Jan. 29th, 2017

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This is pretty cool - Mirage women’s restroom.
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Good luck to everyone, and fuck Trxmp! :)

Hey im boosting this again also to let everyone know- I haven’t gone anywhere but tmblrs suspended my main account & im still waiting to hear back from them

the giveaway is still ending 2/10, and i’ll either contact winners thru a proxy or wait until theyve restored my accnt. 

Thank u! (and if u could reblog to signal boost the Situation atm, thatd be really appreciated
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BREAKING: The ACLU took Trump to court over his Muslim refugee and immigrant ban — and won

The American Civil Liberties Union took the Trump administration to federal court Saturday night over its new restrictions on immigrants and refugees coming to the U.S. — a policy many have linked to President Donald Trump’s promised Muslim ban.

After about an hour of arguments in a New York City court, a judge granted a stay effectively blocking Trump’s executive order and barring customs officials from detaining immigrants and refugees at U.S. airports, according to Dale Ho, an ACLU representative. Read more
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Despite being sick, I had a really wonderful day. There have been so many bad days lately, that I just wanted to acknowledge that.
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“I’d hit that.” “You… you don’t even know them though??”

“Oh come on, everyone has a list of celebrities they’d totally have sex with if they had a chance.” “Haha yeah ok” *internally* what

“Ya so like for the past few years I’ve felt zero attraction to people I wasn’t friends with first?? Lol what’s up with that”

Why did you have to have sex with them?? Couldn’t you just hold it?? Like pee??

“You’ll meet someone who makes you feel like that someday, don’t worry” “……sounds fake but ok”

“Sex is an important part of a relationship! Everyone has sexual needs!” “….sounds fake but ok”

“Dude that girl is so hot” “I know right?? Look at her fucking eyeliner. Goals. The fuck.” “No I meant like… look at that ass” “Are we looking at the same person are you really focussing on her ass look at how visually appealing her outfit is and dont you dare fuckin tell me that eyeliner isnt fierce as hell”

“Aesthetic attraction and sexual attraction are two different things” *puzzle pieces vERY RAPIDLY FALLING INTO PLACE*

*staring at the ceiling at two-thirty in the morning* i could die a virgin and i would regret absolutely nothing

“What’s your ideal girl like?” “Uh… my best friend?” “Oh cute, you want your girlfriend to be the one who knows you best!” “No I meant I am literally only attracted to my best friend she is my ideal girl please help I am dying”

“We’ve been dating for six months and we still haven’t had sex!!” “Have you marathoned Star Wars together yet?” “Yeah we did that like two weeks ago” “Well what more do you want”

*thinking about an attractive woman* *dissecting my entire personality and sexuality to figure out why I’m attracted to her this time* is it the muscles. Oh my god is this a sex thing. Oh my god what the hell is this. Oh my god what the fuck is the wtf the fuck the fUCK

*Next day* Zarya could punch me in the face while eating me out and I’d let her but only because she’s a fictional character and therefore could literally never do that


(why is that tho. maybe i should look into that *doesnt look into it*)

“What do you find most attractive in a girl?” “Gotta love those strong emotional bonds” “No I meant like what’s a turn-on for you?” “DID I McFUCKING STUTTER”

*staring at the ceiling at two-thirty in the morning again* sexual attraction should be added to the cryptid wikia

“Yeah sex sounds like a great stress reliever and a nice way to strengthen the bonds between you and your partner(s)” “Well there’s more to it than that…” *The Arctic Monkey’s Do I Wanna Know starts playing in my head* “Haha ok buddy”

“There’s more to being ace than just not being interested in having sex or not feeling sexual attraction. In fact there’s a whole spectrum. You may even feel sexual attraction sometimes but still be ace. You can also be gay and ace at the same time.” “…bro.” “Also it’s totally normal.” *sobbing* “…bro. Bro there are words for it there’s an entire list oh my god-”

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replied to your post “Ashes 1/2”

Wow. WOW. I love this story so far! What a perfect fit for a Cinderella AU. Obie is certainly slimy enough to fit the Evil Step-parent role. And the world building is fascinating, I want to know all about artificing in general and all of Tony’s planned experiments. The plot is amazing. I have this strong feeling that Howard’s business is doing extremely well, and Obie and the guys are stealing everything from Tony while convincing him that he has no financial means.


replied to your post

“Ashes 1/2”

Also, I am so excited to see the second half of the story! I have some guesses, but I’m so eager to see who fits the role of Fairy Godmother and Prince Charming, to see how the festival goes. Also also! Dum-E and Friday!! I adore anything with the bots, and cute little Friday is making me squee all over this story. I’m sorry that human Jarvis passed away, but I have hopes for an extremely sophisticated artifice (JARVIS) to also make an appearance. Love this story!!


