Apr. 3rd, 2017

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Credit: @-UNi— (Weibo) @_Uniiii_ (Twitter) @油腻Uni (LOFTER)
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Intro to the 1966 Iron Man cartoon

@copperbadge can we find this somewhere to stream?
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Hi there!

You can find the Cap-IM Bingo here! It’s fun and low pressure (There’s no penalty for not completing the card, and you can always just start the next round.)

Several rounds run throughout the year, so I would follow @cap-ironman to stay abreast of when Bingo rounds are running (and also fun things like the Big Bangs and Remixes, and other little events throughout the year). 

Have fun and good luck!
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A compilation of stuff I know about drawing Asian faces and Asian culture! I feel like many “How-To-Draw” tutorials often default to European faces and are not really helpful when drawing people of other races. So I thought I’d put this together in case anyone is interested! Feel free to share this guide and shoot me questions if you have any! I’m by no means an expert, I just know a few things from drawing experience and from my own cultural background. 
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I mentioned a few months ago that I had started edits on Happy Lights. They are now finished, with about 13,000 words of additional content. 

Thank you to @arukou-arukou and @sweetsaltygingerbitch for edits, and @kittyknowsthings for early comments. 

I am getting ready to put the edits up right now, and I’ll post a link as soon as they up on AO3. 
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via http://ift.tt/2nUWom3:Happy Lights - revised with 13k words of new content.:

An interdimensional portal opens over New York and drops a tentacled alien in the middle of Central Park. The Avengers are called out to investigate, and hopefully return the visitor home. Steve has been brushing up on his diplomacy, but he never expected to be a liaison to an alien in such an intimate capacity, or that the alien would be so friendly. The unusual visit turns into the world’s best team-building exercise.


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