Apr. 24th, 2017

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Yup! It went from being 4 chapters to 5, and chapter 2 is the “new” chapter, so that’s why you only got the notification on that one. ^.^
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Almost there! Only thing left to do is the background and maybe some finishing touches on the suit!
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.@Marvel’s #CaptainAmericaCivilWar stars @chrisevans and @RobertDowneyJr face off—for the last donut!
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Thank you 💜

I have not yet finished either of these. I haven’t worked on the guide/sentinel story in quite a long time, but the incubus story is still on the more-immediate to do list. I have 2 RBBs to finish and finals are coming up in the next two weeks, so I probably won’t have much time for anything else until after the RBBs have been posted at the end of May.

When I get home today, I will post a “what is on my radar” list. :D
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Hi, I’m your local commie, here to propose scary, radical ideas like: 

everyone should have clean water and food

why not use all the empty homes to house folks without shelter?

disabled people deserve to exist
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What the fuck is this shit


The source, for anyone who wants/needs it:http://ift.tt/2oj2Wg6

From the article:

The Nazis were big fans of Norse mythology, with the swastika being used by the Norse and Germanic peoples, while being one of the central symbols of Proto-Indo-European society, which the Nazis appropriated as a way to return to their roots. Hitler’s right-hand man, Himmler, who wanted the S.S. to resemble a Nordic knightly order, gave the S.S. a Thor-inspired thunderbolt as a symbol. Thor’s Hammer is currently used by Neo-Nazis, symbolically, so seeing a fascist Captain America literally raise Thor’s Hammer high won’t fall on deaf ears.

They know exactly what they’re doing.
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So, today, Marvel published issues of comics revealing that in fact the Nazis were always supposed to win World War 2, and the Allies invented the Cosmic Cube to rewrite history to prevent that from happening. 

That was released today. April 19th.

The anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, the largest Jewish revolt during World War 2, the first urban uprising in Nazi-occupied Europe, begun when the Nazis decided to completely wipe out the Warsaw Jews on Passover eve. Instead, the Jews held out for nearly a month, with whatever they could fight with. They’re honored to this day. 

And Marvel published their Nazi-stanning dumpster fire of a retcon today. 

so how many people on Marvel’s editorial board are white supremacists?

Fucking ridiculous

But no, the reason we all bailed was too much “diversity.”

There’s something more insidious going on here than just “the Nazis were supposed to win” and I think it needs examination.

And by that I mean let’s talk about Steve Rogers, Straight White Cis Man.

A lot of the early superheroes were very explicitly invested in social justice - Wonder Woman fights sexist dictators and empowers women, Superman goes undercover to bust the KKK and advocates for the working class. And of course it’s not that surprising that Superman, the explicitly Jewish-coded immigrant, or Wonder Woman, the female superhero in a world of men, strike out against the power structures that oppress the groups they represent; they stand to gain greatly, after all, from the freedom and elevation of their peers.

But Cap is a little different. Cap, actually, is a lot different, because Steve Rogers is a white man with blue eyes and blonde hair. Steve Rogers is not just physically fit and able-bodied, but an outright ubermensch who can tough out gunshot wounds and knock around cars. Steve Rogers would be treated like a goddamn king in Hitler’s Germany, he is literally everything they claim to love and want and honor. Steve does not stand to gain greatly by fighting Nazis. Steve stands to gain greatly by joining them. The only thing he, personally, can achieve by his battle is personal loss; at best, of institutional privilege over basically everyone he’ll ever meet, at worst, of his very life.

If you think it is an accident that two Jewish guys made this character the dedicated, justice-loving ultimate enemy of the Nazi state, I do not know what to tell you other than that you are hilariously, incomprehensibly, obviously wrong.

