Feb. 11th, 2017

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The wingsssss!!!

I know!!!!!!
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Do you ever wonder “but what if Bucky Barnes was an octopus merman, what then??” 

Yeah, well, there’s this fic you could check out  (Iron Man Noir merman AU, what’s better than this)
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ways i have tricked people into thinking i am competent:

bought a really nice looking fountain pen

that sounds like a joke but fountain pens are cheap as shit and when you use one people look at you like you’re a fucking wizard

this hero 901 cost me $3 on ebay and i don’t know why people assume that this is a pen for intelligent people but they do

it works better when i am using a nice notebook and not the avengers notebook that makes it look like the hulk is grabbing my sweet pen

i write in code which for some reason leads everyone to assume that i am some kind of da vinci motherfucker, instead of the reality, which is that i am writing about dicks and don’t want anyone to know

it looks like i am constantly taking notes on everything which is both intimidating and inaccurate, just the way i like it

i bought a usb clicker/laser pointer for $11 and now it seems like i’ve got this shit on lock, like i am so pro at giving presentations i even own accessories

holding a clicker makes you seem at least 10% more like you know what you’re talking about i’m pretty sure

i check the weekly freebies on creativemarket every monday so now i have a huge folder of pro-looking website themes and powerpoint templates and fill-in-the-blank resumes (also a lot of autumnal clipart and watercolor flowers and script fonts but that is less relevant)

i bought a ceramic coffee mug at world market years ago and it makes me look like a productive coffee-drinker because no one knows it’s full of hot cocoa

i don’t know why drinking coffee makes you look busy it just does even though i’m pretty sure it statistically reduces productivity

bonus: not only does no one know i’m just drinking Depression Chocolate but they think i am being Environmentally Conscious rather than Poor As Shit

extra bonus: i can take a sip whenever it looks like someone is going to ask a question and then they ask someone else

i almost never have to answer questions and i leave the room a lot because i have to pee constantly so double extra bonus

“That’s a very good question, and one that deserves an in-depth answer, so if you’d like to leave me your card I’d be happy to discuss it with you later one-on-one” aka “how DARE you suggest i waste everyone’s time answering this question right now” aka “lmfao i have no fucking clue what you just said please let me secretly google that okay”

bonus: now it seems like you are a sophisticated grownup who assumes everyone has A Card and if they have to settle for writing their email on a scrap of paper you can feel smug about it even though in your heart you know that you are no better

i’ve got anxiety and poor impulse control and anxiety about my poor impulse control so i generally say jack shit about shit and this constant silence is often misinterpreted as aloof observation

no one knows that my air of mystery is actually a bad case of the shy and i am too shy to correct them so it works out

when i’m on my laptop and i don’t want anyone to notice how much i’m dicking around i turn the brightness way down so they can’t snoop without being obvious

at least one window of notepad++ with some random html page or css stylesheet in it makes randos assume you are some kind of genius doing some genius shit, unless they are CS major randos, in which case i guess find an intimidating looking excel spreadsheet and hope for the best

Is this Bruce Wayne?

we’ve come full circle
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Green, who lost her parents young, was raised by her aunt and uncle. While still at school, her aunt died from cancer, and three months later her uncle was diagnosed with cancer, too. Green went on to earn her degree in physics at Alabama A&M University, being crowned Homecoming Queen while she was at it, before going on full scholarship to University of Alabama in Birmingham to earn her Masters and Ph.D. There Green would become the first to work out how to deliver nanoparticles into cancer cells exclusively, so that a laser could be used to remove them, and then successfully carry out her treatment on living animals. 


her studies thus far are only on head and neck cancers, but her theory is this treatment platform would work on all types of cancers. But needs $$$$ to keep doing research.

It seems the issue is how to target the cancer cells and in her head and neck cancer tests, she had success in mice by utilizing fda approved immunotherepy antibodies to deliver nano particles to mark the tumor. Then she could proceed to blast the shit out of cancer with fuckin lasers.

she was ready or prepared when opportunity arose

I’m so proud of her. I wish more young black women would go into science.


I lost my mother to cancer. I pray she succeeds so no one else has to.
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George Barbier, Illustrations for Les Liaisons Dangereuses by Pierre Choderlos De Laclos, 1934.During his life, George Barbier was one of France’s most acclaimed illustrators and designers, a forefather of the art deco movement. But after his death in 1932 he quickly sank into obscurity. It’s only in the modern era that his work has been reappraised.