replied to your post

“Ashes 1/2”

PS: Sorry to bombard you with comments, I hope it isn’t a bother. But what happened to the Royal Page? Did Tony go back to make him food? Or did Cook end up taking care of him? I can’t imagine Obie actually going into the kitchen…

You are not bombarding me, omg, this is no bother. Thank yoooou, you are fantastic and part of my good day, and I can’t even words at you right now. :D

Royal page: 

Tony burst back into kitchen, startling a dark cat crouched under the bench. It yowled and scampered out the door, in turn startling the page seated at the table with a bowl of beer and a half-eaten sandwich. The beer nearly ended up on the floor as he danced away from the fleeing cat. 

Unimpressed, Cook just hiked an eyebrow at Tony and went back to chopping carrots for dinner. 

“Where’s the thrice-damned fire?” 

“There’s going to be festival!” Tony exploded. 

Cook’s knife hit the cutting board, regular clunkclunkclunks, as if he hadn’t heard. 

The page looked at Tony like he was mad. “I know that,” he sputtered finally and dropped back to his chair. 

“I’m going to get to go.” 

The page laughed at him. Cook’s knife bit hard into the block. He sighed - a deeply raspy gurgle - and started chopping again. 

“I am,” Tony insisted, and then scooped the nearly empty milk bucket up and went after the cat. 

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Love it. Can’t wait to read more. ������

Thank you! :D
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“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in
the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will
always find people who are helping.” -Fred RogersDonate to the ACLU
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US Mint and Treasury announce a black woman with braids will be Lady Liberty on new currency

Lady Liberty is a black woman.

The U.S. Mint and Treasury is celebrating its 225th anniversary and unveiled on a new $100 coin on Thursday.

It’s the first time in United States history that Lady Liberty has not been portrayed as a white woman.

The new coin is set to be unveiled in April and is the first in a series of new, racially diverse commemorative coins to be released by the U.S. Treasury. 

Future designs will represent Lady Liberty as Hispanic-American, Asian-American, and Indian-American “to reflect the cultural and ethnic diversity of the United States,” the Mint wrote. Read more

follow @the-movemnt
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If that doesn’t say ‘suck my dick, Nazis’. I don’t know what does

Over 113, now! He missed celebrating his Bar Mitzvah because of the first World War, so he finally observed it September 2016, a hundred years later.

Oh my gosh MY HEART

This man is a hero
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@spaceliondad did this adorable comic for Celestial Navigation.  

Wherein, Phil “I’m Running Out of Forms For This Bullshit” Coulson is all of us.

*Posted with permission of the amazing artist.
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Creative Dioramas by Tatsuya Tanaka
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tony in his undersuit + a phallic object
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my sexuality is eddie smiling but then looking away

Okumaya devam et
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3000 followers! Thank you


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Please watch this.



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Jan 29 - anyone interested in some science and math books, they’re on sale on kindle!


Jan. 29th, 2017 06:10 pm
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sometimes it's really hard not to hate this country.
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via http://ift.tt/2jGdTVd:Ireland just became the world's first country to stop investing in fossil fuels:


Ireland has voted to be the world’s first country to fully divest public money from fossil fuels.

The Irish Parliament passed the historic legislation in a 90 to 53 vote in favour of dropping coal, oil and gas investments from the €8bn (£6.8bn) Ireland Strategic Investment Fund, part of the Republic’s National Treasury Management Agency.

The bill, introduced by Deputy Thomas Pringle, is likely to pass into law in the next few months after it is reviewed by the financial committee.

“This principle of ethical financing is a symbol to these global corporations that their continual manipulation of climate science, denial of the existence of climate change and their controversial lobbying practices of politicians around the world is no longer tolerated,” Mr Pringle said.

“We cannot accept their actions while millions of poor people in underdeveloped nations bear the brunt of climate change forces as they experience famine, mass emigration and civil unrest as a result.”

Once enacted, the bill would force the Ireland Strategic Investment Fund to sell its investment in fossil fuel industries over the next five years.

In 2015, Norway’s sovereign pension fund divested from some fossil fuel companies, but not all.
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At the Marvel S.T.A.T.I.O.N experience @ Treasure Island in Las Vegas, NV.


