Feb. 4th, 2017

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Proportions for 18th century panniers for robe a la francaise.
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18th century outfit by Rachaelscostumes on Etsy

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The Romanian government just decriminalised official misconduct.

This essentially makes corruption legal.

what is life

fuckers passed the law in the middle of the night

despite protests being held against this in the last two weeks

there were more than 100k people on the streets a few days ago

i can’t even

I’m shaking with rage. A huge number of politicians will have their criminal records thrown out. People who have cause state prejudice of millions of dollars (they’re estimating a total of almost one billion). People who have tried to rig the votes in the last presidential election. The officials who had done the inspection in the Colectiv club before the fire that claimed 64 lives last year will be off their charges too.

I’m numb.

Is this for real? What the fuck.

Here’s an article in the Washington Post

New York Times

Financial Times

Protests are being organized throughout the country. I’m so worried that violence may break out, despite the fact that all protests so far have been peaceful.

There are 175.000 people out in the streets in the entire country. I’m hoping this changes something.

Over 300.000 at the moment.It’s the biggest protest in Romania in the last 25 years.

150k people in Bucharest last night - that’s 10% of the city’s population.

Tens of thousands in all other major cities.

Everyone who’s not a football hooligan, completely peaceful.

Minus 10 Celsius weather, of the wet sort that chills you to the bone.

8 days until the emergency order modifications of the Penal Code are applied.

We have 8 days for either a) the Supreme Council of the Magistrature or the People’s Advocate to get off their asses and summon the Constitutional Court to decide on the constitutionality of this or b) for the current government to cancel the order.

Barring the order being cancelled (or repression violent enough to stop the protests, which unfortunately looks more and more likely) we’ll keep pulling the above for 8 nights.

is there anything any of us over in the US and other countries can do?

Keep raising awareness, it matters a lot that other people know what’s going on here. And any messages of support and encouragement do wonders <3 
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Vegetarian quinoa and black bean tacos with kiwifruit salsa.
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redraw of this old piece because @softstuckyweek happened and i thought it would be a good idea

it was a great idea

it was a FANTASTIC idea
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So this is a Chistmas story my mom told me while I was home recently and i thought y’all might enjoy.

So, one Christmas back in the 60′s, my great-grandmother was reminiscing about Christmas in England, and how they used to have pheasant for Christmas, but Ohio sucks and they’d never get to do something like that.

Well Shit!  goes my grandfather,  them woods are full of pheasants, I’ll get you one.  So grandpa and a dubiously related man named “uncle popeye” went out with shotguns to get great-grandma a pheasant for Christmas dinner.

They’re gone for a LONG time.  according to mom, they were basically expecting grandpa and Popeye to be gone for a few hours and come back with a store-bought chicken and apologies.

Instead, they come back eight hours later, covered in mud and freezing cold from the Cleveland winter, but Surprise!  they have a Pheasant.  Great-grandma gives them a lecture about staying out so long and worrying her, but agrees to dress the bird so they can all have a traditional English Roast Pheasant.   Grandpa and Popeye retire to the living room to drink beer and talk about what great woodsmen they are when Great-grandma screams from the kitchen.
“TOM!!”  She bellows and literally every male in the house jumps because literally every man has been named “Tom” for three generations at that point. 

They both look massively sheepish and eventually admit that they hadn’t had much luck finding pheasants in the woods and were about to go to the store to get her a chicken when they… backed over the pheasant.

“Then what were you idiots doing in the woods for eight hours?”
“We weren’t out there for THAT long-” Popeye starts before grandpa decks him.   
Grandma and Great-grandma have to menace them with wooden spoons to get the truth out, but eventually they take thier oversize hiking boots off to reveal bandages.
Turns out they had only been in the woods for Two hours looking for pheasants before LITERALLY tripping over one, and they both reflexively aim at the ground and… Shoot each other in the foot.  They hadn’t backed over the Pheasant in the woods.  They’d backed over it in the Hospital parking lot.

