Mar. 20th, 2017

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Rhodey: What the heck are you doing to my armor?
Tony: Okay, so first off this is your fault for having Transformer's bedsheets in COLLEGE! But also who wouldn't want their crime fighting robo-suit to turn into a badass Corvette?
Rhodey: ...
Rhodey: Oh my god Tony, what the HELL!

Rhodey: Okay fine, but we’re turning it into a Hummer. Corvette’s are completely show-off-y, uselss, mid-life crisis cars.Tony: I’m just going to pretend I didn’t hear that, Honey Bear.

Thank you guys for the prompts and so sorry for the wait! This definitely got a little more intense than my original plan… :P But no regrets! Here is the Sciencelings’ attempt at an (ill-advised) birthday present. They tried
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MIT’s admissions teaser features the new Iron Man — a black female superhero

i woke up to this nice surprise. the admissions department at MIT has made a riri williams movie. i love it more than i love john wick!
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fyi, if you are looking for a particular post in your blog and only remember a certain word or phrase, you can always do this:

you’ve saved many lives

also if you want to cross-search your tags, try /search/tagone+tagtwo

it has helped me find so many things

The irony being that this is the post I’d lost.
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I am in some kind of mood today.

My package of peppercorn turkey breast says, “Bold flavor!” As many such packages of things which are edible and presumably do not taste like cardboard are wont to do.

“Good for fucking you, buddy,” I say, tearing the package open.
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I’m watching Iron Fist. I know this has been said by everyone, but:

Danny Rand is the textbook definition of the spoiled Whiteboy who appropriates an Asian culture, proclaims to follow the belief system, but only uses it when and where it suits him. 

One minute he’s sagely stating that he doesn’t need material possession or comforts (i.e. the thing with the shoes), and then the next he’s screaming in someone’s face that he’s not going to let them take away what’s his, what was also meant to be his. 

One minute he’s returning two dollars someone put in his cup on the sidewalk, saying that he wasn’t asking for money. The next he’s pointing out that he’s a billionaire, excuse you, not a millionaire, and cavalierly buying a building so he can waive someone’s rent when she already refused to let him pay her rent. 

One minute he tells his lady love interest that he’s taken a vow of chastity. He says it as though it’s a matter of course, that obviously he took a vow of chastity, seriously who doesn’t? Later that night he’s in her bed. 

I get that from the plot perspective he was indoctrinated by the monks and he’s now rebelling against what he was taught, but still has so many of those ideals drilled deeply into him - I understand. I also understand that a strong theme in the plot is that he is in dereliction of duty. If he wasn’t also A Whiteboy, that would be an interesting aspect to explore. But this reads so much more like Anime-Lover Dude (or Dudette) who decides he wants to be a ninja after watching too much Naruto.

P.S. Claire Temple is amazing. Just saying.


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