. No robots necessary.”

Young Tony looked so immediately despondent that Tony almost apologized, but the young Rhodey put an arm around his shoulders. “Why don’t we go supe up the roombas so they can chase after the penguins?”

Iron Man perked up and twisted to look into the crowd. He grinned at Sam standing stoically at the young Steve’s side, and then said, “I think I have a better idea.”

“My God,” Tony said, finally really looking around the gathered crowd. “You’re all so young.”

None of them looked like they could be older than twenty-five, and most looked significantly younger. He flicked his wrists to roll his gauntlets back and rubbed at his face, pushing his thumbs into his temples to feel the pressure of it. He couldn’t figure out what was happening, or how these kids could have been responsible for the fog surrounding New York. He couldn’t even figure out how these could possible exist.

After several moments of quiet, a rustle of chatter went through the crowd. They parted slowly, and Nick Fury walked through the opening with his hands clasped behind his back. Behind him, a tall, willowy man with blond hair and a goatee, a woman in a black and green leather outfit that screamed Dominatrix, and a Viking who stood head, shoulders, and most of his chest over Nick’s head. He didn’t recognize the other three – though he had a sinking suspicion about the Viking – but even Nick look young. Older, perhaps, than the kids around them, but young. Maybe middle thirties.

“Welcome to Avengers Academy, Iron Man,” Nick greeted, and he had an actual smile on his face. Tony hadn’t seen Nick Fury smile since he’d been a boy, maybe not since before Howard and Mom’s funeral.

“Nick,” Tony greeted cautiously. “What exactly is Avengers Academy?”

“Training grounds for heroes,” Nick provided readily. He made a broad gesture with one hand, inviting Tony to look around them. More buildings, very few of them following the same style. He could see the golden tower to one side, a cylinder of a building beyond that, the lab Steve had mentioned with a sparking set of Tesla coils on top, behind Tony was a stadium, and just barely visible beyond that was what looked like a Gladiatorial arena.

Tony eyed the surrounding kids, Nick Fury looking half his age, the Hulk standing more-or-less tamely among a crowd of people, even Vision, somehow looking like a teenager. He locked eyes with Nick. Their relationship had soured after Tony’s parents’ death, but Nick had once been “Uncle Nick” to him, had been a friend to Jarvis and Peggy, had been at Tony’s birthdays and the Thanksgiving table.

“Are you responsible?” Tony asked, gesturing behind him to the wall of fog visible over the tree tops. “Have you done this?”


He could have been imagining it, but he thought Nick’s good eye widened at the question before his expression shut down in that mask that had eventually driven a wedge between them. Inscrutable, hiding secrets he refused to divulge even if it meant lives, even if it meant Tony’s life. Tony felt a rash of disappointment and turned away from him.

“We’re not,” the young Steve spoke up. “We’ve been trapped here for…Whew. As long as I can remember.”

Tony nodded faintly. “In my… universe,” he said, trying not to laugh, “the city of New York has been surrounded by this fog. All the probes I sent through came here. I’m here to bring it down.”

Nick snorted, “You’re welcome to try.” He held up one hand to forestall Tony’s immediate response and added, “We didn’t put it here, but it sounds like we’ve been working a lot longer than you to bring it down. We’ve had some very minor success, but, as you can see, it’s still there.”

The young Iron Man snapped his fingers in sudden excitement and ran off through the crowd, nudging people out of the way. Rhodey widened his stance to step into the place his friend had just abandoned, crossing his arms and eyeing Tony suspiciously. It was surreal, staring at Rhodey and thinking how young and innocent, and happy he looked. The crowd broke into small groups of whispering young people, but the feel of it was so different than the times he’d been on college campuses. The morning Steve and his team were supposed to be in Lagos, Tony was supposed to be preparing for a talk at MIT to announce the September Foundation and the scholarships for MIT students. He’d granted scholarships to universities and community college before, had run a smaller program through the Maria Stark foundation for women in STEM for almost a decade. He was used to college kids, but these kids were different. Some of them were younger even than he was used to facing, but they were weighed down with weapons and some of them were even dressed in ridiculous costumes, and some of them stood next to their twins. It was eerie.

After several long minutes passed where the chatting grew gradually louder, and some of the kids even lost interest and wandered away, Iron Man returned carrying two of Tony’s drones against his chest. He jostled them in his arms. “These are yours?”

Tony bobbed his head.

