Jan. 5th, 2017

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Hey! Just a reminder. You are not alone.
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ahh i actually havent ! at first i thought you were actually talking about a CATERPILLAR that looks like a snake, and said cocoon on accident (specifically the caterpillar of the hemeroplanes triptolemus, or snake-mimic hawk moth)

but it TURNS OUT theres a species of butterfly that takes it way further, to the point where all the other caterpillars are like “is this really fuckin necessary”

its the chrysalis of the daring-owl butterfly ! a species thats found in trinidad and spends a good portion of its young adult life trying to convince other things that its not actually completely helpless

LOOK at the detail thats gone into this though- i cant even imagine the journey  this look mustve taken, with lightly less-snakelike chrysalises being eaten over time again and again until youve got something with definable eyes and scales

apparently if disturbed theyll also rock violently back and forth, furthering the idea that this is a very dangerous pitviper with the tiniest body imaginable

the adult butterflies are much less exciting but honestly they dont need to be with a history like that a+ bug

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Sweden is so good at recycling it ran out of trash (x) | follow @the-future-now
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Emotional And Expressive Photographs Showcased By The NYC Dance Project

Fashion and beauty photographer Ken Browar and dancer and photographer Deborah Ory are the founders of the NYC Dance Project have explored the world of dancers intimately through their lenses, documented in a book called the Art of Movement. 

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