Jan. 11th, 2017

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Delicious! Do you have a tag I should follow to see the rest when you continue this?

All of my writing should show up with “ladyshadowdrake writes” and this one should continue being tagged “incubusau” “1/52″ and “52 for 52″ for my 52 short stories in 52 weeks challenge. :) 
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Trump supporters are just figuring out that the Affordable Care Act and Obamacare are the same thing. It would be funny if it weren’t so sad and pathetic. Unbelievable.
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One of the stories on the 52 short stories in 52 weeks is the retelling of a fairytale. Anyone want to send me suggestions for a fairytale to retell? 
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answered your question

“Fairytale suggestions?”

East of the sun, west of the moon

I love this story! I remember watching a movie based on this story when I was a kid that I’ve never been able to find again - I remember that one of the gifts she gets is a pair of scissors that could make any clothing by cutting the cloth, and the other was a pair of shoes that let her walk up walls and things. 


answered your question

“Fairytale suggestions?”

my favorite is the girl with the match

I had never encountered this story before. It is so sad. :(


answered your question

“Fairytale suggestions?”

ice queen or hades and persephone

Hades and Persephone could be fun. Is the Ice Queen you’re referring to this?


answered your question

“Fairytale suggestions?”

Sleeping beauty is my favorite <3 But if you want challenging, maybe Rumplestiltskin?

Rumplestiltskin would be a challenge… not 100% sure how I would make that work. Will have to give it some thought. I’ve kind of always wanted to do Sleeping Beauty, because Steve is basically already Sleepy Beauty. xD


answered your question

“Fairytale suggestions?”

King Thrushbeard is one of my favorite tales, but nobody ever knows it…

I had never heard it either, but it’s an interesting tale. I would have to put some thought into how to adapt it. It’s here if anyone wants to read it.
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This is a fantastic story! I like it a ton, and I will give it some thought.

You guys are so amazing with all of your fairytales that I’ve never heard of, I am impressed and loving the new stories!
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12 dancing princesses; the juniper tree; boy who learned how to shudder

The 12 Dancing Princesses is quite fun, not quite sure how to adapt it for fanfic though. If I were to flat-out re-write it, the girls would all just run away to the fairy castle instead of being cursed, and maybe the soldier could go with them. Sounds more fun than running a kingdom anyways.

The Juniper Tree is shockingly gruesome. Wow. Wicked step mother trope to the extreme.

And also not sure on The Boy Who Learned to Shudder (which I think is also called The Story of the Youth Who Went Forth to Learn What Fear Was? Though I like your title better.) Maybe it could be everyone in Steve’s life gritting their teeth and hissing “Oh, but if he could but shudder!” (lol!) 
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Many fairytales are horrible. This one does start out very horrifying, but I actually really enjoy the ending! Not at all where I was expecting it to go. I thought for sure it was going to end up being “the moral of the story is that you should always obey your husbands, or see what can happen to you?”

That the wife ends up with all the power and money AND gets her true love in the end is pretty fantastic in the world of fairytales. 
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sleeping beauty… IN SPACE

oooooooooo I like it. 
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This is dedication to pranking on the “tribute to the (benevolent? Is there such a thing?) trickster gods” kind of level.
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A Nigerian student has achieved the highest grades at a Japanese university for the past 50 years, while solving a mathematical equation which was unsolvable 30 years ago, in his first semester.

Ufot Ekong achieved a first in electrical engineering at Tokai University in Tokyo, scoring the best marks since 1965, CCTV Africa reported.

Ekong, from Lagos, also plays the saxophone, and runs a retail wears and accessories shop in Japan called Strictly African Japan.

The Nigerian speaks English, French, Japanese and Yoruba, his country’s native language, and paid his way through university himself.

He currently works for Nissan and has already patented two products, as well as making an electric car which reaches up to 128 kmph.

During his time at university, Ekong has won six awards for academic excellence.

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I don’t post a lot on social media these days and I rarely if ever post anything personal. But I have two personal stories that I’ve never really told publicly that I feel I need to tell today.

About seven years ago there was a letter in my mailbox from the White House. To be clear, not just the White House, but from the newly elected President Of The United States. Wow, maybe this had something to do with his appearance in an issue of Amazing Spider-Man, but oddly enough it was addressed to my then 8 year old daughter. It seems that unbeknownst to her parents, my little girl mailed a letter to President Obama wishing him well and offering him advice as only an 8 year old could.

And he wrote back.

In the letter he thanked and commending her for passing along her thoughts and engaging in this wonderful thing we call Democracy. To this day I still tear up remembering the look on her face as she read that letter realizing that not only did the President Of The United States write back, but that she lived in a country in which this was possible.