“We found almost fifty of them in the woods,” Nick said. “That’s a lot of drones for one man to come through on his own.”

“I only ever got one of them to come back,” Tony pointed out reasonably.

“That makes sense,” Iron Man said easily. “I’ve been sending drones in forever, and I’ve never gotten any of them to come back. I know I wouldn’t take anyone else through the fog with me if I wasn’t sure they’d even make it through. Did you ever find any of mine?”

Tony shook his head mutely. “The fog has only been in New York for a few days.”

Iron Man frowned. “We’ve managed to uncover areas of the fog that seem like they’ve been just brought here from other places. Maybe… Maybe the fog is trying to take your city and bring it here.”

Tony pointed between two of the buildings at the familiar crush of skyscrapers and apartments beyond the walls of the academy. “Looks like you have a New York City of your own already here.”

Iron Man waved one hand awkwardly, still clutching the drones against his chest. “There’s only about three blocks in and four down to the dock. After that, it’s just fog. The buildings are all fake – there’s no way in to any of them. Doors and windows are covered up by concrete, the manholes are painted onto the street. Out to sea, you could go on forever and ever, but there’s nothing.”

Examining his younger self and all the young kids arranged around him, Tony said, “There were eddies in the fog.”

“I thought those might be portals,” Iron Man interrupted. “But I’ve never been able to get anything to transmit through them. I even tried to send some of your drones. I’ve repaired – and seriously, also, just to let you know, improved on – well, Moongirl I did, but whatever. We made them better. We’ve sent thirteen of them through. Nothing transmits, nothing comes back.”

Tony swallowed and let out a controlled breath. They’d all known there was a chance that it would be a one way trip. He just hoped that their one way trip didn’t spell out the end for the city they’d left behind. “That changes things,” he decided. “I was hoping for someone to punch in the face.”

“Just what we need, another punch happy idiot.”

The voice inspired an immediate reaction in Tony. Snapping the gauntlets back up, Tony charged the repulsors and whirled to point them at Loki. The whole quad reacted, weapons charging and fists coming up. Startled, Loki as a boy just as young as the others, put both of his hands up. His eyes were almost comically wide, and God, he looked like any prep school punk Tony had gone to school with – black hair neatly disheveled, dressed in black and green blazer and matching pants. The only thing he carried that Tony’s classmates hadn’t, was a familiar golden staff.

“Loki,” Tony greeted tightly. He remembered Clint screaming his way out of nightmares, Bruce startling himself awake when he’d fallen asleep at a table, checking his skin for a hint of green pigment in a panic. He remembered the sight of the Chitauri ships through the portal into the void, the pressure of it against his skin, Jarvis’ voice fading out.

“Have we met?” Loki asked. His voice broke in the middle of it, turning the question into a squeak.

Tony looked around unhappily. He was surrounded, vastly outnumbered, and whatever madness was going on in this place, Loki – this teenage boy – was a part of it. He knew that Loki had the power to change his shape, and wondered if the whole situation could be of Loki’s creation. What would he possibly have to gain by inserting himself into a world where he and all of earth’s heroes were little more than children, trapped in an interminable fog?

From the crowd behind Loki, a larger figure pushed past a young blond woman in green and gold. Thor, looking like a frat boy linebacker, put a big hand on his brother’s shoulder.

“I don’t know you, Iron Man,” Thor rumbled, “But if you are at all the man who has been my friend, please. Lower your weapon.”

Loki glowered up at him, but Thor looked even more open, and cheerful, and guileless than he had the first time Tony had seen him grinning at the hellicarrier as if charmed by the futile attempts at technology of his human hosts. Tony looked right and left, and then noticed the specks of flying ants drifting lazily over Loki’s head. It wasn’t just Tony’s safety at sake – if he attacked, Hope and Scott would give themselves away trying to help, and they wouldn’t help balance the odds at all. Without his helmet up, he couldn’t tell them to back off privately, and if he said anything aloud, it would just give away their position.

Tony slowly lowered his arm. A grin broke out across Thor’s face and he pounded Loki happily on the back. Loki stumbled under the force of it, and then straightened up and gave Thor a poisonous glare. At least that hadn’t changed.

“I think we’re on the same side, here,” Nick said after a tense moment while the whine of Tony’s repulsors faded. “So why don’t you ask your friends to come out of the trees, and we can sit down to a meal, and talk about this like adults?”

