Mar. 23rd, 2017

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Some interesting reading for a rainy day.

Ambrose Bierce - A famous Civil War-era writer decides to leave his cushy life to go to Mexico, only to disappear forever.

America’s Unknown Child (The Boy in the Box) - A boy’s body is found in a cardboard box in Philly in the 50s. Who was he? [suggested by wlwpanty]

Agent 335 - One of the first U.S. spies was a woman, but who?

The Axeman of New Orleans - This guy won’t stop coming after people with an axe until everybody plays jazz music.

The Ballarat Bandit - What inspired a Canadian man to move away from his family and begin burglarizing a town near Death Valley, and how did he escape capture for so long? [suggested by eternallyitson]

Barbara Newhall Follett - A young writer disappears. Was she murdered or just tired of her life?

The Baychimo - When winter strikes, a ship sheds its crew–and then decides to take off without them.

Ben McDaniel (NEW!) - A diver disappears, and no one can find his body. [suggested by labassistantlucas]

The Black Dahlia Murder - Who murdered and maimed this woman, and is she the only victim? [suggested by several people]

Blair Adams - What is this Canadian man running from and did it find him?

Cahokia  - A gigantic ancient civilization along the Mississippi is abandoned, but why? [suggested by luminescent-wanderings]

Çatalhöyük - A 9,500-year-old city in Turkey had everything going for it, and yet it was abandoned.

The Chicago Tylenol Murders - Someone laces Tylenol with poison and descends an entire city into chaos.

The Cleveland Torso Murderer (aka The Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run) - Who killed and dismembered the poor during The Great Depression in Ohio and Pennsylvania? [suggested by the-fisher-queen]

The Dancing Plague - People are stricken with the need to dance, some to their deaths.

D. B. Cooper - An unknown man hijacked a plane, extorted hundreds of thousands, and then parachuted to freedom.

The Dyatlov Pass Incident (tw: photo of a dead body) - Several experienced mountain hikers go into a mountain range in Russia and die of unknown causes. [see also]

Ebola in Rome  - Did an outbreak of ebola strike ancient Athens long before it ever tormented Africa?

Edgar Allan Poe - What killed the famous poet, and was there foul play? [suggested by anon]

Elisa Lam - A woman, seemingly pursued by an unseen foe, disappears, only to be found inside her hotel’s water tower two weeks later.

Erdstall - There are thousands of still-standing, ancient tunnels beneath central Europe, but no one knows what they’re for. [see also]

Ettore Majorana (NEW!) - Theoretical physicist disappears under mysterious circumstances. [suggested by yachaer]

Genghis Khan’s Tomb - One of the greatest and most successful rulers of all time, but no one can find his final resting place.

Gloria Ramirez - Did “the toxic lady” sicken hospital staff, and, if so, with what?

The Hinterkaifeck Murders - Unexplained noises, missing house keys, and an entire family found dead in rural Germany.

The Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum Theft - Some hacks in police uniforms steal a bunch of priceless art, including a Rembrandt.

The Isdal Woman - What happened to this woman in Norway, who was she, and why were so many steps taken to conceal her identity? [suggested by whalesguts]

Jack the Ripper - Who is the world’s most famous serial killer? [suggested by diepflaume]

Japan’s Ghost Ship Problem - Ships from North Korea keep showing up on Japan’s shores… filled with mutilated corpses.

The Jian Seng - A giant ship is found floating with no crew and no one knows where it came from.

Jimmy Hoffa - A teamster with mob ties disappears, theories abound.

JonBenét Ramsey - Who killed the young beauty pageant star? [suggested by several people]

Joseph Newton Chandler III  - Is this dead identity thief the Zodiac Killer? And if so, what is his real name?

The Joyita - Crew members abandon a real unsinkable ship, but why?

Kyron Horman (NEW!) - What happened to this young boy, and do the suspicious actions of some family members have anything to do with it? [suggested by lavenderbrew]

Lady of the Dunes - An unknown woman’s body is found on the beach. Who is she? And was she an extra on Jaws?

The Lighthouse Mystery - Several Scottish lighthouse keepers disappear abruptly.

The Lost Colony (on Roanoke Island) - A bunch of white people decide to try and colonize an island and it doesn’t go well.

The Lost Dutchman Mine - In unforgiving territory lies a lost treasure just waiting to be found–if you don’t die first.