Jan. 29th, 2017 07:20 pm
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The fourth of my 52 short stories in 52 weeks. The prompt is “A story about 3 siblings.” I chose Loki, Thor, and Baldur. 2,800 words, watch for the cut

The mead hall was full of laughing, snorting, fighting, farting warriors. Loki hated the noise, and the smell, and the closeness. He sat against the wall watching the center of the madness. Thor and Baldur, stripped of their armor but still in the same tunics and trousers that they’d worn in battle earlier. Loki had been in the same battle, shoulder-to-shoulder-to-shoulder with his bulky brothers, but when they’d ridden home with the victory banners flying, it was Thor and Baldur who got the accolades.

Thor, with his hammer, and Baldur with his sword. Any brute could swing a hammer or a sword, and Asgard had thousands of brutes. Loki had no peer in magic, and there was no being in the nine realms that could beat him in a battle with a staff and his voice. Did anyone shout Loki’s name from the balconies as they road past? No, just Thor with a hammer no one else could pick up, and Baldur who couldn’t be hurt by anything in the realms. They couldn’t be beaten because they had protections no one else did.

Baldur slammed his fist on the table hard enough to spill Thor’s drink in his lap. Thor stood with a bellow, overturning the bench in the process and sending half a dozen of his own cronies to the floor. Thor cocked his fist back and punched Baldur square in the face. Baldur stumbled backwards, tripped on Tyr, and ended up sprawled on his ass.

Loki rolled his eyes and stood up with five seconds to spare before the entire hall broke out into a brawl. He rescued his cup and slid out of the way of two valkyr barreling past him with their hands tangled in each other’s clothes and matching grins. Loki leaned back against the wall with his cup and watched the madness. Across the room, Baldur lifted Thor straight in the air, both of them red in the face and shouting, and then dropped him into the table. Thor hit, rolled off the other side and stood up with his arms curled around one of the oak benches. He swung it, smacking Baldur across the shoulders and sending him crashing right back to the floor.

With a flick of wrist, Loki could have put a stop to it. He could have had every warrior in the mead hall dangling by their ankles from the ceiling. He brushed a hand through the barely visible threads of the universe to erect a barrier between him and a metal flagon of wine flying through the air. The barrier flexed as it hit and then sent the flagon sailing back at the man who’d thrown it. It hit Geir in the side of the head. He stumbled in a broad circle and made a drunken swing at Baldur with a table knife.

“And the winner is…” Loki muttered. He lifted a hand skyward when the knife shattered against Baldur’s bicep.

Geir stumbled back with the hilt of the table knife in hand. He blinked at it, swaying like a tree in a storm. The room gradually quieted as the brawlers realized that the mood had changed. Baldur looked between the jagged remains of the knife and cut in his tunic sleeve. He broke out in a loud laugh that echoed around the hall, his cronies quickly joining in, until the hall was filled with laughter.

“Typical,” Loki said.

Baldur pounded Geir hard enough to make him stumble.

“There is nothing in the realms that can harm my brother!” Thor boomed, picking himself up from the pile of bodies he’d ended up rolled into.

Loki felt his mouth twisting into a sneer and he had to suppress an automatic gag.

Thor all but fell on Baldur’s shoulders and reached around to pound on his chest. “My brother,” Thor insisted, “Is invincible!”

Loki glared. That wasn’t exactly true. He was invulnerable to everything in the realms but one. Loki knew that the only thing his estimable mother had missed in her quest to make her perfect golden child immune to death was mistletoe. As far as he knew, he and his mother were the only people who knew of the glaring oversight.

“Surely not invincible,” Loki called over the good-natured cajoling of the crowd.

The chatter gradually tapered off to a few drunken shouts and then to silence. Loki pushed away from the wall and brushed his barrier aside as he stepped forward. He stepped over a celebrant who had fallen asleep half-under a bench and set his cup down as he wended around the tables.

Thor grinned at him, still leaning on Baldur’s shoulders. “Loki,” he chided, “All who live know that there is neither claw, nor steel, nor shaft of wood that could harm our brother.” He shook Baldur, and then reached up wrap his fingers around his jaw, leaning forward ludicrously to lay a sloppy kiss on Baldur’s cheek.

Laughing, Baldur shrugged him off and wiped the back of his hand over his face. Thor stumbled sideways to sit on the table. Baldur gave Loki a fond smile over Thor’s shoulder. Loki’s temper boiled under his chest, but he forced it into a smile of his own.

“If that’s true,” Loki said, making the effort to be just as friendly, “You won’t object to a little game.”

Baldur tilted his head, his smile turning indulgent, one perfect golden curl dropping onto his forehead. Loki forcefully relaxed his jaw and brushed a hand back through his own hair. Unlike his heathenish brothers, he’d taken time to bathe and change before his mother had badgered him into joining the festivities.

“What sort of game?” Thor demanded. He grabbed a flagon and lifted it to his mouth, found it empty, and threw it against the wall before laying across the table to grab a second flagon and slopping it down his chin and chest.