This is a guy who could have the bad guys eating out of his hand, but opposes them instead because it’s the right thing to do, full stop. No matter the cost, no matter what anyone else says he in particular should care about due to his own station, he’s going to help people instead of hurting them. Steve Rogers is not just a guy who punches Nazis, he is a promise to Jewish kids that Gentiles, too, can and will punch Nazis, and a reminder to Gentiles that just because they’re not Jewish is no excuse not to. More than that, even. He is a promise to every marginalized fan that yes, there really are allies who will fight for you all the way to the end. He is an example to every privileged fan that real heroism means being that ally for others, that it is not only possible but important and even imperative to defend the less privileged. If Diana teaches us that we can fight for ourselves, Steve teaches us that we can fight for others. And that is a kind of hope and inspiration that most superheroes never even get to pretend to.

And so think about what Spencer is saying, when he says that that isn’t real.

In Spencer’s new Cap universe, it is natural, inevitable, that a smart, strong, authoritative white dude would ally himself with Nazis. In Spencer’s universe, if you want a person with privilege on your side, if you want that person to actually put themselves at risk fighting on your behalf, you have to literally rewrite reality. Are you a person with privilege? Great, don’t worry about it, you have no obligation to give a shit, because no sketchy minority rabble-rouser has brainwashed you with a cosmic cube. Are you a minority rabble-rouser? You’re on your own, good fucking luck. Straight white cis dudes are your natural enemy, and since you live in the real world without cosmic cubes, there’s nothing you can do about it.

Spencer has taken a character created by two Jewish guys to explicitly say “you don’t have to be Jewish to care about Jewish people” and turned him into a character that instead very aggressively says “actually you do have to be Jewish to care about Jewish people. Race war is the Real World and that Steve is a fantasy.”

So, you know. Fuck him.

I wish that I’d been able to put this into words half as well as @bluefall-returns did.
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anyone please ask your crush out like this

The thrilling answer


and the awkward stupidity continues

baseball dude emails ghost boy to study together in the library

bored with airplanes

i want more

Every time I see this there is a cute different story

Oh my god this is so precious and fluffy!!! I can see the Marvel boys doing this so bad lol Steve or Tony or even Bucky at times. @cleo4u2 @xantissa @tisfan @copperbadge @akira-of-the-twilight @scifigrl47 @hello-shellhead @lightshadowverisimilitude @potrix-the-queerschlaeger
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For an idea of what I’ve written so far this year, you can check this post, which is still pretty up-to-date, except for the recent edits to Happy Lights. As always, you can check the ladyshadowdrake writes tag.

What’s on the to-do list?

RBBs! I made the questionable decision of taking on two of them this year, which seemed like a good idea at the time. xD 

A New Beginning, which is a mystical creatures AU where Steve is a newly manifested Incubus who hasn’t quite figured out how to feed. Tony offers to be his guinea pig.

Ashes, which is a kind of steampunk Cinderella re-telling I’m collaborating with @bromocresol0green on.

An ID porn AU where Captain America is a cop by day and a vigilante by night - trades blows with his rival Iron Man in one guise, and takes Tony Stark out for dates in the other. Life sure is complicated. It has been posted in progress over on Imzy.

Things that are on my mind, but have no specific urgency: 

This Meets-in-Prison AU

This random tentacles idea

Nanny AU that semi-recently got a part two

Getting these edited/finished/posted to AO3

Agent Stark round robin @arukou-arukou and I started a long while ago

Happy Lights edits, and new stories.
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Do you know I actually did go in and start editing Agent Stark? And then life happened. Ha ha. Ha. Ha.

xD I know that feeling inside and out!
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via http://ift.tt/2oF3k3N:Arizona Senate votes to seize assets of those who plan, participate in protests that turn violent:







what the fuck is this? don’t speak out about us or we can take your shit away? the hell?

What the actual fuck.


Okaaaaaaay I think at this point it’s time to move past the “signs of fascism” stage to “hey everybody fascism is here, fascism already took its shoes off and is jumping on the bed with an open jar of spaghetti sauce.”

From the article:

(UPDATE: Arizona House Speaker J.D. Mesnard said his chamber will not consider SB1142, meaning the bill is effectively dead.)

But note that every single Republican in the AZ Senate voted in favor of this becoming law.

Okay, so does this apply to the “pro-life” fuckers who assault women as they enter planned parenthoods or just the POC and women demanding equal rights?