Looking at all the relative children around him, Tony sighed. He could try to deny that he had in friends in the trees at all, but he could tell from the cant of Nick’s lips that he knew already. The trees were thin, and unless Steve made the extremely risky decision of trying to retreat back through the fog, they had nowhere to go. He pulled his helmet back up and keyed into the comm system. A burst of low, urgent arguing immediately flooded the airwaves.

“There’s no place we can retreat to, and we don’t have the gear or supplies for some kind of cat and mouse game, not with how small this forest is. If we’re going to go in and get him back, we have to do it now before they know we’re here.”

“I think Tony’s handling it fine,” Hope argued.

“Tony is handling it fine,” Tony broke in. “Whatever weirdness is going on here, I don’t think these people are controlling the fog, and they’ve been studying it a lot longer than we have. If we have any chance of getting this fog lifted from New York, I think we’re going to have to work together. Though keeping Peter, Hope, and Scott hidden away might not be a bad idea. Just in case.”

Silence followed while everyone chewed over Tony’s words. He could practically hear Steve’s gears grinding. “If you think we can trust them,” he said with a breath.

“I think we don’t have a lot of other choices,” Tony corrected. “Kid-Loki is here.”

“And that led you to the conclusion that we can trust them?” Rhodey demanded.

“He’s a kid,” Tony stressed. “Patch into my display.” There was a beep and then a small round picture of his best friend caught with his mouth comically open as he chased a sliding string of cheese from a piece of pizza popped up in the right-hand corner.

“Hey, Bolo,” Tadashi greeted. “Check this guy out.”

Tony turned his head so Loki was once again centered in the display. Like everyone around him, Loki was eyeing Tony suspiciously. He looked even younger with his mouth pursed in displeasure and eyebrows knitted together.

“Woah,” Rhodey said finally. He huffed out a breath. “I still don’t like it.”

“We can’t go back through the fog – my… younger self has never gotten a single drone, even mine to get through the fog. There’s nowhere in the forest to hide, the city is filled with fake buildings, the ocean is apparently endless. What other choice do we have?”

“No,” Steve broke in. “We don’t. Alright, Hope, Scott – find some place to hide and stay small as long as you can. Peter, back up in the trees. Stay out of sight and stay on the comms. Keep an eye on the campus and let us know if you see anything weird going on.”

“Cap?” Hope broke in, “I think.” She cleared her throat. “I think my parents are down there. Some version of them. My mother is younger than I am.”

“We’re not interested in fighting if we don’t have to,” Steve said gently. “And once we know what we’re up against, you can talk to them.”

She said nothing, but made a vague noise of agreement.

Tony pushed his helmet back and flashed a smile at the surrounding crowd. More of them had moved away, leaving Tony surrounded by what seemed to be a core group of characters – Nick and his three companions, Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, the girl he’d seen earlier in her yellow shorts, War Machine, Falcon, Thor and Loki.

They waited in uneasy silence until motion at the tree line caught their attention. Steve came through first, his shield out but arm down at his side. Rhodey, Sam, and Natasha followed afterward. They were tense as they moved down the path to the square, and their younger counterparts spread out to meet them.

The young Rhodey poked at War Machine’s tank armor, examining it curiously. “Cool,” he decided.

Rhodey retracted the helmet. He hiked an eyebrow at his younger self, and then finally said, “Tony and I made it.” He gave Tony an uncertain glance over War Machine’s head. “Cool shoulder rig.”

War Machine gave him a sly look. “Tony and I made it,” he said.

“This is going to be fun,” Tony muttered.

“Way fun,” Iron Man agreed. He held up a fist, and then cautiously added, “Iron Man bros?”

Tony glanced down at his fist, and then thought of how many times he’d been brushed aside by an adult, an older student, a potential friend. He summoned up a smile and tapped his knuckles against his younger counterparts. “Iron Man bros,” he agreed.
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After a post by @copperbadge, I bought some True Lemon and True Lime!

And then I poured it on some popcorn. Best idea ever. 

For anyone who’s interested, I grabbed this package on Amazon, which contains a shaker of true lime, true lemon, and 50 assorted drink packets. My only complaint about the drink packets so far is that they are sweetened with stevia, which tastes like aspartame to me. 
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xxluluelix replied to your post: I am in a chatty mood tonight. Come talk to me…

Got favorite fic right now?

