May. 24th, 2017

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Scientists invented fabric that makes
electricity from motion and sunlight.
To create the fabric, researchers at
Georgia Tech wove together solar
cell fibers with materials that generate
power from movement. It could be
used in “tents, curtains, or wearable
garments,” meaning we’d virtually
never be without power. Source

Y'all are fucking idiots. Clean energy will NEVER be enough to replace the energy we have now. We’d have to tear down DOZENS of forests just to fit enough windmills and solar panels to get even a QUARTER (probably less, tbh) of the energy we can produce now.

Yeah, sure, when they’ve already calculated that a few square miles of panels in the empty ass Arizona desert could power the whole nation. But ok, fracking and the diminishing petroleum supply is worlds better.

Nevermind that windmills are often most efficient off the coast. There they take up no land, impact no trees, don’t pollute the water, and are conveniently located where winds are often strongest anyway.

And solar panels can literally be built into roofs of buildings and in empty areas like deserts. The sun strikes the Earth with the same amount of energy in an hour that our civilization uses in a year.

But yeah, it would be impossible for us to ever have enough energy from clean sources.

Durr hurr technology is bad and I would rather light shit on fire than have clean energy

I can also testify to the Arizona desert being empty ass. And the California desert. And the Nevada desert. 

also…no forests were cleared to make space for Denmark’s windmills and yet they regularly produce so much power that it covers almost all of the country’s power needs. Oh, and then there’s the times when the windmills generate 140% of Denmark’s power needs.

Friendly reminder that oil pipelines are a scam.

They have designed roads that would collect solar energy, and would melt any ice and snow, reducing the need for salt which runs off into ditches and into water and contaminates it, you can run fiber optics through this roadway, also you display warnings on these roads in text, art displays or literally change roadlines to accommodate accidents ahead. And these roads are made of heavy glass, which is a material that is easy to replace and not damaging to the environment and actually (gasp) attractive!
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“I am one with the Force, the Force is with me.”

One, an operative, the other, a pilot. One a soldier. All Heroes.

A continuation in the Star Wars series with an Art Deco styling. Thought contrasting the styles would have them feel like they are from the same series but give it a different feel to stand on its own.

 Prints Available Here: {PILOT} {SOLDIER} {FULCRUM}

Check out the last series here:  //May The Force Be With Her\


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