Loki grimaced. He twisted the grimace back into a smile and selected a half-full wooden goblet of beer and handed it off to Thor, who happily snatched it out of his hand and made another mess of drinking it. At least half of it ended up soaked into his clothing. “If our brother is invulnerable to attack, he won’t mind a little target practice.”

“Surely the last time we did ‘target practice’ was enough?” Baldur asked.

“That was just a handful of us around a campfire,” Loki pointed out. “I’m sure there are others who would like to witness it for themselves.”

“Yes!” Thor decided, slamming his goblet down hard enough to crack the base. “Let all see the might of my brother!” He threw himself off of the table, draped one arm over Baldur’s shoulders, and then reached out and snagged Loki by the back of the neck.

Loki flinched as Thor dragged him in to his chest. He smelled pungently of beer, sweat, and mud. Loki pushed delicately away and smoothed his tunic down with a flick of his fingers. “Exactly.”

“Any man who can but scratch my brother Baldur will earn a great reward from your prince!” Thor continued. He punctuated his statement with a loud belch that nonetheless got earsplitting applause in response. Thor pounded Loki hard between his shoulders blades and shouted over the din, “Excellent idea, brother!”

On his other side, Baldur sighed, but his expression was serenely amused. Loki hated that smug smirk. He was looking forward to knocking it off his beloved brother’s face.


The next afternoon, an indulgent Baldur leaned against the center of a practice target with a metal flask in one hand. Both he and Thor had woken hung-over and all but crawled to the destroyed mead hall, where Loki had been the happy eavesdropper on the pair of them being berated by the queen while they nursed their heads.

“And you!” she’d said, rounding on Loki with one finger out, “What is this nonsense about using your brother as target practice?”

“Oh, leave him be, mother,” Thor had interrupted good-naturedly. “We were all drunk as foxes.”

“It’s not like anyone could actually harm him,” Loki had agreed with a smile.

Her face had grown concerned, but she thought she was the only living soul who knew of her mistake in her spell weaving. Seeing Loki watching her, she’d straightened up and gestured broadly to the three of them, and then widened her gesture to include the rest of the warriors who’d slunk in behind the princes. “You will all clean this mess up before anyone gets breakfast.”

No one dared to contradict here, and Loki hadn’t even mind getting lumped in with the group of destructive drunkards when she fixed the three of them with an exasperated expression and added, “Your father is already preparing some kind of ridiculous festival for this foolishness.”

Thor had grinned at her, and set about marshalling his hung over warriors into picking up shattered crockery and putting the tables upright.

“Fine idea Loki,” Baldur had said, his smile only slightly dampened by his obvious headache, “The men deserve the reward.”

“Indeed,” Loki had replied, putting a gracious hand over his chest to cover the arrowhead he’d whittled out of mistletoe.

Standing with Thor in the shade of a large tree, Loki watched as the warriors took their turns firing arrows at their prince. Baldur let most of them shatter against his arms and legs where they had been aimed, but occasionally made a spectacle of catching one, or ducking so the arrow missed entirely. He was easily as drunk as he’d been the night before, and the more drunk he got, the more he fooled around, and the more the crowd loved it.

“It was a fine battle,” Thor said into the relative silence around their tree. He’d more or less recovered from his morning hang over, though the skin under his eyes was dark and his face was blotchy. “You fought well, Loki.”

Loki fought the urge to sneer at him – of course he had. He was the equal to either of his brothers in battle, and it irritated him beyond telling that Thor felt he needed to be coddled like some fresh warrior surviving his first day on the battlefield.

He turned the twist of his snarl into a smile and just inclined his head. “Thank you, brother.”

Thor beamed at him, the giant oaf, and took another deep swallow of his beer. He turned back to the spectacle of Baldur, Prince of Asgard, presenting his ass to the stands as a target. Loki eyed the laughing archer, trying to get a clear look at his arrow, but he was waving it around too much for Loki to tell if it was the mistletoe or not. He’d fitted the arrowhead to a shaft and dropped it in the pile of arrows the participants would use during the game and had no way of knowing which of them would pick it up. It would be satisfying if the arrow that finally pierced Baldur’s impenetrable hide speared him in the ass.

The archer finally steadied, took aim, and fired. Loki caught his breath, but the arrow shattered harmlessly, leaving only a tear in Baldur’s pants. Baldur straightened up and threw both arms into the air, milking the crowd’s applause effortlessly. Thor joined the cheering, and translated his enthusiasm to punching Loki’s arm and flinging beer everywhere. Loki stifled an irritated growl, and the next archer stepped up the starting line while the defeated warrior reclaimed his drink and endured the teasing of his friends.