Hmmm… at the moment, I have been reading Star Trek fics, of which I have many, many favorites. I just finished Leave No Soul Behind last week. If you like EPIC fics and slow burns, this one might be for you!

Last night I finished @einheriar‘s To Liars and Saving the Wold and that was lovely! I’ve never read Ultimates, but I wasn’t too lost at all.

Otherwise, I’m just trucking my way through the RBB entries for this year. :D

How about you lovely peeps? What are your favorite fics at the moment?
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@xxluluelix:  Anything in the works for us? Especially in the Happy Lights? ❤️

If I happen to have any Stucky fans hanging around, I am about half way through editing/rewriting my Beauty and the Beast AU, Beast. I’ve added 15k words so far, and still have a loooooong way to go.

 Strange Turns is next up on the editing list.

I also have my Incubus AU, Cinderella AU, and various WiPs waiting in the wings. First I have one more request to complete from the last time I opened for prompts, and then I will be back to the regularly-scheduled programming, as it were.
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some stevetony angst(?) for stevetony rbb!! Infinite thanks to @arukou-arukou​ for being patient with me through out the process and their brilliant writing!! originally, there was only the last page but the story was too good not to add a bit more to do it justice!! 

please go check it out on Arukou’s AO3:

IM Ultra by Arukou

Steve and Tony have only been dating for a month when Tony begins to act strangely and the Avengers begin to get suspicious.
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Woot woot I loved the Beauty and the Beast one a bunch you just seemed to get a little lost on the wrap up and the evil wizard/witch stuff so I’m glad you are giving it another shot to add to 😍😍😍

You’re not wrong, for sure. It was a pinch hint that I received the day it was originally supposed to be do for an event. I took 3 weeks to complete it, but toward the end, I started getting very pressured for time and I let a lot of it go. I’ve been meaning to get back to it ever since, and since I haven’t been creating new things much, the editing spree is giving me the chance to fix those things I would have done differently with more time.
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Mountain Ghost, Hwa San-chiuen
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they finally did it
they made something even better than the box where a little cat paw reaches out and pulls the coin in

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Rhys Kosakowski dancer with Houston Ballet photographed by Brian Jamie
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Whoa, I didn’t realize that it was so deliberate, I honestly thought it was unconscious

Scary, scary.

Gonna add on to this:
From the other side of the bar, I see this crap all the time. Seriously. I work at a high-density bar, and let me tell you, I have anywhere from 10-20 guys every night come up and tell me to, “serve her a stronger drink, I’m trying to get lucky tonight, know what I mean?” usually accompanied with a wink and a gesture at a girl who, in my experience, is going to go from mildly buzzed to definitively hammered if I keep serving her. Now, I like to think I’m a responsible bartender, so I usually tell guys like that to piss off, and, if I can, try to tell the girl’s more sober friends that they need to keep an eye on her.
But everyone- just so you know, most of the time, when someone you don’t know is buying you a drink, they’re NOT doing it out of a sense of cordiality, they’re buying you a drink for the sole purpose of making you let your guard down. So:

Tips for getting drinks-

1. ALWAYS GO TO THE BAR TO GET YOUR OWN DRINK, DO NOT LET STRANGERS CARRY YOUR DRINKS. This is an opportune time for dropping something into your cocktail, and you’re none the wiser.

2.IF YOU ORDER SOMETHING NON-ALCOHOLIC, I promise you, the bartender doesn’t give two shits that you’re not drinking cocktails with your friends, and often, totally understands that you don’t want to let your guard down around strangers. Usually, you can just tell the bartender that you’d like something light, and that’s a big clue to us that you’re uncomfortable with whomever you’re standing next to. Again, we see this all the time.

3. If you’re in a position to where you feel uncomfortable not ordering alcohol:

Here’s a list of light liquors, and mixers that won’t get you drunk, and will still look like an actual cocktail:

X-rated + sprite = easy to drink, sweet, and 12% alcoholic content. Not strong at all, usually runs $6-$8, depending on your state.

Amaretto + sour= sweet, not strong, 26%.

Peach Schnapps+ ginger ale= tastes like mellow butterscotch, 24%.

Melon liquor (Midori, in most bars) + soda water = not overly sweet, 21%

Coffee liquor (Kahlua) +soda = not super sweet, 20%.

Hope this helps someone out!

Backing this up from years of bar tending.
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That Gal Gadot has never ‘supported the Palestinian genocide’.

