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someone turn this into a fic, i’ll pay you with my endless love

Steve accidentally sends the dick pic, then gets called to the boss’s office. Wonder how that will go?

“If I’d known he was the boss I wouldn’t have done it!” Steve was aware that his tone was rapidly leaving “hushed whisper” in the dust and careening straight into the territory of “frantic wail” but it was either shatter Bucky’s eardrums or die right there in his cubicle of a heart attack.

“Done what?” Bucky’s voice was a raspy growl in his ear, made even rougher by exasperation. Bucky had gotten home just as Steve was leaving for the office, which means he’d had about fifteen minutes of sleep before Steve called him.

Six times. In a row. Look, if Steve couldn’t demand his best friend’s attention as his life was about to go down in flames - humiliating flames - then what was even the point of having a best friend? If Bucky wanted a good night’s sleep he should have been friends with someone less socially awkward.

Steve risked straightening up, peeking over the top of his cubicle. The boss was still standing up at the head of the department, talking to Steve’s manager. Phil was rolling his eyes, but he was smiling as he did it, so the boss dropping by couldn’t have been too apocalyptic. “Remember that guy I told you about? From last night? He gave me his number?”

“Um.” Bucky grunted a little. “Ah. The guy with the great ass?”

Steve pinched the bridge of his nose. “That’s all you retained?”

“Steve, I swear to god, if you aren’t literally about to die-”

“I sent him a picture,” Steve said. “Of me.”

“So?” Bucky heaved a heavy sigh and Steve could hear the sound of his box springs creaking as Bucky apparently gave up on going back to sleep. “So you sent him a selfie. Big deal. You’re not a teenager on the web and he already knew what you looked like anyway.”

“It wasn’t a picture of my face,” Steve hissed.

There’s a long blank moment of silence and then a burst of laughter that would have done a Disney villain proud. Steve ground his teeth for a long minute as Bucky gasped for breath only to start himself off again. 

“Oh my - oh my god.” Bucky dragged in a ragged breath and ruined it by cackling again. “You sent - Steve Rogers sent a stranger a dick pic!” He blew air out in a heavy puff. “Oh, god, Stevie, this is the best thing you’ve ever done for me. Look, I gotta go, I gotta call Tasha.”

“Bucky!” Steve snapped, then immediately lowered his voice. “Bucky, the guy from last night is my boss!”

“Wait, you mean-”

“The guy who just bought the studio and saved us all from unemployment. The guy who pays my salary, which we need to make rent. That guy.”

Bucky huffed. “Well, it’s not like it was unsolicited. Maybe he’ll give you a raise.”

“I am not going to seduce the new owner for money!”

The other side of the phone dissolved into laughter again.

“I hate you,” Steve said, and hung up.

“Am I interrupting?”

Steve jumped half a foot in the air and stumbled back into the wall of the cubicle. “Holy-”

The new owner - Steve’s new boss - was standing just outside the cubicle. He had one arm draped over the top of the wall, hip cocked out a little, watching Steve flounder with a little grin that wrinkled the corners of his eyes.

He was just as fucking pretty this morning as he’d been last night and it was extremely unfair. He was wearing a charcoal suit with a vivid ruby-red button up shirt that clung to his chest in a way that left Steve feeling vaguely jealous of a piece of material. He was Steve’s height but slimmer in the shoulders and chest and Steve knew for a fact that his hands would fit perfectly over his hipbones.

“Sir. I mean- Um.” He flailed mentally (and a little bit physically as he tried to push away from the cubicle wall without shoving the whole thing over onto Kitty in the next cube) trying to remember what the hell the new owner’s name was. He’d known it yesterday, he was sure of that, before he’d realized that Tony-Something the new boss was also Tony-hot-ass-who-gave-Steve-his-number.

Oh god, don’t say that out loud, Rogers. Steve steadied himself and held his hands carefully at his side. “Sir,” he said finally, figuring that was as safe as it was going to get.

“Can we talk?” Tony tipped his head toward the conference room. “Just a minute or two, if you’re at a good stopping place?”

It was 9:24 in the morning and it was painfully obvious Steve had done jackshit since arriving in the office besides flip out over his incredibly poor decision making skills. “Sure,” he said. “Yeah, I can. Let’s go.”

He shot a look at Phil as he followed Tony across the hall but his boss just raised both hands in a helpless gesture. The smirk was killing the effect, though. 