Nevermind, I think I know the answer
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To the editors of Marvel Comics:

Many of the letters in your letters pages begin with the writer’s long history of reading comics as evidence that you should care about their opinion and want to keep them as a customer. While I may be relatively new to comics, I think I’m a pretty desirable customer. Not only do I have disposable income and a willingness to spend money on physical books in a brick-and-mortar comic shop, but I’m also a teacher and librarian with the power to get your books in the hands of the next generation.

Until recently, I was thrilled to do just that. I teach at a school that serves a very diverse population and I wanted to expose my students to heroes who look like them. I bought them Miles Morales, Sam Wilson, Ms. Marvel, Silk, The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, various team books, and more. I did this not with the school’s budget, but with my own money (and I of course took the opportunity to read them myself first).

For myself (although I also share most of them with students), I have every issue of Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat!, The Mighty Thor, Mockingbird, Storm, and most of the recent Black Widow and Captain Marvel runs. I’ve been eagerly awaiting Nick Fury and America, and was not disappointed by their #1s. I’ve loved so much of what Marvel has given me over the past few years; I got to see parts of myself and the people I love in these books, parts that I don’t always get to see in popular media.

But none of the above were the characters that got me into comics; that honor belongs to Steve Rogers. I fell in love with him in the movies, with his steadfastness and his sense of justice and his belief in doing the right thing and protecting individuals. I went back and read Brubaker’s Winter Soldier arc, but was too intimidated by the vastness of the Marvel universe to read many of the books he was currently appearing in when I first started reading comics.

And then I found out he was being restored to his young self and getting a new series. I was ECSTATIC. I couldn’t wait to get it and see what new adventures this amazing character would go on. When I found out about the twist at the end of #1, I was upset, but everyone assured me that this is comics - it’ll be mind control or a decoy or some other trick. Soon everything would be back to normal. But as I realized how committed everyone at Marvel was to the reality of Steve-the-Hydra-Agent, I also realized that this was a book that didn’t want me as a reader. This version of Steve Rogers seemed to have nothing in common with the Steve Rogers I had fallen in love with. As a queer woman with Jewish ancestry, I felt like my concerns were dismissed and that I was unwelcome. 

So I didn’t buy the book. I kept my other subscriptions and continued to enjoy them, all the while waiting for the trick-behind-the-trick that everyone else seemed sure would come. And then Secret Empire began.
I don’t know if I can put into words how it felt to find out that according to this new story, Steve Rogers has never been a hero at all. The closest I can get is that it was a punch in the gut, although I feel the cliche fails to accurately convey the strength of my response.

Stories matter. Heroes matter. And in a world that feels full of pain and fear and darkness, stories and heroes matter even more. The people I love are living with a lot of fear right now - fear of deportation, fear of losing access to health care, fear of being attacked for who they love or the color of their skin - and so am I. We need heroes who can remind us of why we fight, why we resist, why we rise above, why we plant ourselves like a tree and say “no, you move.”

Steve Rogers used to be that hero for me and for many others. To take a hero like Steve Rogers and destroy everything that made him who he was, everything that he was created to be…I don’t know why that is a story that Marvel wants to tell right now. Or ever. It is incomprehensible to me.

And it leaves me torn. I have asked my shop to not pull any books related to Secret Empire for me, and a part of me wants to firmly declare that Marvel will never see another cent of my money at all. The other part of me remembers how much I have loved and appreciated my other experiences as a Marvel fan, the encouragement that your characters and stories have given me, the ways they’ve made me laugh and given me something to look forward to, a bright spot in the middle of the week.

I don’t know if I will keep buying Marvel comics. I want to, but I’m not sure you want me to. Right now, it seems like I’m the type of customer that you don’t want at all - the customer who values the diversity you’ve blamed for the sales slump and who wants her good guys to be good, even when it’s hard.

Hoping to remain a fan,
Rachel A. 
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5 favorite characters:

3 OTPs:

Funniest character:

Prettiest character:

Most badass character:

Character I’d like as my BFF:

Character that’s ruined my life:


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