The Lost Nazi Plunder - The nazis stole hoards of important items, including art and cultural artifacts. Where are they now? [see also]

Martha Philips (NEW!) - Who assassinated this Jewish single mother? [suggested by fuck-enterprise]

The Mary Celeste - A sailing ship in working order is found, still at sea, without a crew.

Maura Murray - What happened to this young nursing student, who suddenly left school and her car? [suggested by deanclift]

Monsieur Chouchani - Who was this mysterious Jewish teacher and mentor of Elie Weisel who dressed like a vagabond?

The Oakville Blobs - Gelatinous blobs of an unknown substance rain from the sky.

The Original Nightstalker (aka the Golden State Killer) - A very, very bad man tormented California in the 70s and 80s, and we don’t know who he is. [suggested by thesmallestbird]

The Paris Catacombs - A seemingly infinite series of tunnels filled with bones, artwork, and missing explorers. [see also]

The Phaistos Disc - A mysterious disc, thousands of years old and covered in strange symbols, is found in Crete.

Rongorongo - An undecifered set of glyphs from Easter Island, possibly a completely independent language.

The Sodder Children - What happened to five of this family’s children when a fire consumed their home? And why weren’t there any bodies? [suggested by deanclift]

The Tamam Shud Case (tw: photo of a dead body) - A body shows up on a beach in Australia, and how it got there is wrapped in mystery and lies.

Tarrare - A man who couldn’t stop eating, anything and everything.

UVB-76 - A strange radio station in Russia broadcasts a constant buzz, broken only by strange readings of names and numbers.

The Villisca Axe Murders - A killer with an axe terrorizes Iowa more than 100 years ago, and the murders remain unsolved to this day. [suggested by several people]

The Voynich Manuscript - An unbreakable code in an ancient manuscript full of strange drawings–what’s not to like?

The Woman in the Tree (aka Who Put Bella in the Wych Elm?) - A body turns up stuffed into a tree trunk, becomes a local rallying cry.

The Wow! Signal - A strong radio signal from space still has researchers stunned and baffled.

The Zodiac Killer - Who is the cryptic killer behind a rash of murders? (Other than Ted Cruz.) [suggested by several people]

(These are the most reliable unsolved stories I could find. There are many others that require more sources to be believed or already have very plausible answers.)

Know a good one that isn’t listed? Let me know!
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He rather use the same amount of money to play golf than provide poor people with food. That’s all you need to know about America’s President.

it’s really such an important statistic that meals on wheels needs 3 million to run for an entire year and he’s spent that eight times over since he took office AND he wants to defund it??? i just????????????????

*leans over* And guess where he’s spending all that tax money for transport, play, and all his secret service agents pay for hotel rooms for the stay… that’s right. At *Trump* branded hotels and golf courses. The ones he still owns.
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*sound of someone screaming*

Shield agent: what was that?!

Steve Rogers: Wasp breaking someone’s kneecaps.

Shield agent: why?

Steve Rogers: they were probably talking shit about Tony. She’s real defensive of him.

In which all of us are Janet Van Dyne.
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It is many years in the future. A disease has wiped out 90% of the men on earth. Marriage is illegal and men are encouraged to breed with as many women as possible. Life is easy… until you fall in love.

Because same-sex marriage is not a thing, and we definitely couldn’t figure out how to use a sperm bank, or how cloning could save our species, and definitely no one was pregnant at the time of this catastrophe. We all know there are no smart women in STEM at all who could figure this out. All the women walk around barefoot in our aprons, dazed, unsure of how to function now that The Men are gone. Who will open our jars???

Oh, wait
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These two were such a privilege to work on. The story is one of struggle, triumph, becoming the person on the outside you knew you were on the inside, and a hero that inspired you to do so.
Thanks so much for letting me be a part of that journey via these commissions. I wish you the best of luck.
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i was asked to draw that mysterious time vegeta mentioned about hugging trunks as a baby so there you go

Why yes,I did read this in TFS voices

@stupidoomdoodles transcends this plane

“Should I drop him? NO! What if he hits his head and becomes like Kakarot?!”

I think that was probably my favorite thing out of the entire comic. That, and the art is awesome!

Also, poor Gohan. :p

This is so awesome ;D


oh gohan, you know why. you made vegie feel Emotions and that’s unforgivable


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