Two years later I was sitting in my office at Marvel when my phone rings and a gentlemen claiming to be an assistant to the President Of The United States tells me that the POTUS would like to commission me to do a piece of art for him. Thinking it was a prank I told him I’d love to discuss it further but I was rushing off to a meeting and would gladly call him back. I took down his info, did a quick Google search and confirmed that the number on my caller I.D. was indeed coming from an office in the White House. Wait, what?!?

As it turned out a close friend of the President, Patrick Gaspard, who was the Director of the White House Office of Political Affairs, was leaving to take on his new role as the Director of the Democratic National Committee. Mr. Gaspard happened to be a HUGE Marvel Comics fan. We’re talking a full on True Believer since childhood, and President Obama thought that a perfect parting gift for his service to the administration would be a custom piece of art featuring Mr. Gaspard, himself and several Marvel heroes standing in front of the White House and for some godforsaken reason he was asking me to draw it. I of course had to get approval from the highest levels of Marvel where it was met with nothing but enthusiasm and a big thumbs up.

Now as unlikely as all of this sounds, nothing was more surreal than when I was sending off rough sketches to White House for the President’s approval and getting back notes. I’d never been more thrilled to get art revisions in my life! Once the piece was finished inked and colored by Danny Miki and Richard Isanove respectfully, I received word that the President was thrilled with the results and Mr. Gaspard was over the moon with the final framed surprise gift.

Admittedly, for those close to me that knew about the assignment, I’d make it a point to boast as often as I could that I was now officially the very first United States Sequential Artist Laureate. Quite frankly, I don’t see why that shouldn’t be a thing.

A short time later I was at San Diego Comicon signing books at the Marvel booth when someone extended a hand for me to shake. I looked up and the gentlemen said, “Do you recognize me?” How could I not, I had spent a week drawing him. It was of course Mr. Gaspard and he wanted to thank me personally for the art and to express how much Marvel had meant to him growing up and still means to him today. Patrick and I have kept in touch ever since and while his current tenure as Ambassador to South Africa is coming to an end, I’m looking forward to catching up with him when he’s back in the States and making good on my promise to bring him on to the set of Defenders or taking him to a Mets game.

And yes, I was lucky enough to meet President Obama. like I said, I don’t usually like to post things of a personal nature, but today I feel compelled to simply convey my own humble experience of having the great honor of meeting the most powerful man on the planet when he was in office. A man who was nothing but kind, appreciative and generous to me, who demonstrating a genuine love for the medium of comics and took more time than he ever needed to to express his appreciation for the work I created and the medium of comics itself. The same man who also took time to write a simple yet eloquent response in 2009 to a little girl who express love and hope, not for herself, but for her President and his future.

Godspeed President Obama, thank you for your service. I have no doubt and look forward to how you will continue to serve and change our world for the better.

Joe Quesada
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moiracolleenodell answered your question “Fairytale suggestions?”

Prince Lindwurm

Oh, this one is wonderful!! I hadn’t heard of it until I saw this comic adaptation.

It practically begs for Loki, doesn’t it? 
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What. did. we. just. watch.
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via http://ift.tt/2jk619u:Bill Nye's Netflix series to dispel 'anti-scientific claims espoused by politicians':




“Don’t call it a comeback; I’ve been here for years.”


He straight up is calling the show “Bill Nye Saves The World”, jfc, drag them Bill.

I can’t wait
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Remember all those promo pics that made it look like Mulder and Scully were going to the prom?

I’m coming up short on THE prom promo pics, but I’ve always felt they were part of a larger series, including (but not limited to):

fbi engagement photos

fbi pregnancy announcement

fbi apocalypse survivors?

and, last but not least, fbi indie album cover.

fbi homecoming

fbi slavic 80s popstars

fbi weird theater kids

fbi young adult novel

fbi Christmas card

I think this is one of the aforementioned FBI prom photos

but let’s not forget the FBI Sears portrait

FBI du Soleil

FBI 1980′s cigarette ad

FBI one hit wonder 90′s pop duo


they really did everything they were asked to do on a shoot didn’t they

@moosesmeeses witness this with me
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1963 Five Speed Blender Price: $31.50 Description Like all blenders, this one shreds, grates, pulverizes, chops, grinds, purees, liquifies, blends, and so on. The big difference is that less powerful models take longer to do individual jobs and can’t handle as much food at one time. Includes forty-four ounce glass jar with add-a-bit lid for adding ingredients while in operation; threaded collar for mason jars; two handles; spring-action cord; and recipe book. Choose from chrome-plated base, white, yellow, pink, or turquoise. Source 

Here’s another source that might be helpful for you.

Looks like white/off-white, pink, yellow, turquoise, or possible chrome are your best bets.

Here are some original adverts from the 1950′s for alcohol if he’d been holding onto the bottle for a while. The below is for 12 y.o. Scotch in 1953, so it would be aged 22 years by the time he pulled it out in 1963. There isn’t a price on it, but perhaps if it was given to him as a gift when he retired?

Here’s a better picture of the ad, and the source below has more ads from the 1950′s.



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