Phil’s sheer delight in Steve’s plight was still a better choice than turning his gaze forward and running the risk of staring at his new boss’s ass so Steve just narrowed his eyes and plotted how he’d pay Phil back for enjoying this so much.

Tony closed the conference room door behind them, assuring they couldn’t be overheard, at least, though the glass-walled room is not where Steve would have chosen to have this conversation. “So, look, I guess you know why I wanted us to talk?”

“Because I accidentally sent you a dick pic,” Steve blurted out and immediately dropped his head into his hands. Jesus, he’d just said “dick pic” to his new boss. He could feel his face turning red. He was going to look like a human tomato in about five seconds.

“Oh,” Tony said. There was a moment of silence, during which Steve refused to look up. “Ah. Well. That makes this awkward then, doesn’t it?”

“It wasn’t awkward before?” Steve asked, aware his voice sounded more than a little plaintive.

“I, ah.” There’s an awkward pause and Steve risked looking up. Tony was running a hand through his hair and the wicked curve of his smile had gone rueful. “I didn’t realize it was an accident. The picture. I thought it was meant for me.” He clapped his hands together in front of him. “But, hey. No harm no foul! I guess this simplifies our working relationship a little.”

Did he sound… disappointed? 

Steve licked his lips and considered his options. Tony-Something had just given him an easy out from an awkward situation. But Tony-hot-ass-who-gave-Steve-his-number had been… a lot of fun. And the first person in a long, long time who made Steve want to take a chance on falling in love again.

Steve drew in a deep breath. “It was for you. Well-” He forced himself to meet Tony’s eyes. “Well, I mean. I didn’t know you were this Tony when we met last night. That part is totally awkward. But the rest of it was. Kind of nice.”

The smile on Tony’s face widened just a touch at the corners and god the man’s face was so expressive. Steve wanted to sketch him. And then see what other expressions he could make him have.

“So, obviously it’s a little weird that I’m your boss,” Tony said. “But there are ways around that, if you want to give this a shot? I already talked to Phil and warned him we knew each other. And I don’t handle the hiring and firing and promoting, actually, that’s HR and Phil, really. They don’t let me fire anyone except engineers.”

“I like the sound of that.” Steve said. “Well, not the firing. Or the part where Phil now thinks I’ve had sex with the owner. That sounds terrible. But I had fun last night. And-” He was blushing red again, he could feel it on his neck and chest. “I don’t just send pictures like that to anyone, you know.”

Tony smiled and his eyes were glittering with laughter. “I’ll text you. Maybe we can make dinner plans?”

“I’d like that.” Steve grinned past the blush. “I get off at 6, but you probably knew that.”

“You’ll get off a lot more often than that if I have my say,” Tony said with a toothy grin, then he was striding out of the conference room before the impact of his words really struck.

Steve sat there for another long minute, willing the blush to fade while several of his coworkers took turns staring at him through the glass walls.


When he finally finished fended off Phil’s long-winded lecture on workplace sexual harassment, complete with a lengthy and entirely too detailed description of what a “red light” touch was (Steve would appreciate the man’s concern, but he’d known Phil for more than ten years, since Afghanistan, and the man was enjoying all of this entirely too much) he made it back to his cubicle just in time for lunch. 

He was supposed to be meeting Kitty in the lobby to take some of the interns out for curry, so he grabbed his phone and wallet out of his desk. He had a bunch of missed texts, mostly just Bucky mocking him, but he stopped dead in the middle of the hallway when he saw the most recent one.

It was from Tony, a close up shot. His shirt was unbuttoned and his pants undone. One hand was pressed flat against his stomach, the tips of his fingers just barely dipping under the waistband of what looked like silk boxers. Steve could see the trail of thick dark curls that trailed down his belly and suddenly curry was the last thing on his mind.

He tapped out a quick reply - “I’m not the only one who’ll be getting off at 6 today.” - then shut his phone off before he could embarrass himself and ran to meet the others. 
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Hey Guys! So Marvel is out of control. The fact that they gave this asshole a voice to turn Steve Rogers into a Nazi is horrifying. It’s also worth noting that he’s the asshole behind the whole “M-Word” thing from Uncanny Avengers. 

and now, they’re having Magneto team up with Hydra. No, shut up, I DON’T CARE if it’s just a media plug it is horrifying and I am disgusted. There is no reason to even tiptoe around it, this is wrong and it needs to stop. 

