Feb. 23rd, 2017

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via http://ift.tt/2lHkG2n:Primitive plants survive almost two years in outer space:




Primitive plants are the latest forms of Earth life to show they can survive in the harshness of space, and for many months. Cold-loving algae from the Arctic Circle have joined the space-travelling club, alongside bacteria, lichens and even simple animals called tardigrades.

Preliminary studies of the algae after their return to Earth from the International Space Station lend some weight to the “panspermia” theory, that comets and meteorites could potentially deliver life to otherwise sterile planets. The results also provide insights into the potential for human colonies on distant planets to grow crops brought from Earth.

The algae were of the Sphaerocystis species, codenamed CCCryo 101-99, and were returned to Earth in June last year after spending 530 days on a panel outside the ISS. While space-borne, they withstood the vacuum, temperatures ranging from -20 °C at night to 47.2 °C during the day, plus perpetual ultraviolet radiation of a strength that would destroy most life on Earth if not filtered out by the atmosphere.

“I’m sure that plants of many kinds have been on the ISS before, but on the inside, not the outside,” says Thomas Leya of the Fraunhofer Institute for Cell Therapy and Immunology in Potsdam, Germany, who organised the algae experiment. “As far as I know, this is the first report of plants exposed on the surface of the space station.”

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“While space-borne, they withstood the vacuum, temperatures ranging from -20 °C at night to 47.2 °C during the day, plus perpetual ultraviolet radiation of a strength that would destroy most life on Earth if not filtered out by the atmosphere.”

Algae is scary, man
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via http://ift.tt/2lrqv3k:
I don’t mind at all, not a bother! :) 

*someone did let me know today that apparently you can’t read the posts if you’re not signed in, which is unfortunate, but I will get that story posted here once I’ve made some improvements on it. :) 

In answer to your question:

Imzy is a new social media platform that was just made public this year. I was involved at the very tail-end of the beta before it was released, so I joined in September of last year. 

I do like it, though I (like many people) am very resistant to User-Interface changes, so it does take a lot of getting used to (I felt the same way when I migrated to tumblr from LJ, and now that tumblr is my ‘home’ anything else is annoying and doesn’t work right. lol)

It does not cost money to join, though I believe there is currently a freeze on creating new communities - so you can sign up and join other communities like the Stony Community Bring Food to the Lab, or my personal community, you just can’t make one of your own at the moment.

I have gotten some wonderful feedback on my story. ^_^ As I mentioned in the original post, it is much better for long text (My average chapter is about 6k, so I usually (though not always) break them up into half chapters when I post here on Tumblr so followers don’t have to scroll through 6k+ of text if they don’t want to read it, because we all know that the Read More button works all the time, right?). It also has far-and-away a better commenting system that people can actually reply to and create a discussion. In that regard it’s much better than Tumblr for fandom purposes.

My biggest issues/thoughts in general on Imzy is that 1.) You can’t change the name of your community after you make it. This is apparently because the site creators want you to have a contract of sorts with your followers and not start a Marvel blog and then PSYCH! Now I’ve got you all in my clutches, it will be a DC BLOG BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. (Which I have Opinions on, but I didn’t create the site. So.) 

When I made my community, the creation instructions were not super clear and I wasn’t aware that there was a character limit on the blog name (and it let me keep typing), so I ended up with Ladyshadowdrake’s Lair Away from La (Instead of Lair Away from Lair). Mildly annoying, but not too big of a deal.

2.) On desktop when you open a post to read it, it opens in a floating screen. To close it, you just click off of the floating screen somewhere. However, the scrolling bars are ittybitty tiny thin so it’s easy to think you’re clicking on the scrolling bar and actually clicking off the screen. 

3.) “Reblogging” or it’s equivalent does not really seem to be a thing, so it is a bit harder to gain an audience via people sharing your work. In that regard, Tumblr seems much better. 

Other than that, the Imzy staff are pretty responsive to feedback and very welcoming to fandom. I think it has a good shot at being the next home when Fandom inevitably migrates again, but we’ll see. :) 
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via http://ift.tt/2ls8mT1:

I’m just going to stare at this and pretend those are Steve’s dog tags in his mouth.  Yep.
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via http://ift.tt/2lsao5q:Fourth wave of bomb threats targets Jewish community centers in at least five U.S. states:



At least 10 Jewish community centers in at least five U.S. states were targeted with bomb threats on Monday, the fourth such mass disruption in less than two months.

According to local news reports, centers in New York, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Texas and Alabama were targeted.

“It appears to be the same serial caller” as in the prior incidents, Goldenberg told JTA.

Goldenberg said that some of the JCCs were evacuated and others were not.

“The JCCs are very well-equipped to handle this,” he said.

Goldenberg did not confirm where any of the threats occurred, saying they took place across the country and that his office “is monitoring the situation.”

Goldenberg said the fact that the threats were made on Presidents Day, when more people might be in the buildings during the daytime, does not appear to be a factor in the threats.

Last week, President Donald Trump was asked during a news conference about the prior JCC bomb threats and what the government’s response would be to “an uptick in anti-Semitism.” Although the reporter did not suggest Trump was anti-Semitic, the president answered by denying he is an anti-Semite and called the question “insulting.”

The Harry & Rose Samson Family Jewish Community Center in Whitefish Bay, Milwaukee was evacuated Monday morning after receiving  threatening phone calls, the Journal Sentinel reported.

Two Jewish Community Centers in Buffalo, New York were also evacuated Monday morning following bomb threats, the Buffalo News reported.

The St. Paul Jewish Community Center in Minnesota was evacuated Monday morning after a bomb threat, the Star Tribune reported citing local police.

the Evelyn Rubenstein Jewish Community Center in Houston, Texas was also evacuated following a bomb threat received by phone, a local NBC affiliate reported.

The Levite Jewish Community Center in Birmingham, Alabama was briefly evacuated Monday morning after receiving a bomb threat, AL.com reported.

A total of 48 JCCs in 26 states and one Canadian province received nearly 60 bomb threats during January. On Jan 31, some 17 JCCs across the United States were targeted with bomb threats. On Jan. 18, some 30 Jewish institutions in at least 17 states received bomb threats. On Jan. 9, such threats were called into 16 JCCs across the Northwest and South, forcing the evacuation of hundreds. All the threats were false.

Non-Jews please reblog this.

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Upset girl strikes a pose when she notices camera. [video]

Never waste a good photo op.

She looks like she’s so worried about something and then STRIKE A POSE, all joy.
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via http://ift.tt/2lAnVqp:

“Hands off the merchandise!” shouts Steve ABOUT TONY’S FACE.


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