Mar. 14th, 2017

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If you think your genetics are your own personal beeswax, think again. Amidst all the hoopla surrounding the Affordable Care Act this week, the House GOP quietly pushed forward a bill – HR 1313 – that would make it legal for employers to demand genetic testing from workers. Workers who refuse could be penalized for thousands of dollars.

On Wednesday, a House committee approved the bill with “all 22 Republicans supporting it and all 17 Democrats opposed,” according to Business Insider.

This bill actually allows employers to include genetic testing in any (ostensibly voluntary) employee wellness programs they offer. If employees refuse to take part in these programs they can be forced to pay 30-50% more for health insurance. The original rule that penalizes workers for not taking part in these invasive programs is part of Obamacare this just ads genetic testing to it.

hello eugenics my old friend

i’ve come to visit you again

Because a law that’s really creepy

has repercussions we’ve already seenit’s called “american eugenics led the nazis to their plans no seriously we came up with this shit and didn’t actually stop until the seventies”“and it directly targets the poor and minorities and disabled people and hey you know what’s really not cool is forced sterilizations which totally happened until 2010 in california”

“and- you know what, this song parody got derailed ages ago but hey seriously this is bad. 

this was invasive under the ACA but adding genetic testing takes it a step further. It can impact your entire family and absolutely will be used to punish people for existing 

fuck this 
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“W-w-w-where’d you learn to negotiate?”

“I wonder.”
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captain america: the winter babbu

Sooo here’s the deal. I obvsly wasn’t going to subject a child to torture, so I had to spend a long time deciding how to tone down the winter soldier’s origins without destroying them, which landed me at “dr. zola invents worlds first brainwashing candy”. It ended up being no less creepy, I know, but atleast the poor thing is not getting physically harmed and atleast he has toysies. It makes sense in the babbu world.

I’m going to do more panels of this obvsly, but thought i’d start somewhere today lolol .u. enjoy
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via replied to your post “This sounds really cool! Get to know the author: 4, 5, 16, 25”

Thanks for answering - I’m really intrigued by the “Never for the Dragon” story, but the tags and intro give me pause. I don’t want spoilers, but could you please let me know if the ‘body horror’ tag includes anything about eyes? Anything medical and/or torture including eyeballs is a hard squick for me and I can’t read it. Thank you!

Sorry it took a little while to get back to you - dealing with a family emergency. :( 

I was honestly on the fence about including the body horror tag at all, but I figured better safe than sorry. 

It does not include anything about the eyes - and I’m right there with you on that one!


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