SO HERE’S SOME CONTACT INFO FOR MARVEL. Please write letters, e-mails, tweets, call if you’re able because fuck you, Marvel. Tell Marvel This Is Not Okay.

You Can Use This Form to submit feedback through the Marvel Site

And here through the Disney site

Call the “General Help” Phone Number at 212-576-4000.

Axel Alonso, Editor in Chief at Marvel:

Spidey office:

****X office:

****Heroes office:

Hulk, Ultimate & All Ages office:

Media Relations V.P. through Dan Klores Communications: 

Send letters to the Corporate Headquarters: 
Marvel Entertainment, LLC
135 W. 50th Street
New York, NY 10020

President Dan Buckley:

Twitter: @JoeQuesada, @AxelAlonsoMarv, @StanLee, 

This is the number listed for Isaac Perlmutter, senior executive of Marvel, who immigrated from Israel : 1-212-576-4000

I’d recommend not contacting Nick Spencer directly, especially via tweet, because he’s a giant baby who whines a lot when people call his dumbass ideas dumbass and he’s just a giant headache you don’t need to deal with.
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there’s a difference between someone asking for help/venting & using you as a dumping ground for their problems. if they never ask you how you are doing & completely disregard your feelings, they are using you. if they drain your energy, always make you anxious, & seem to not care how you are feeling, they are exhibiting toxicity which is very unfair to you.
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Morning Joe covers the statements of White House advisor, Stephen Miller.

Here you go.

The nazis you elected is outright stating their power is absolute.

Not quite. They’re stating they want their power to be absolute, and throwing a hissy fit that it isn’t.

Let’s keep up the pressure, so it doesn’t BECOME absolute.



Miller’s history in debate / student activities at Duke University indicate he’s the exact sort off asshole you punch when they try to get a public stage for the exact same set of reasons you punch Nazis**:

* He’s a racist, sexist, hateful bigot. You name it he probably hates it. He probably hates your dog. He definitely hates your cat.

* He’s NOT coming to the debate in good faith. He’s there to push the bounds of reality to fit the world that would enable his hate.
He doesn’t actually believe what he’s saying and he’s not experiencing cognitive dissonance. He knows what he’s saying is out of bounds… but it’s what he want’s to establish as in-bounds so he acts as if it’s true in an attempt to establish for others that ‘clearly it must be true!’ Or at least should be considered because ‘why else would he believe it so strongly?!’ It’s the same techniques he used in high school and at Duke. And it works if given enough time and repetition and polite consideration by others in public.

He is simply not at this debate for the same reasons others are. He’s not there to answer questions or make convincing arguments or listen to your convincing arguments. He’s not trying to win others over to his side - he’s trying to change the standards his arguments will be judged by in the future. Pointing out reality or logic will bounce off him because he knows reality and that’s not the point of why he’s there.
Normally, if this were a rational discussion it would be so laughably out of bounds it wouldn’t be under consideration at all. By letting him speak you let him establish his position as one that can be rationally debated in public - which is what he wanted in the first place.
** FWIW: these two requirements are what I use as my personal metric for “reasons to punch” or at least to shout down Nazis if they occur in public discourse. One without the other is distasteful but at least not actively dangerous. Combined? That’s fucking dangerous. It’s why CNN standing up to Conway and refusing to have her on shows after her repeated attempts to do this as well - is a good thing. It’s absolutely NOT the government’s job to do this: governments are historically bad at judging either of these two standards. We must consider what would happen with any laws we pass if they were in the hands of our worst enemies. It’s why the ACLU defends bad guys too even if they don’t like them. Enforcing standards of debate is the responsibility of the community or the individual. So we must be ready to hold to established standards of discourse and show those people the door.

tl;dr; Miller is a vampire the same way Nazi’s are. Everything that comes out of his mouth should be considered a deliberate manipulation attempt.
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So, I have a few things to say about the current Magneto…mess.  It took me some time to figure out what I wanted to say.  So first, everyone needs to go and read a summary (or the actual comic) of Uncanny X-Men 199.  I just read it recently, and I’m certain that this colors my thoughts.

Super short version: One of the subplots is Magneto taking Kitty Pryde to the US Holocaust Memorial Museum to try to help her find out what happened to her great Aunt.  It turns out that he knew her in Auschwitz under her married name, which is why he didn’t realize until someone else came forward.  He’s being remembered by the other survivors as someone who worked hard to keep as many people around him alive as he could.  (then Mystique shows up to arrest him and starts a fight IN THE MUSEUM…I hate Mystique, TBQH, but this is a bit of an aside.)

