Mar. 27th, 2017

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Thank you. I appreciate how wonderfully supportive everyone has been.
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Excerpt from The Ocean at the End of the Lane by @neil-gaiman

Gothic cursive, 1mm Brause nib, white gouache on canson 70lb.

This is such a fun hand to work with, I can’t even begin to describe it.
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*mission impossible plays*
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Anyone have some good “get the heck out of your head” fic recs and/or “read on plane ride with annoying stranger potentially reading over your shoulder” fic recs?

(Either “serves you right for reading over my shoulder have some gay porn annoying stranger” or “I will be polite because you’re not breathing on the side of my face stranger” variety will do)
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im3 kinda fucks me up bc the villian’s origin story is essentially “one time i went up to a famous person who was a complete stranger, while he was drunk and having a new years celebration, feeling entitled to his time, and asked him for his money and his support and he told me he’d meet me somewhere and then Didn’t” and the narrative and fandom want me to see that and go “wow yeah tony’s an awful person how could he do that to someone it’s truly his fault,,,his Dark Past as a Vile Uncaring Asshole has Come Back 2 Haunt him,,,” like. dude. that’s not how any of this works

like can you imagine if this was what happened with literally any other character

some really intense person cornered pepper and a friend once in an elevator while she was out drinking and celebrating and felt entitled to her time and asked her for a favour and she, drunkenly, was like “uh haha yeah, um, meet me on the roof in a bit we’ll for sure talk about it” and then she didn’t go

some random person cornered steve and nat while they were drinking at a party Feeling Entitled To Their Time because they’re Avengers and is really Intense and making everyone uncomfortable and steve, drunk and lowkey trying to get this person to not keep following him out of the elevator, was like “um you know what yeah why don’t we talk about this upstairs in like ten minutes” and then didn’t go meet the guy

would the narrative and the entire fandom have been like “wow what a terrible asshole they are for not bending over backwards on new years eve for this Random Person,,,completely their fault that this happened,,if only they hadn’t been so Uncaring and Rude and Dismissive maybe that guy wouldn’t have become a terrorist” because i feel like nah, i feel like this might be banking p hard on the whole “yeah tony stark For Sure used to be the most terrible selfish shallow person in the world” thing,


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