Jun. 14th, 2017

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guys i’ve found my new reaction image for literally every fucking piece of news that comes out of this godforsaken administration

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A Thank you sketch for morricorn ^^ Thanks for the coffees 

and I guess I draw those two relaxing or sleeping a lot .____. they deserve it U__U 

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I have been watching Black Sails, and I would like to know: Why does NOTHING in this show ever, ever go right? xD
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I am working on it right now! :D
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stan lee obliterates rob liefeld in the name of thoughtful character design

(yes the rob liefeld)

“Now that you guys have ruined us, we’ve decided to give up comics and go into shw biz.”
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I have been watching Black Sails, and I would like to know: Why does NOTHING in this show ever, ever go right? xD

myrphys law applies everywhere: if it can go wrong it WILL go wrong, no exceptions

Okay, but… Calm down, Murphy. Take a day off every now and then. You don’t get paid overtime.
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I just got home from seeing Wonder Woman. I was in tears for half the movie: Diana was never once presented as a sex object, she was never sidelined, her thighs shook, and she is a fighter. Not just a girl who can be dressed up in a sexy catsuit and fight sexily, but a fighter. Not one of those fight scenes was choreographed so she could land in an awkward pose that showed off her ass. She is gorgeous but not once was her worth correlated to her beauty. 

All of that, and she was still able to express a full range of human emotion – she didn’t have to be a hardass bitch who could only be angry or disappointed. She got to show joy, and wonder, and confusion, and horror, and sadness, and love – and anger, yes, real deep anger that comes from the pit of the soul. She is a whole, dynamic person who also happens to be a bad ass warrior. AND she could be this bad ass warrior without having a father or mother to hate, or trauma to catapult her into the world. Diana grew up loved and happy, and she stepped out into the world because it was the right thing to do, not because she had a personal ax to grind.

My husband was with me, and I remember coming to the realization part-way through that he was born into this. He has had this his entire life. It makes me so angry, and it also makes me so happy that there are little girls right now who will grow up with what I didn’t, and little boys who will grow up with this as well, who will be awed by Diana and see how Steve treats her.

I had these exact same thoughts. I turned to my husband after the movie and asked, “Is this what it’s been like for guys all these years??” I’ve enjoyed super hero movies, but never to the extent that the males in my life do. But OH. THIS is what it’s like to relate to a superhero on screen. It was inspiring to see a character who was both feminine AND strong. It presented a way of being a woman that I’ve never seen before.

I was almost angry as we left the theatre that this incredible thing has never been presented on screen in my lifetime. Whether we like it or not, media shapes who we are as people. Representation is vital.
And now, I want so much more of it. DC, awesome first step. Now let’s get more of those multidimensional female characters on screen! And multidimensional characters of color! The world is not all just white males. The comics world appeals to boys not because it’s inherently appealing to that group, but because it was created for them. Create it for more people, and more people will go see them. It’s that simple.

My husband and I went to go see it again last night with a friend of his. As we’re leaving the theater and discussing the movie, I basically explained all of the above, and I added, “They filmed her like a male superhero - with the Amazons as well. It was like they said, ‘How would we choreograph and shoot this scene if we had male actors?’ and then put women in the roles. That should tell you something.”

Of course, later the friend had to explain to me that the movie was so successful because, “They just treated her like she was any superhero, like she was Superman. The fact that she was a woman wasn’t really emphasized.” 

“Yeah, that’s what I just said.” 

Both my husband and his friend went on to say that they couldn’t possibly have done this with any other female superhero because no other female superhero has the history, and someone like Black Widow is designed around using her sex appeal against her enemies. 

I really wanted to scream:

>>> The comics world appeals to boys not because it’s inherently appealing to that group, but because it was created for them. Create it for more people, and more people will go see them. It’s that simple.
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i had no idea they were so frickin huge

I love them so much because they’re about as sharp as a baseball and their anatomy is ridiculous to the point of them literally being classified as plankton for years because they just sort of get blown around by the ocean and look confused, but because they lay more eggs than ANY OTHER VERTEBRATE IN EXISTENCE, evolution can’t stop them

Why is no big predator coming and gnawing on them?

Their biggest defense is that they’re massive and have super tough skin, but they do get hunted by sharks or sea lions sometimes and they just sort of float there like ‘oh bother’ as it happens

Even funnier, because they eat nothing but jellyfish they’re really low in nutritional value anyway, so they basically survive by being not worth eating because they’re like a big floating rice cracker wrapped in leather.

Perfect example of “survival of the fittest” NOT meaning being some hyper aggressive, muscular manly asshole. This creature fell upon the complete opposite combination of traits and just rolled with it and evolution was like “well, it’s working, somehow".

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A deer wanders quietly in a church in France.

old gods


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