Jan. 10th, 2017

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Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams at the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards.
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can’t be inconspicuous when you’re that cute ≧◡≦
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via http://ift.tt/2j1q3bc:Celebrity Telethon On Inauguration Day Infuriates Fox News:



There is an alternative to watching Donald Trump get inaugurated as President.

On Facebook Live that same Friday, celebrities are holding a fundraiser for the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and Earthjustice. They’re calling it a Love-a-Thon:

This is your chance to make a difference.

This Inauguration Day, we’re raising $500,000 to defend civil liberties.

Join us for a three-hour Facebook Live broadcast with music, entertainment and stories about causes that matter. It’s time to take a stand.

Artists, musicians, and actors including Judd Apatow, Jane Fonda, Jamie Lee Curtis, Patricia Arquette, Christopher Guest, Tim Robbins and Jeff Tweedy of Wilco are coming together live on Inauguration Day to bring you a broadcast packed with music, comedy and surprises you don’t want to miss. Of course, without you, we won’t be able to support the causes that need us.

The ACLU, EarthJustice and Planned Parenthood need you to tune in. This is urgent.

And the Fox News Organization is losing its damn mind over it.

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Please, let this have more viewers than the inauguration

STUART VARNEY: “It’s damaging! Because they keep saying "You’re a racist! You’re sexist! And it’s damaging to the stature of the incoming President!”

CRYSTAL WRIGHT: “It damages the Constitution, and I go back, this isn’t any laughing matter, the peaceful transition of power. So what celebrities are saying is, if we can’t have our GIRL, Hillary Clinton, elected President, we’re gonna disrupt, you know, America as we know it!”
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via http://ift.tt/2iap1dY:The Brightest Supernova on Record Was Something Much More Brutal Than an Explosion:


In June last year, astronomers witnessed a brilliant cosmic flash thought to be the most powerful supernova on record – an explosion of intense brightness that at its peak was 20 times brighter than the total light output of the entire Milky Way.

But new observations suggest that this freak cosmic event – called ASASSN–15lh– wasn’t a supernova after all, but something even rarer: the death throes of a star that came too close to a supermassive black hole, and was torn apart by it.

Ordinarily, when a star with enough mass reaches the end of its natural life, it becomes a supernova, caused by either running out of fuel or accumulating too much matter.

These are the biggest explosions in space, so ASASSN–15lh’s extreme luminosity – twice as bright as the previous record holder – fascinated the space community.

But of course, stars – like people – only reach the end of their natural lifespan if something else doesn’t happen to them along the way, and that’s what seems to have happened to the star at the heart of ASASSN–15lh, according to a team led by astronomer Giorgos Leloudas from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel.

“We observed the source for 10 months following the event and have concluded that the explanation is unlikely to lie with an extraordinarily bright supernova,” says Leloudas.

“Our results indicate that the event was probably caused by a rapidly spinning supermassive black hole as it destroyed a low-mass star.”

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Where is this story? I may need to read it???

There are 2 parts up and I am working on the 3rd. You can find part one here. :)
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via http://ift.tt/2iCNNzh:Humans' Use Of Pain-Relief Creams Proves Fatal To Felines:




Three cats died after their owners used an anti-inflammatory cream used to treat arthritis. The Food and Drug Administration warns to keep drugs away from pets; a tiny bit can be toxic.

Important for spoonies with cats!
Creams with Flurbiprofen are fatal to cats.
Brands that use this chemical (Not a complete list):
If you have cats, check your pain relieving cream for this, and keep them from ingesting it, please!


Oh no! Boosting for all cat owners.


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