And that’s the story of how my great-grandmother made a Roast Pheasant and the ladies of the house got to eat the whole thing while Grandpa and Popey had to watch.

“dubiously related man named uncle popeye” wasn’t even close to the wildest part oh my god! This is such a good story!!!!

So you prompted me to call my mother and ask how Popeye was related to them, and apparently he’s my great-grat-grandmother’s first-husband’s cousin’s son.

The First Husband is the whole reason my mother’s family came to america in the first place apparently.  in 1902, he decided he didn’t want to be father to 9 girls anymore, so he went out for a pint one night and fucked off to Chicago without actually divorcing GGG.  For a few years she thought he’d been killed and dumped in the Thames (these things happened in Liverpool in the 1900′s) and shortly re-married, and Second Husband fathered two more daughters with her, including my Great-Grandmother.

In 1908, First Husband wrote from Chicago for money.  This was a problem because despite fucking off to another continent, they were still married, and GGG was committing bigamy.  Despite pleading her case before the courts that Really, Y’all gave me his death certificate when he didn’t turn up after a month, they fined her an outrageous amount of money and only commuted her prison sentence because “her brood would place undue stain on the orphanage”.

Yes, really.

Second Husband, who was a halfway decent man that only beat her sometimes, suddenly dies of knife wound in a Pub fight, and GGG is left up shit creek with 10 girls and nobody willing to hire a bigamist maid. So GGG attempts to woo First Husband back to England.  She goes so far as to pay a photographer to take Nudes of her to remind him what he left.

That was an exciting Christmas, going through an old album and finding THOSE.

Despite GGG’s heartfelt efforts and godlike booty, First Husband remained in the US, enjoying his new life of running credit scams and bootlegging.

After another 4 years of this nonsense, GGG gets the money to ferry herself and her brood across the atlantic to America, where they weren’t so uptight about the sex lives of domestic workers and she could probably get a job.  The ALMOST come on the Titanic- we found the tickets next to the nudes- but at the last moment, Great-Aunt Liz catches the Measles, forcing everyone into quarantine and saving them from an icy death.  They instead come on the next boat, and have to pick up the survivors of the Lusitania.  Everyone gets lice and has to be shaved at Ellis Island.

Once in america, GGG finds out First Husband has died, For Realsies, please come identify his corpse and also he owes the state of Illinois like $500 in court fees so-

To which GGG goes “LOL, NO.” and moves to Cleveland with her Youngest daughter (my great-grandmother) and her new Russian husband, and takes over as manager of the local grocery store and leads a life of relative american-lower-middle-class comfort until her death in 1928 at age of 58.  

…So you understand our confusion that GG knew of Popeye’s existence at all.

This is the quality content I am on tumblr for! 😂👍🏻
Thank you for sharing this and bless you and your family! 💕

I just wanna know why GGG’s nude photos were just tossed in a family album along with all the other special pictures. Did they just stumble across them between a great-aunt’s baptism pic and another’s wedding photo?

They were in a plain brown envelope tucked in with the 1963 Christmas photos.

Right between the pictures of Grandma’s Dog Spooky wearing like seven christmas decorations (So named because she was totally black except for a white mark on her chest and a propensity for 4AM garbage disposal noises) and of Grandpa getting smashed on Great-Aunt Liz’s Rumballs, to be precise.

@navigatorsnorth @executeness

This person needs to write a book about their family stories. It would sell like wild.

I want to hear more every time this post comes around XD

Art. Pure art is what this is.

Ok, because several people in the tags have pointed out that the Thames is nowhere near Liverpool:

I called mom, again, to ask why the hell i would write that, because I distinctly recall the phrase “GGG was certain he’d been thrown in the Thames” when Grandma repeated the tale for me, but I am also ADHD as fuck and my brain might have invented that sentence.
Turns out, the truth is another Hot Mess.
The WHOLE line is “GGG was certain he had been thrown in the Thames like his brother, Who ran afoul of several criminal organizations while running cons in London and we’re not sure WHO actually did him in but it was a big affair to travel to London when they fished his body out with the eels.”