George Barbier, Illustration for Les Chansons de Bilitis by
Pierre Louÿs, 1929.

Barbier is notable for his bold depictions of female sexuality, and an aesthetic in his design work that a modern critic called ‘a kind of lipstick lesbian chic’. Many of his illustrations have a sapphic subtext, featuring women together in intimate poses, or women embracing people of ambiguous gender. Some show women dancing or being affectionate with figures that appear to be male but on closer inspection are clearly women in drag.

George Barbier, Le Feu (The Fire), 1925. This illustration shows a woman reclining in the arms of a person of indeterminate gender.

In his illustrations for Les Liaisons Dangereuses and Les Chansons de Bilitis, this
subtext became outright text, with women naked together, kissing or making love. For the time, these illustrations were extremely daring and
verged on the pornographic (even if they seem quite tame by today’s

George Barbier, Illustration for Les Chansons de Bilitis by
Pierre Louÿs, 1929. 

Little is known about Barbier’s personal life in his hometown of Nantes, but we do know that in Paris he moved almost exclusively in homosexual circles. He was an intimate friend of the dandy and poet
Robert de Montesquiou, and mixed with gay intellectuals like Marcel Proust.

George Barbier, Les dames seules (the single ladies), 1910. This early work is particularly striking for its apparent depiction of a butch/femme subculture among gay women in Paris.His sexuality gave him access to the underground gay scene in Paris, and his knowledge of it filters through into his work. Although many of his illustrations are fictional, fantastical, or historical, here and there we see glimpses of the hidden lives of queer women in
fin-de-siecle Paris.

It also makes his work particularly notable, IMO, because unlike many of his straight male contemporaries, he did not depict sex and romance between women for the titillation of the straight male gaze. His women are complex, resisting bland stereotypes or didactic stories of innocence and fallen virtue. They are beautiful, sensual, dangerous and daring. Even idealised, they seem like real people. They have a self-possession that resists objectification. Their sexuality belongs to them, not to the viewer.Links:* The Forgotten Art of French Illustrator George Barbier, New York Times, 2008 (With thanks, much of the detail of Barbier’s life is drawn from this article).* George Barbier: Fashioning the Queer Identity, MA Fashion Blog, 2016.* Further illustrations from Les Liaisons Dangereuses.* Further illustrations from Les Chansons des Bilitis.
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Some days, it really doesn’t pay to be a superhero. Most days, really.

Captain America, vol 1, #416 (1993)
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Youtube Vintage Ad
Facebook Vintag Ad
Skype Vintage Ad
Twitter Vintage Ad
iMac Vintage Ad
Wii Vintage Ad
Playstation Vintage Ad

What would modern technology and social networks look like if they were vintage ads

This is a post gathered Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Skype, iMac, Nintendo Wii and Sony Playstation as if they were vintage ads.
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Avenger Vol 1, #46

Steve with the mother hen complex and a special eye for Iron Man
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The planet Saturn, observed by the Cassini space probe on January 21, 2015.

(NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
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Avengers AcademyUltron Event
The last two panels prove these two are more than just friends.
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The Sorcerer and the White Snake (2011), dir. Tony Ching

snezbians (snake lezbians) 
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via http://ift.tt/2lw7K05:San Jose Councilman Takes Oath With Captain America Shield:



First person I think of?  @copperbadge

I can so see you doing this too.  *^^*

I can only dream. Look at this GQMF. 

Lan Diep, a Republican legal aid attorney…

And some excerpts from the article:

In an interview after the meeting, the proud comic book geek and Houston-born son of Vietnamese refugees said that Captain America stands for the “kinds of things I strive for: equal justice, fair play and democracy.”

Diep won a council seat on his second try, after losing in 2015, though the 2016 vote is still being contested. He’s been recognized by presidents Barack Obama and George H. W. Bush, after moving to Mississippi to help people affected by the BP oil spill.


Diep said he brought the iconic Captain America shield to his swearing-in because “I think it’s a symbol of what’s positive,” he said, “in this darkened political landscape.”

He did not, however, bring the shield to specifically combat the new president, Donald Trump even though he said in his mind, “Trump is not a real Republican, and some might say that about me.


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