“Ah!” Thor exclaimed happily, “Hodr!”

Loki squinted at the man running a hand over his bow. It was indeed the blind archer who was the pet of Odin’s hall, and often called up to put his skills on display. The crowd quieted expectantly as Hodr tasted the air, felt the point of his arrow, and nocked it back. He bowed his head and pulled the string back until the black feathers of the fletching nearly touched his ear. Baldur obligingly stood straight and still, unconcerned – he’d been shot at by Hodr before.

Loki’s eyes widened – it was his arrow with the mistletoe head. He took a step forward, but before he could even open his mouth to cast the arrow aside, Hodr released the arrow. It shot across the field, and Baldur stumbled back with one hand clutched over his heart. He slumped back against the target.

The crowd waited for the prince to give up the game, to thrust the shattered arrow into the air and prance around the field. The scattered shouts and jeers faded, and the silence stretched. Baldur’s hand fell away from the shaft, revealing a spreading pool of deep black-red seeping into his tunic.


“The arrow’s head is carved from the heart of a mistletoe tree,” Queen Frigg announced. The set the arrow down gently on Baldur’s stomach. He lay stretched out on the slab with his hands folded over the wound on his chest, bathed in sweet oils and dressed in rich red and gold velvet.

He’d already been dead by the time Loki had teleported from his place at Thor’s side to the target. His mother had appeared in the same manner moments later, and together they’d pulled him away. The arrow had gone straight through him and buried itself deeply into the target. A confused Hodr had been dragged away before the crowd could turn to a mob, and Odin had ordered that no one was allowed to leave the field.

“It is no magic,” mother continued, but her eyes were on Loki as she spoke. “It is simply the wood of the mistletoe – the one thing from which Baldur was not protected.”

“Tell me how this happened,” Odin ordered, grabbing her gently by the arm, “You said that your enchantment would protect him from all things in the realm.”

“There was a gap,” she said. Her back was painfully straight and her chin tilted gently upward. “One small chink in the armor. I told no one – I thought it inconsequential, that none would ever think to use mistletoe against our son.”

“Someone thought it!” Odin thundered.

His voice echoed off the rafters of the throne room and danced around the columns. Loki crossed his arms over his stomach and tried to be small. He’d envied Baldur and Thor both, but he never meant for Baldur to die. Even thinking him invincible, he didn’t think that anyone would be foolish enough to point an arrow at their prince’s heart. Hodr had already been cleared of the responsibility, dozens of witnesses having seen the guardswoman pick the arrow out of the pile and hand it to him. The last Loki had seen of him, he’d been weeping miserably in the hall.

On the opposite side of the throne room, Thor abruptly screamed and smashed his hammer into the marble floor. Lightning sparked across the floor and jumped up the columns, cracks rippling through the marble clear to the door.

“This will not stand,” Thor said into the resulting silence. “I will go to Hel and I will retrieve my brother. Father, I will fix this.”

Squaring his shoulders, Loki stepped over the jagged cracks in the floor to stand at Thor’s side. “I will come with you.”

Odin looked between them with his one gleaming eye, but Loki’s gaze remained on his mother. She looked disappointed, and terribly sad. Loki looked away from her, but saw her turn her back to lay her hands on Baldur’s cold body. A glowing shield erected around him, keeping him in stasis.

“His body will keep,” she said, “For four days only. You must return with your brother’s soul before then. Loki, I will need your help if we are to save your brother’s body for the return of his soul.”

Loki’s jaw tightened, and his lips compressed. He looked at Baldur’s body on the slab, face relaxed, hands clasped over his chest, skin already losing its golden color, and then to Thor – vibrant with righteous fury, and finally back to his mother. She knew. There was no other magic wielder in Asgard who would have had the opportunity to study Baldur the way Loki had, who could see the way the threads of the universe wove together, who would have been close enough to him to see that tiny gap in the bindings that would let mistletoe through.

Loki nodded once and stepped away from Thor’s side. He mounted the stairs to stand at Baldur’s side. The air around Baldur’s body felt thick and slow.

“Go,” Odin ordered.

Thor nodded to them, mouth set, and turned to go. His cape swirled around his feet as he moved, the golden hero on a quest.

Loki felt his mother’s hand on his shoulder and bowed his head.
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Faline from Femme Fatale.

I got it through Shiro cosmetics (And definitely recommend all their eyeshadows - they are amazing and have names like Constant Vigilance! and He Loves His Hammer.)
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Portraits of Medieval Knights Reimagined as Fearless Women by Kindra Nikole



Kick ass ladies in armour are a BEAUTIFUL SIGHT


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