So “Thrown in the Thames” was GGG’s colloquialism for “was murdered due to gambling debts”
“Why did GGG even MARRY first husband?”  I asked.
“He had a nice mustache, apparently.”
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there is trash in the dora milaje tag and i wanna take it out so bad but it’s friday and jesus is working on me so i’ll just say this:

the goddess that was the dora milaje (whose name we should know by now, come on marvel!) was doing her job

she wasn’t being rude or mean or just picking on ur fav

she was doing her job

black widow was intentionally blocking t’challa from leaving, like actually standing in front of his car door so that he would have to stop and talk to her

the dora milaje was doing her fucking job by telling her to move her ass or get moved

Guys, Black Panther is a king. He’s the ruler of a country. He has enemies, and Natasha used to be an assassin. If a former assassin, even one now fighting with the good guys, showed up and blocked the US President from entering a car the secret service would freak out. I would almost say that the Dora Milaje underreacted if I didn’t know that she was 100% capable of wiping the floor with Nat.
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if anyone is curious how I’m utilizing my English degree in the office

this post makes me so happy.

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I just turned to my housemate and said, “y’know, we’d never know if we were haunted” because we have four cats between us, so every clunk, bump, and crash gets entirely ignored

and now I want a movie about a ghost becoming increasingly desperate to haunt a family but they have cats and so the poor dear goes completely ignored
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That’s…the most hardcore I’ve ever seen someone make Dr. Seuss.
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MONTREAL — Law students from across Canada will join forces on Saturday to study ways to help asylum seekers in light of U.S. President Donald Trump's order temporarily suspending that country’s refugee program.

Between 300 and 500 students from all 22 of Canada's law schools have signed up for four-hour shifts where they’ll conduct legal research relating to the recent travel bans in the United States and their impact in Canada, organizers say. 

The largest group is likely to be in Montreal, where between 100 and 200 students from McGill, Universite du Quebec a Montreal and the University of Moncton are hosting a joint event.  

Dubbed a “research-a-thon,” it will focus on gathering information for the Canadian Council for Refugees to help support a potential legal challenge to the Canada-U.S. Safe Third Country Agreement.

It will also serve as a fundraiser for the refugee council.

The future of the Trump law was unclear after a U.S. judge on Friday ordered a nationwide hold on the measure, backing a challenge by the states of Washington and Minnesota who are challenging it.

Montreal law student Rachelle Bastarache said she originally floated the idea of a study group for her fellow McGill students who wanted to help those affected by Trump’s immigration policies.

But when 50 students signed on in the first two hours, she figured the idea could be worth expanding.

“I was laying in bed at night thinking, ‘if we can get 50 people at McGill, how many could we get all across Canada?’” she said in an interview.

The Safe Third Country Agreement is based on the premise that Canada and the United States are generally safe countries for refugees and therefore asylum seekers must claim status in whichever of the two they reach first.

In general, it means Canada won't accept refugees who have already entered through the United States, according to Janet Dench of the Canadian Council for Refugees.

Dench said the new U.S. executive orders have brought about legal confusion that could lead to refugees being sent back to their home countries to face persecution.

“The U.S in our view was never completely safe, and in our view now it is even less safe,” she said.

The Canadian law students will make sure the organization is up to speed on anything that has changed since the last unsuccessful attempt to overturn the agreement ended in 2009, as well as help make sense of the changes ushered in with the Trump presidency.

“There are a lot of questions we need to have researched, so we’re very excited about this mass mobilization right across Canada and we're eager to see what they’ll be able to do,” Dench said.