So today, I wake up and hear that Magneto is joining Hydra.  HYDRA.  The fascist organization that AT THE LEAST collaborated with the Nazis, and depending on which continuity you like, are actual Nazis.  They are lead by the Red Skull, a literal Nazi.

This is the same writer, Nick Spencer, who decided that Captain America, a character modeled on the golem to try to prod America into fighting the Nazis and saving the Jews of Europe, was not just Hydra, but had ALWAYS been Hydra.  This was shitting all over Jack Kirby’s legacy, as well as that of Joe Simon (I only prioritize Kirby due to his real life anti-Nazi exploits).  It indicated a lack of care for a legacy character that was placed in his care.

And now he’s at it again.

In between, he had villainous “social justice warriors” and had Sam Wilson apologize to a white guy for bringing up race.

Nick Spencer is a white supremacist.

I tend to not drop these accusations lightly, but he’s established a pattern.  Even aside from his on-the-page garbage, he’s been particularly awful to fans on social media who object to his “creative” choices.  In general, his behavior has been worse towards minorities, of course, and this is after controlling for the fact that minorities, Jews in particular regarding Cap and Black people re: Wilson are the ones directly hurt by his terrible actions.

@marvel, you need to fire him.  He is dragging your most popular characters through the mud for some cheap publicity and to promote his hateful agenda.  I, previously, maintained a subscription to Marvel Unlimited, bought several monthly comics in addition to that, and regularly bought the collections.  And that’s just the business that the comics division got from me.  That’s all over, until Nick Spencer is no longer writing for Marvel.  As much as I hate to do so, I will not be buying Miss Marvel, I will not be buying Spider-Man, and I won’t be buying X-Men.  I CERTAINLY won’t be touching any of the garbage Nick Spencer has touched until the damage he’s done has been undone.  You just blew up the continuity recently, but you already need to do it again, just to salvage the fundamental nature of several of your most popular characters.

@marvelentertainment I’m really enjoying the current run of Hawkeye, starring Kate Bishop, and I have been looking forward to all of the upcoming films but I may stop purchasing all Marvel comics, merchandise and movie tickets. And I’m sure a lot of people will join me. 

Some of Marvel’s media has moved and shaped me but I may need to boycott the entire brand if nothing changes. There are many things from the racism of the Dr. Strange movie to the exclusion of female characters (such as Wasp as a founding member of The Avengers. The one who named them.), to writing Steve Rogers and Eric Lensherr as Nazis, that I will not abide by. Please change or face financial consequences!

I boycotted the comics when Hydra-Cap appeared. Won’t be coming back until Nick Spencer is removed and apologies are issues. @marvelentertainment.

Yep. I haven’t bought a Marvel property, including movie tickets, since Nick Spencer made Cap Hydra. Not least because of his obnoxious reaction to our objections and his ongoing disdain for your readership, @marvelentertainment. He’s tanking two of your tentpoles, and in my case he’s lowering readership in multiple other titles as well. Clean your house. 
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It is very important that the language in your novel reflects the time and place in which the story is set.

For example, my story is set in Italy. My characters would never “ride shotgun”, a term coined in US in the early 1900s referring to riding alongside the driver with a shotgun to gun bandits. 

Do your research! A free tool that I found to be very useful is Ngram Viewer. 

You can type any word and see when it started appearing in books. For example…one of my characters was going to say “gazillion” (I write YA) in 1994. Was “gazillion” used back then?

And the answer is…YES! It started trending in 1988 and was quite popular in 1994.

Enjoy ^_^

This is really important, especially because language can change in very unexpected ways. 

For example, did you know that before 1986 people never said “I need to”?Instead, they were far more likely to say “I ought to”, “I have to”, “I must”, or “I should”.

Don’t believe me?

Anyway, most people won’t notice subtle changes like that. But your reader will notice and be confused when characters in your medieval world use metaphors involving railroads and rockets.

One of the things you can do besides use Google Ngrams is to read books or watch movies written in the time period you want to set your story. The key here is that they can’t just be set in that time period, they have to have been made in that time period.

Also, there’s a Lexicon Valley episode on this very topic which I highly recommend. It’s called Capturing the Past. 
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This pit bull gave birth and put all her pups in her owners lap…how precious

more animal posts?


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