Mar. 29th, 2017

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Anyone have some good “get the heck out of your head” fic recs and/or “read on plane ride with annoying stranger potentially reading over your shoulder” fic recs?

(Either “serves you right for reading over my shoulder have some gay porn annoying stranger” or “I will be polite because you’re not breathing on the side of my face stranger” variety will do)

No idea if your plane ride has already happened, but here is a good long one!

A Deeper Season by lightgetsin and sahiya

(Fandom is the Vorkosigan saga by Lois Bujold, but this story probably stands alone if you don’t mind intriguing offhand references to previous canon events. Setting is the far future planet of Barrayar, which was a lost colony for many centuries, regressed in interesting ways, and is still trying to bootstrap itself up to the economic and social norms of Galactic civilization.)  

The plane ride has not happened - that will be this upcoming Thursday. I have never heard of the fandom, but this sounds really interesting. I will take a look at it!

I’ve gotten a lot of good recs to go through. :D
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You’re an artist having a wonderful day posting your art to Tumblr dot com. You don’t always get a ton of attention, but that’s okay. But then one day somebody reblogs one of your posts…

You’re super excited! Someone appreciates your hard work. Then you see the profile picture, and it’s something like this…

[Screenshot of a Tumblr notification that shows an icon that looks suspiciously like a white girl in a bikini showing off her butt, though it’s so small it’s hard to tell. “axpgthglewut reblogged your photo.”]

You’re suspicious at this point, but mildly optimistic. Maybe someone likes both T&A and your Steven Universe fan art. Then you go to their blog and…

[Screenshot of my drawing of Lapis Lazuli. My original description was replaced with the text “you want to fool around?” and a link that leads to God knows where.]

It’s happened. Again. For some bizarre reason a p/orn bot is using your completely safe for work art to get click throughs to something that’s definetly not safe for work. 

You desperately want at least your attribution back, but since Tumblr is so horrifically set up you’re very sure there’s no way to do that. 

Except you can!

Tumblr allows you to report copyright violations which includes removing your description and injecting their own link. But how to do this? 

Step 1: Report them

Go to that human icon, click it to go to the drop down, and select “Report”.

Step 2: Select “Community Violation”

This behavior is explicitly against the Tumblr terms of service so that’s where it goes.

Step 3: Select “Misuse of your identity or work”

Step 4: Select “Misattribution or non-attribution”

Step 5: Select “yes”, this is your work that’s being misattributed.

Step 6: Select “yes”, you posted it to Tumblr.

Step 7: Select “Someone reblogged it and injected a link to their own blog.”

Step 8: Put in the link to your original post, the link to their reblog, and your email. Then submit!

You can get it the link to the reblog without going to their blog directly by going to the dash view of the blog, hovering over the top right corner, right clicking and selecting “copy link address.

While all of us here on this trash website enjoy picking on staff, in my experience they take care of this kind of thing relatively quickly (usually 2-3 days). 

I hope this has helped at least some of you, and remember: only you can stop bot reblogs. [insert gif of Smokey the Bear here]

Thank you so much these kind of links are smothered all over my art posts and I didn’t think there was anything I could do about it

i did not know about this functionality. Here have a useful thing, friends!
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Explore 360° of making leaps in quantum.

Your computer can now bend the laws of physics. Most computers think in strings of 1s and 0s. Quantum computers like the one being tested in the IBM Research Quantum Lab, can process 1s and 0s at the same time, like being in two places at once. It’s called “superposition” and it’s the next big leap in technology.

Want to see what quantum computing is like? Experiment with the IBM Quantum Experience over the cloud, through any device or desktop, and you too can test the processor you see in this lab!

Explore the IBM Quantum Experience →
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It’s a baby bat ray brunch! Using plate-like teeth to grind and chew their sustainable seafood, these youngsters will grow quickly into their role as majestic sea flap flaps.

It’s not a squid but guys omg they’re so cute I couldn’t handle it I just texted this to everyone I know

omg look at this tiny baby flap flap so cute and nomz-ing away I FINALLY KNOW WHAT TRUE LOVE FEELS LIKE

It’s so cute I’m dying.
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Playtime with raccoon makes cat jealous. [full video]
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Lovely gem! Chris Ramsay is a magician and (from the looks of the video) a really cool and nice guy. Happy to see nice people like him and his friends being appreciated and getting these lucky breaks. 

And of course, Mr Pine is adorable in this. 

The clips with Chris and Zachary are from the wedding of Patrick Adams and Troian Belissario 


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