Apr. 8th, 2017

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I had some more Tony and Peter feels! I imagine this taking place after that “give the suit back”-scene :’)
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What an aesthetically pleasing meme.
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Princesses in Kimono by STAR影法師
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inspired by @ladyshadowdrake’s extremis tony fic

blue light in his eyes. 

i read it before bed last night and then scribbled his eyes on my phone and then realized how awful it was this morning xD took me 3 more tries to get this to work out.

LOOK AT THIS WONDERFUL THING!! There is fanarts for the story!!* 
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- ‘u dont have (insert food/music/restaurant here) over there??’
- ‘wait what time is it. shouldnt u be asleep’
- alternatively: timezoned/clockblocked again
- ‘do u need a hug. have a virtual hug’
- weird slang terms
- ‘i will fight everyone thats mean to u. i will fight them rn’
- vague embarrassment regarding ur accent
- ‘oh yeah i have a friend who lives in (insert country here) and apparently’
- no real hugs :((
- suffering
- fahrenheit vs celsius
- the measuring of things in feet fucks one of u up, probably

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assembling evidence that Paris Hilton is into vintage radios & is also a radically different person than you may have assumed 

Hi yes, let me tell you about my encounters with Paris Hilton.

First time I was at a Harry Potter Los Angeles meet-up at the Grove. I am waiting in line to order food from Phil’s Deli when the person in front of me backs up suddenly. I do the same and backpedal right onto someone’s foot. I immediately turn around, apologizing, when I am face-to-face with Paris Hilton.

My first thought is that I probably just ruined $2000 shoes.

She goes, “Oh goodness, it’s fine!” and laughs. She glances down at our feet. “You’ve got big feet, too!”

I laugh a little, nervous. “Yeah. Size eleven.”

“Me, too!” She laughs and offers up a hand for a high-five. I react automatically and high five her. “It’s so hard to find shoes in our size, right?”

I nod.

“You should go check out [some store on Rodeo]. They actually carry size eleven women’s shoes for me!”

I grin, although my first thought is I cannot afford shoes from Rodeo Drive.

The second time I encountered Paris Hilton was through my work at GLAAD. My work there involved VIP phone calls for membership-related stuff. I was assigned to her during Pride that year, since we had a good working phone relationship. When she saw me, she was excited “to finally meet me.” Those words died on her lips when we shook hands and she narrowed her eyes.

“We’ve met before.”

I smiled. “Yes.”

“At the Grove! You’re my foot twin!”

We both ended up laughing and chatting for a good half-hour (although she did say I should have mentioned we’d already met! I told her there hadn’t been a good opportunity but that it would likely sort itself out at Pride pretty fast). I only wish I’d known she was interested in amateur radio! (Everyone in my family, including me, has their license.)

Since then, I have vigorously defended Paris Hilton to people. She absolutely gave me the impression that she was a kind, good, loving, and generous person. She also gave the impression of being very intelligent, with impressive business acumen.

Paris Hilton also adopted what she thought was a “minipig”, that has since turned into, well, a huge fucking pig. Rather than abandon or sell her no longer “cute” Princess Piglette, she continues to care for and dote on this enormous walking ham. She adopted this animal, and acknowledges that pets are for life.
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so its confirmed canon peter was 5 when tony said “i am iron man”, he was 9 when battle of new york happened and after a lifetime of hero worshipping a larger than life figure its gotta be tough to suddenly have him be your mentor (especially when said hero figure doesnt consider himself heroic and really hates himself)

(someone remind me to finish the tony pov comic of this after wondercon lol)

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