In addition to the research event, Bastarache said students from McGill’s legal information clinic have been going to Montreal’s airport to offer advice to anyone affected by Trump’s temporary entry ban on citizens from seven predominantly Muslim nations.

For Saturday’s event, the students have also set up a Canada Helps fundraising page to benefit the refugee organization.

In addition to research and fundraising, Bastarache hopes the symbolism of the event will encourage the Canadian government to review the Safe Third Country Agreement.

“The united front of law students across the country banding together should send a message that we’re not going to stand for legislation like this,” she said.

Morgan Lowrie, The Canadian Press

I’m super proud to see the students in my city step up and make that change! @allthecanadianpolitics
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Book Dinosaurs

Posting on Tumblr my art in the past few months.

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NASA astronaut Karen Nyberg is a self proclaimed crafter. A week ago she made a stuffed dinosaur from scraps on the space station. The little T-rex is made form the lining of Russian food containers and the toy is stuffed with scraps from an old T-shirt. While many toys have flown into space, this is the first produced in space.

Photos: Karen Nyberg, via CollectSpace

#i love this #i want her to fill the entire space station with handmade plushies#just floating everywhere…… plushies
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“No, YOU move.”
By Tom Hodges. Prints available here.
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Quick fill for a one word prompt over on the Bring Food to the Lab community on Imzy! (The prompt was “shelter”)

Steve landed on his back, the air driving out of his lungs. For several horrible eternities, he was twelve and struggling to breathe through an attack that the doctors insisted was all in his head, Jimmy Doyle and his cronies laughing above him. He heard the shield hit the pavement and slide away. Rain pelted his face, the drops managing to land exactly on his closed eyes making sparks of light dance behind his eyes.

The rain vanished abruptly, though he could still hear it – pattersmacksmackpattersmack! – against his uniform. He finally managed to get a breath in and cracked his eyes carefully open. For a second, all he could see was the intimately familiar inside of his shield. It took him a second to realize that the hand hooked in one strap was covered in an equally familiar gauntlet.

“Iron Man,” he said. His chest ached faintly, and his head pounded as it soaked up oxygen again. “Thanks.”

“Take a breather, Cap.”

Steve could never quite decide if he liked Tony’s voice better with or without the suit. He didn’t sound like Tony in the suit, but he did sound like Iron Man, and Steve had known Iron Man longer. Steve reached up and put a hand on the warm gauntlet. He heard the faint sound of motors working as Iron Man turned his head to look over the shield.

“You okay?” Iron Man asked.

“Peachy,” Steve reassured him. He brought the other hand up to wrap around Iron Man’s arm. Iron Man obligingly pulled him up to his feet, and Steve’s stomach dropped like being on a roller coaster. He didn’t think he would ever get enough of being hauled around by Iron Man. Considering the ghost of Jimmy Doyle’s laughter, it probably shouldn’t be so exciting that Iron Man could push him around, but Steve had long ago resigned himself to not understanding his own quirks.

As soon as he was on his feet, he found himself missing the shelter of Tony leaning over him.

Iron Man tossed him the shield. “Want to try again?”

Catching it automatically, Steve slid his arm in the strap and nodded. “One more time.”

“That’s what you said the last fifteen times,” Iron Man laughed, but he lifted off from the ground and flew up into the rain, ready for another pass.

When Steve ended up on his back for the sixteenth time, he decided to wait for Tony to stop the rain again before getting up.
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Imagine stabbing someone with this knife. 

It would instantly cauterize the would, so the person wouldn’t bleed, so it’s not very useful.

if you want information it is

and above, in order, we see a gryffindor, a ravenclaw, and a slytherin

why would you stab a PERSON when you can have TOAST?

There’s the hufflepuff

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I suddenly had this headcanon of adult Harry with a long hair like Sirius and I had to paint to see how he would look like. [ref]

| More bearded Harry | DeviantArt | 
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Make be choose between:

two historical figures

two ships

two eras

two mythological characters

two artists

two musicians


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