Apr. 9th, 2017

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this still cracks me up like can you imagine you’re 130 years old and suddenly a gigantic alien baby starts following you around

isn’t that the plot half the seasons of doctor who
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Anime Boston stock leftovers have been put up on Etsy! Some I have multiple pairs of, some only 1, so grab them while you can!

Etsy Shop: http://ift.tt/2nt9OqM

God I need another pair of these.  Or maybe I should commission a pair of Red and Gold ones.  Tony would appreciate… 8)
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Kirk x Tension Headaches, OTP

okay so a lot of humorous commentary exists regarding shatner’s acting in TOS and, absolutely, there are some massive over the top moments, for sure. highly gifable. totally inexplicable. potentially space-crazy. there are times in which you wonder what everyone else in the scene must’ve been thinking as shatner got down on all fours and did the pony prance. oh to be a fly on the wall of that studio…

but in a way, it’s the sum of the whole of the character that ties all these outrageous incidents together into a character who—despite all the drama and all the odds—honestly, deeply, makes sense. and it’s the little insightful touches like the theme of his tension headaches carried throughout the series that hint toward the bigger picture.

this is an individual whose entire existence during the five year mission is comprised of shit for which he has absolutely no context, no frame of reference, no predictions—no expectations. simply put, it’s where no man has gone before. no one has gone before. he can’t draw from experience beyond the experience he has, beyond metaphor and instinct and chance and intuition and blind shots in the dark; his principles and his courage and, hopefully, his compassion are all he has. and the lives of his entire crew depends on that: the small offerings he brings to a vast table where he knows the names of a few of the guests but little more and has to throw, say, the dinner party of a lifetime.

it’s humanity he’s representing, humanity he believes in, humanity he’s a part of. but in order to get where he is, to be in charge of a mission like the enterprise crew’s… you’ve got to be crazy. the most innovative and revolutionary heroes are crazy. that’s who they are and that’s who jim kirk is. he’s so much larger than life that everything he does is, by necessity, over the top. that’s in the job requirements, spelled out between the lines of the fine print. 

only he’s also a man. just a human being. he explodes onto a scene and does the impossible and becomes, on more than one occasion, a god, and he pushes himself beyond the limits of his capabilities and physicality basically every day of his life but with all the running around and critical thinking and constant action and last-second bids for triumph…

the guy gets these killer headaches. 

so i guess that’s why i love kirk so much. not just because of his stalwart idealism, the hope and the faith he embodies, how ready he is to show us both the beauty and the ridiculousness of grandeur, how utterly embarrassing it is to be the hero—but because he’s not sleeping enough and his shoulders are tense and his head hurts like hell and he’s only human, and it’s because of that he represents the most humiliating and the most breathtaking truths of our species. we are ludicrous. we are hope. 

Sorry if it’s tacky to reblog my own post so quickly but I gotta give respect/signal boost to this excellent commentary from tumblr user spicyshimmy–it was worth collecting these screencaps for the fact that I got to read that.
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That Marvel actually.


Made a real reference to Jeremy Renner’s character in The Bourne Legacy.

In Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

You may now proceed as usual.
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a normal snowy day at avengers academy

*having reference pic
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Yes! Thank you for this great vid. Please pay attention people!!!

2019 is gonna be a shit show 


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I saw Beauty and the Beast yesterday and I really enjoyed
it, but there was one big take away I had walking out of the theater: Belle’s
signature yellow gown.

There have been a lot of posts going around complaining
about Belle’s dress, and before I saw the movie, I was right on board with
them. Based on the original movie and the feelings that are associated with
that iconic gown, initial images of the dress were a disappointment at best. I
went into the movie expecting to be sad when she came on screen in the yellow

Let me tell you, that I was very much the opposite. The
tried and true trope of the awkward/outcast/quirky girl who’s smart but not
very fashion forward/doesn’t fallow fashion conventions or spend much time on
her appearance/doesn’t fit into the “normal girl” category (spoiler, no such
thing, but that’s a different argument) who gets a makeover and is transformed
into a princess who is suddenly soft-spoken, reserved, and revealed to be oh-so-pretty
now that she’s learned how to walk in high heels and wears make up is near and
dear to movie-makers’ hearts. We’ve seen it over and over and over again, we
know the formula and we’ve come to expect it.

This is not that
movie (Neither was the original, though it follows the same kind of formula, but
I digress). Belle even says at one point, “I’m not a princess.”

Even after she arrives at the castle, her dresses remain practical and simple and follow the same style, despite the fact that the wardrobe could have outfitted her in absolutely anything she wanted.

What I loved most about Belle’s gown is that this: 

looks like
it belongs to the same woman as these:

As does this one, which she wears after The Beast has changed back into a prince: 

Her personality, ‘spunk,’ and fashion sense are not magically
changed because she lives in a castle, and I think the story is all the more
compelling because of it.
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2017 - The #FreeSpeechBus tour has ended, in total failure. 

The tour, which was supposed to hit US cities on the east coast and organize a wide variety of rallies, press conferences, and protests, by and large never materialized, was kept completely off schedule, was physically run (or driven) out of various towns, and in some cities, was never even able to set foot on the ground.

First, in New York, the bus was attacked and vandalized, which took it off the road for several days, knocking it off it’s schedule. By the time the bus was up and running again, it had become both a lightning rod and a laughing stock, generating a social media storm and a negative spotlight on organizers who gave a radio interview that essentially endorsed a genocidal policy against trans people.

As the ‘tour’ attempted to continue, so did demonstrations and disruptions. In New Haven, people even rented a U-Haul, fitted it with pro-trans signs, and pushed the bus out of the city and stopped it’s rally from ever happening. In Philadelphia, a mass militant confrontation took place, forcing the bus once again to quickly depart. In Boston, protesters surrounded the bus, and in other cities it appears that the stops the bus planned to make – never happened. [article]/[video]/[video]/[video]/[video]


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