Does not have a rifle with the notch marks of all those she’s killed.

And has stated outright that she believes in coexistence.

She worked as a fitness instructor, never seeing combat during her mandatory stint in the Israeli army (IDF), and the only thing she said was that she wished luck to her former colleagues in the army (you know, the equivalent of ‘Support Our Troops’) and specifically wished them luck against (and condemned) Hamas, which is a terrorist organization.  Her tags then went on to note #stopterror and #coexistance.

You don’t have to like her, or Wonder Woman, or DC, but if you could keep the antisemitism out of it, that’d be great.

I’m gonna need some sources cause I’ve been very conflicted about wanting to go see the movie.

The text is a little small but here’s a transcript:

“I am sending my love and prayers to my fellow Israeli citizens.  Especially to all the boys and girls who are risking their lives protecting my country against the horrific acts conducted by Hamas, who are hiding like cowards behind women and children.  We shall overcome!  Shabbat Shalom! #weareright #freegazafromHamas #stopterror #coexistence #iloveidf”

So one more time:

In Israel, EVERY citizen is REQUIRED to serve in the IDF.  It is a mandatory conscription army.  So her involvement in the army wasn’t really a ‘choice’.  And she’s sending love out to other people, young people, who also didn’t really have a choice.

The only thing she ever condemns or supports their fight against is Hamas, which has been condemned as a terrorist organization by multiple countries with verified human rights violations and who has been known to obstruct efforts towards a peaceful resolution.

She objects to terrorist action and the killing of civilians.  She tags it ‘coexistence’ and ‘stopterror’.

Nowhere does she support Israeli dominance, or the horrific treatment of Palestinians.  Nowhere does she carte blanche support Israel’s actions; she just expresses her concern and is praying for the ‘boys and girls’ who are part of her country’s military in the face of horrific terrorist behavior.  Nowhere does she wholesale blame Palestinians for the conflict and in fact seems to be horrified that civilians are caught in the middle of this.  Nowhere does she wants to free Gaza from Palestinians; just a known terrorist organization.

She’s not being anti-black or anti-brown, she’s not being anti-Palestinian, and she’s definitely not giving a thumbs up to war crimes or exulting in the death of ANYONE.  She’s praying and supporting her country’s young people in a really awful, complex situation and she’s very clearly condemning a SPECIFIC organization instead of painting all Palestinians in any way.

The politics of the region are complex and obviously, there’s a lot of layers and conflicting information and feelings but like… someone saying ‘I love and am praying for people in a terrible conflict and want us to overcome it’ isn’t what a lot of people are making it out to be.  Is she directing her concern in one direction? Somewhat, yeah.  Can you object to the fact that she doesn’t outright say ‘I pray for Palestine’?  Definitely.  But there’s being more concerned for your own people and then there’s what people are making out she is and has said.

Like I said: dislike her or dislike Wonder Woman or have no interest in the DCEU, but the blatant exacerbation of this post and the additions people have made (about her being a sniper, etc) is just outright antisemitism, plain and simple.

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Maroon Bells, Colorado, USA
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I wish more foods were named in the same vein as “I Can’t Believe Its Not Butter!”

You’ve Got To Be Pulling My Leg, THIS Is Ranch?!

Shut The Fuck Up, Are You Telling Me This Shit Is Ketchup??

I Firmly Believe This Is Not Mustard And I Am Horribly Wrong

I Refused To Believe That This Condiment Was Barbecue Sauce, And I Have Been Summarily Flayed For My Apostasy

I Assigned Negligible Probability To This Being Chili Sauce And Have Since Updated

In Which Your Humble Narrator Assumed That The Substance Within This Container Was Not Worchestershire Sauce Only To Be Rudely Awakened From This Delusion By Mysterious Circumstances

So I Figured This Was Jam But Boy Howdy Was I Jumping To Some Erroneous Goddamn Conclusions

this not soup

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to infinity …

Yay, I’m glad you put this up, I love it
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Decided to experiment with this alleged “best chewy chocolate chip cookie” recipe

It did not make a very good dough (really crumbly), and I was worried when they puffed up a ton in the oven instead of spreading out a bit. I was expecting them to be very cakey, but happily they did in fact turn out chewy. A bit on the salty side, but overall fairly successful. I don’t think I would call them the “best” however, and if I try this recipe again in the future, I will reduce the salt.


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